Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Dead

A lot of changes going on.

I quit my job. Details and everything tomorrow. I miss you blog. I miss my friends and  I miss everything!

Tomorrow: Reader, blogging and tons of inspiration for me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Age of Stupid and the Cow Paradox

I've been trying to find the balance in my life. And I tend to fail, everytime.

Today is/was the international day of climate action and I took part in Egypt's 350 event- we watched "The Age of Stupid" 

It made me cry.

It also made me think. It made me think of how multinationals are just another form of colonisation, of how Shell exploits all the less developed countries like Nigeria.
It made me think of the misplaced people and the made me think of the capitalist elite of a developing country who think they are filling a market gap, while they are only satisfying their own greed. It made me think of "developed" countries that just don't care...for fear of ruining their landscape.

Fernand Pareau: “I think everyone in the future will perhaps blame us for not thinking to protect the environment. We knew how to profit, but not to protect.”

It angered me, really, how everyone defines development, and how everything is just concerned with development. Why do we want to develop if that would only mean turning into consumerist, greedy, gluttonous people? I don't want to develop, I only want a better life. I want a better life for all those who live impoverished! I don't care how much they earn, as long as they happily live. As long as they go to bed satisfied- that should be our goal, not freaking raising per capita income!!

Development should not be measured by consumerist measures, because consumption, mere consumption is a sin! And now that the Western, developed countries got their wake up call, we want to develop? What on Earth? What kind of rationale is that anyway!!

Alvin DuVernay: “In my opinion our use or misuse of resources the last 100 years or so, I’d probably rename that age, something like The Age of Ignorance, The Age of Stupid.”

No I don't necessarily want to belong to a "developed" country, I only want to stop this from happening in my country...

I want to go on a train knowing that I will be safe. Knowing that animals are going to be safe. I want to know that no train is going to hit a cow, stop for maintenance only to cause yet another accident, this time killing more than 30 people!

No pretty pictures this time, just an ugly truth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I am:

Inspired by the lovely Sanchez

I am twenty-two and in denial of my almost adulthood. I am a member of the Middle Eastern youth bulge. I am an opportunity yet to be explored (in that sense). I am a demographic opportunity if I may say.

I am a student. I am a person who finds a learning opportunity in every situation and in everything I lay my eyes upon. I am an artist (because I choose to see the beauty in the world). I am African.

I want to talk about politics and economics and have people listen. I want to make sense.

I am a person with a background so diverse that it might confuse me at times. I have Muslims, Christians, and  a Jew in my family. And I am proud of it. I have Egyptian, American and (LOVELY!) English people in my family. And some Austrians and French too. But I am Egyptian and for that I am thankful. I am in love with the Nile and the Red Sea. I have sensory issues when it comes to sand and grass.

I love the sun. I am short and pear shaped. I am the girl with the messy hair and the hazel eyes and bronze skin.

I am the eldest of four, and the pride of two great men, and that I have to live up to (it's a challenge most of the time) I am a role model to two great young ladies and an amazing smart little boy, and for that I have to be perfect. I am a person who makes mistakes, tons and tons of them and sometimes, when it comes to that, I am a slow learner.

I am a person who has lost a lot of friends along the road, but hold on to some of them in my heart and head. I am a slave to words. I love words. Language is an art. And so is Economics. Economics is an art. A philosophical school of thought that analyses the intricate details of the world. The world is economics' lavish Persian carpet. Fit for a royal palace.

I am a girl. A woman? A female. I have a big heart. I can be cold but that's okay. I smile at people. I want to change the world (the definition of the world is a relevant matter)

I dream. I am a dream.
I float.

Reality can be beautiful, too.

Now it's your turn, who are you?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Bits of Everything

Does this ever happen to you? Because it happens to me ALL the time and I find it irritating! Extremely so- to the extent that I used to sleep with my book under my pillow to avoid making mental notes ( I also had trust issues)

Sondos is one very special person to me, I just had to let everyone know.

So you want recipes?
For the buns I used Jamie Oliver's pizza dough recipe, because I was too lazy to wait more than 2 hours for the bread recipe..seriously.

As for the burgers, which you have to make THICK and yummy!

