Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change of Plans

As I was on my work today, I thought of giving you all an idea about driving in Egypt; we have one rule: There are no rules. And thought I should give you a tutorial in bullets (since it's Wednesday, bulleted Wednesday)

But then, I was introduced by the very amazing Anais (who works with me and I simply adore!) to Edgar Cruz and I was instantly reminded by Stanley Jordan. And I thereby bring to you;
The Music Appreciation Post

    Are you wowed yet? Just look at his fingers moving so very efortlessly on the guitar!

    Sorry it's not really good quality, but you can find a lot of stuff on the website! This is a song for his daughter, Julia Jordan

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    • Also please check this amazing, pretty, sweet, inspiring artist! Afiori
    • And this post!
    • At the mention of music, I have to mention my boyfriend's band; Salalem, I know I mention that a lot :) Even though we're not really talking..
    You are special :)


    ShOp gUrl said...

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    S.Elisabeth said...

    Wow you're right, his fingers...-watches in awe- how do you move them like that?!
    Also ooh if you do do the Miss Dior Cherie thing, let me know, I'd love to see it put to real life =)

    Belle said...

    Wow!!! He has such talent!!
    I'm sure my boyfriend will be totally obsessed with him by the time I show him the videos (he is a huge guitar fan.)

    Beautiful quote ♥
    Thank you again for the award darling xx

    Maria-Thérèse said...

    aawww thank you for linking to my site!

    ♥ visit me at

    Indie.Tea said...

    Edgar Cruz's music is quite lovely...thank you for introducing me to him.