Monday, March 30, 2009

Sounds and flashes

I want a camera. That's final.
that's me looking a bit too scary

I want a camera! So I would take beautiful pictures; more importantly, so I would enjoy the process of learning how to take beautiful pictures!

As I was going through PostSecret yesterday, I found this, and I have never really considered that, have you?

-----Email Message-----

Hi Frank,

I've been reading postsecret for a long time now and I've always wondered, is your real name Frank? It just seems too good! You're someone who asks people to be honest with themselves and share that on a postcard and your name is Frank. I think it's either a brilliant pseudonym or a very cool coincidence. I'm sure you get asked that all the time, but I was just wondering.

[Thanks for your kind message. Yes, my real name is Frank.]


that is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia..that is my father and little brother looking very cute in their Ihram
You know what sound I love? I love the sound of shoes stepping in stepping class, all in harmony! I love the sound of water! I love the soothing sound of my boyfriend's voice when he sings...he has the most amazing voice..!
Which sounds do you like best?


Bambola said...

I love the sound of my boy's voice when he's smiling. When it's one of those uncontrollable smiles his voice is bliss

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

i wish i could take lovely photos too. there's something so empowering about being able to capture the beauty in the world, absolutely. i hope to take a photo class in college.

alissa said...

i love the sound of rain - its always perfect :)

Cuileann said...

That is an interesting coincidence about his name!

I love the sound of a fingernail on an apple. Rain. And my best friend's voice. Not singing, just talking...she has the loveliest voice.

writer said...

it's got to be sound's' for me: my 18-month old kid waking up and calling for me, the sound of rain hitting the roof, onions sizzling in hot smoking oil, my computer coming on. yeah, those have to be the sounds i wait for.

Mika said...

I love the sound of spring in the morning, It gives me the drive to get out of bed and start the day. Mika (

alice said...

I like when birds sing :)))

Abdou Basha said...


Kenna said...

I like the very quiet crackling sounds that happen when someone smiles.