My brother likes to call them Kiki Burgers (some people call me Kiki), it's my adaptation of a recipe I found somewhere online a year or 2 ago.
  • 1 kg minced beef ( fat free if you can get that, the burgers tend to be a bit dry though)
  • 1 minced/ground onion
  • 1 egg
  • Some Ketchup/BBQ sauce/ Tonkatsu Sauce(Japanese Ketchup)/Soy sauce (you see this is where you get creative, I basically keep the ketchup a staple)
  • Oregano/Italian herbs
  • Salt and pepper
You mix all that together, it's more fun if you have tiny hands around the house, my brother tends to like to do that. Shape your burgers keeping in mind that they shrink and place on an oven tray and into the oven, check on them in 10 minutes time and flip (this depends on their thickness really...the thicker they are the longer it takes for them to cook)
I tried the burger pie idea (baking the meat inside the bun!) and it was actually very yummy! Because the bread keeps the juiciness.

Ok something very interesting just happened, I was doing some blog browsing while at work and I emailed the people with me in the POLS 570 class...(Dr. EzzelArab is an AMAZING person)

I came across this blog, and it turns out this guy is with me in class. It might seem like I was stalking him, but I wasn't I promise!
Well I sort of know how some people radiate with creativity? He's that kind of person, even though I don't know him, I've only talked to him once trying to find our way to class and that was it...

And now he's turned into someone I look up to!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend :)

I am so proud of myself!

Yesterday I went out for breakfast to have glorious pancakes! And then I came home and made my very famous burgers! Everyone loves them and there's nothing special about them really, I just add whatever it is I feel like (and an egg, an onion and ketchup, always)

I also made the buns, and felt the need to be a little creative and baked some burgers in their buns! That was actually a success because the juice from the burger was all in the bread...if that makes sense.

Also, I learnt that I could tell skimmed from full cream milk by smelling it!

So since I am finally at home, I'm posting pictures- no wedding outfit photos yet- sorry...but that's me at the wedding:

Oh and want to see him in concert?

I have a dear, dear friend who has started blogging more often, and who writes beautifully! Wessam :)

PS Let me know if you'd want recipes! how is everyone's weekend so far?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Dear Life,
I need time to breathe.
Thank you,


I need to be there right now. I need a weekend by the sea. I am going to cook with my brother this weekend, at least I intend to...I want to bake bread, make burgers, pancakes, and cupcakes oh and these!
I need a five day weekend seriously!

How has everyone been doing? I am trying not to complain, I promise! I need music right now. More than ever! The other day, I felt the need to go reach into my past and listen to the...Spice Girls (I did just say that)

I have a 6 hour class tomorrow! UH!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Rant!

I feel bad. I feel really bad.

One of those state cars. The government ones that "officials" ride...the ones with a flag? yes. those. Well I was driving back home and it's this side street. I am driving peacefully, okay? And the one with the flag drives past me, it's really crowded. And I just drive on. There are two 4x4 cars "guarding" that one. So the first guard car keeps trying to drive past (it's a small street, I promise) and he's forcing me almost into the parked once he manages to pass, the man on the passenger seat sticks his hand out and slams my mirror with his hand, I just looked at him. Kept the anger within me and drove on. THE THIRD CAR which is now behind me, keeps flashing its lights at me, so, due to PMS, I drive as slowly as I can..which wasn't very slow because I wanted to get home to spill this all out.

It angers me. It angers me so much. This man's job is to basically congest traffic...there are a lot of these people around (the guards that is) and their job: guard corrupt government officials. His character is shaped into disrespecting people who thrive to get through their days even more so than disrespecting people who care to make a change.

I don't mean to be stuck up, or to show off...I don't mean to act superior but I can guarantee that he doesn't have half the knowledge he should have, that he has no opinion of his own. That he basically survives on bribes. He is one of those people who slap their juniors just because they can.

This happens a lot. And it saddens me. Because people mostly just let it if unnoticed. I won't. This street, like all those in the city, is OURS- as tax payers, it belongs to us. Maybe I am being to harsh on the official, because he didn't do anything, it was the ignorant guard.

I tend to complain a lot this week...I know..but that's the whole point of a blog right? Expressing yourself!

I need reasons to smile. What little thing that makes a huge difference in your life? Tell me!  (That was actually today's capital question on The big drive home, on 104.2 FM!)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Because I am PMSing
Because Cairo traffic is becoming more and more unbearable..
Cairo traffic is one of the things that you can never imagine unless you've experienced! It's just...ugly! I left work early and tried to go get my hair done... I spent a least 45 minutes looking for a parking spot and failed. I tried to go to my other was too crowded for words.

And soon I was on my way back home.

I did my hair. And it looks okay. It looks nice actually. And my make-up looks fine. And I have my red heels on :)

But Mohammed just got here and it's 8....the wedding started at 4. I've also promised a university friend to be there at his birthday gathering today (thinking I would be heading there now, from the wedding) and I don't know what to do!

TO be edited some other time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I can be too weird

I tend to disappear by Wednesday and come back on Sunday and I don't know why!
I third job has been added to the list... this time it's a government job...I am still not sure about that, though...

I have been assigned my first assignment due Thursday, it's a presentation basically, about the prelude to 1952 (the revolution) and I am a bit nervous...

I hope you are all having a great weekend, mine was good! On Friday was Mohammed's sister's graduation and I got to spend time with his parents and stepmother over the weekend. I also got to spend time with my brother! I guess everyone knows how much I love my brother, because I make a point of mentioning it, every time I mention him!

I have to mention that my brother is a really silly child! Lately, while washing his hands, he would cover his mouth in liquid soap and blow huge bubbles! It makes me giggle!

This morning I was reminded by a song from the film "The Duke" or "Hubert"...the song made me later remind me of my somehow explains the great sense of loss I feel. I'll never get over his death..I think. He's my role model.

I'm listening to Texas! my childhood...Thank you everyone for helping me out regarding my calling :) I really appreciate it :)

 here (if you know who to credit, please let me know)

I want to bake, recipes anyone?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please Find Me

We lost yesterday..
And I am having issues...not because of the match/game yesterday, but because of job/career issues.

I need to find my calling. I have been offered a job at the school where my brother and sister go. My mum also works there and I've worked there before (but as a co-teacher, the offer I got: home-room teacher) I have to admit that being a teacher was the most fulfilling job I've ever taken so far, but if I go back to that this would mean:
  • I get paid much, much less.
  • I am around my mother more than I would like to be.
  • I am more dependant on my parents' money
  • I am actually taking a step back.
On a positive note:
  • I am around cute children all day
  • I get TONS of days off
  • 8-3 working day
  • I can go back to the gym
  • More time to study for my masters
  • A nice working environment!
I am obviously not happy with my current job despite the nice pay and not having to do much anyway...
I need to find my calling! How do you do that?

So yes, tonight we celebrate my cousin's 23rd birthday and we're going to Sequoia! That's probably highlight of my week, I love this place! I need to post pictures soon! Come the weekend and I will!

Some pretty photos to make up for the whining:

All via here


Monday, October 5, 2009

I don't know why I never mentioned it- or how I never have, but...

I am now on the Diamond in the Rough team!!

Bits of Inspiration

I was editing my MSN profile while sitting at work (procrastinating, much?) and I have found quotes I have long forgotten about;

"If you could envision the type of person God intended you to be, you would rise up and never be the same again"

"I hate turning on lights, she said. In the dark everything is how I imagine it.with the lights on, everything is how it is"

I found this today: lovely

Have I mention that places like this is where I feel at ease the most?

here- Aren't they cute?

It was a full moon yesterday and I was driving on a dimly lit highway and was blessed with such an experience...I experienced a beautiful full moon. Almost second best to that time when I was at the beach and it was full moon...and the sand was cool under my skin on a warm July night. That was beautiful!

[oh and my class was cancelled yesterday, tomorrow is a day off! I have this weird feeling inside tension. Like wanting to jump up and leave this place, then maybe scream]

How was your full moon?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

WOW...long time no post!!

  • Thursday I went to the stadium to watch the Egypt vs. Italy U20 match! WE WON!!! WE WON! I loved it! 4-2 :)
  • Then on Friday I went for brunch with friends, it was sunny and we were in dresses celebrating a friend's 25th birthday!
  • Yesterday my mum and I went to Alexandria (3 hour drive) to watch Mohammed sing :) It was his band's 4th anniversary concert. And now I am back at the office..bye-bye weekend, thank you for being a great one!

This week is going to be hectic, with the classes, and the make-up classes... and the weddings.I have a "katb ketab" on Tuesday which also happens to be an official holiday!! And a wedding on Saturday.

here via here

I can't believe it's October already, it makes it especially harder to believe when it's bright and sunny outside, and when I rarely ever need that cardigan at night...Nights are actually quite pleasant now! There's that breeze.
My brother and sister are back to school! I can't believe how much they've grown! My little-est sister (I have two) is almost thirteen..(I am...nine years older...) and my brother is eight!
hey time! SLOW DOWN!

How is(was) everyone's weekend?

Here are some flowers for you:

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