Thursday, January 29, 2009

T is for..Thursday!

Title inspired by R is for Rodellee and ABC Adventures; two blogs I have come to love.

Today, as usual, I arrived first at the office and then I remembered to scold myself for having not updated for a while! And not commenting for that matter as well.
I have my hair in a french braid headband sort of thing, which instantaneously makes me feel pretty and sophisticated (the rest of my hair is up)
(except that both sides of my parting are braided)

Yesterday I had lunch with Mohammed at this really pretty restaurant which ALSO had great food; Condetti. And it was relatively cheap too! We both had soup and a main dish and coffee for 180 LE!( 32 USD, 261.5 SEK *for you, my good blogger friend*)
I have been looking at a lot of interior design blogs lately and I think I am getting addicted!
Anyway, I think we should all do this instead of the usual jump-out-of-bed-stare-dumbly-at- the-bathroom-mirror sort of thing. It's such a pretty and cute routine! So, tomorrow;when I can finally sleep in, I will do this!( Weekends in Egypt are Fridays and Saturdays)

I had this as my cellphone background for the longest while!

How would it feel walking alongside this?

What is everyone doing for Valentine's Day?
I don't know, I know it is amazing to celebrate love, but don't you think that such a divine feeling should be celebrate everyday?
Everyday I celebrate love, and celebrate being loved. I love with such intensity, I make a point of letting everyone I love know it; whether directly or indirectly (except for my mom, I have issues with showing her affection, but I love her all the same)
I think you should all do the same, make a festive act of the feeling, it's healthy, at least tell someone-only one person- you love them(and mean it) everyday. Leave notes at people's desks, cars, tables, mirrors; tell them something nice. Even if you don't know them! We are all citizens and inhabitants of one world.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This whole "let's test her patience and let her do nothing" phase is killing me.

I am sitting here literally doing nothing but overhearing conversations and joining some, answering coworkers asking how I am and drinking coffee.

Very boring.

But I love Mme Anais! The amazing lade with whom I share the room/office.

Yesterday, I went with Mohammed and my mother to the mall; had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and I bought three postcards (Audrey Hepburn; Breakfast at Tiffany's, Marilyn Monroe; I wanna be loved by you and the Dalai Lama's instructions for life) and I realized Marilyn's cleavage should be saved for my bulletin board in my bedroom.
We also got me a mug that has cute colorful paper clips drawn on it, a mouse pad with cute puppies on it, a better mouse than they gave me here, a metal trash bin in navy blue, green tea and mint infusion for me to enjoy while at work. (Since I don't have much to do otherwise, anyway). Then I went to the dentist to work on my root canal, then went home to sleep 5 hours(3rd day in a row)

Today! Salalem have a concert at 8 pm! I am so excited! I just hope tons of people show up, because I know they've been working hard.
I've also been journaling a lot!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Maria-Thérèse

Because I love her so much and I think she should get a post written just for her!
About my new job:

The Economic Research Forum is a non-governmental organization that is based in Egypt and researches the region of the Middle East and North Africa in addition to Iran and Turkey. I have no direct, obvious job description, though, all I know is that I am going to help with the publication of the working papers and their editing process and so on. Then, I am supposed to do some research. Their office is based in Dokki, very close to where I went to university(Cairo University) and there aren't much people working there so I am guessing it would be a friendly environment. I almost made a friend with an interviewee who seemed very nice, I hope they hire him; I would have a friend.
I am probably the youngest person there; 21.

Thing is, I haven't done much today and I found that very depressing. The two amazing people in my life woke me up today; Mohammed, and Menna. I love them. Love, love, love them.

First day..

Our work week starts today here in Egypt, which makes today my first day(at my new job). I don't know if I am excited or just scared. There are a lot of mixed feelings within me that I don't get. Mixed feelings that I try to cover under my anxiousness about what to wear, or my fear of looking like I am trying too hard.
This website is so very cute and I found one that I could relate to:

I do!!
 I have this KILLING urge to get a haircut...a pixie; my hair is a little past my shoulders ...and is freshly dyed! Dark brown.
Please do wish me luck! And I would be very thankful if you give me links of outfits you think would be cute for the "office" or post your own...I need ideas!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post Number Three

I'm in love with the whole bulleted-Wednesday idea! it's so ..sweet!
  • Went to university today with my very amazing friend; Amr and got our papers and did some catching up!
  • Yesterday I bought this black dress at H&M and it was the first time for my boyfriend to actually go shopping with me. Then I went to watch him rehearse at the studio(with his band)
  • I took my brother to drive his bicycle on the sidewalk! we don't usually do that, so he was happy, very happy for that matter.
  • I start work on Sunday!!
  • Obama's inauguration! probably the most perfect thing that happened so far.
  • This. 
  • And this post on ZenHabits!
  • Mohammed(and Salalem) have a concert on Friday and I am really excited!
  • I have been closer to my cousin :)
  • How is everyone's week?
(Credit: 1.2.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday was so many things in one.

Yesterday marked six years since I saw my grandfather pass away. I saw my grandfather, the greatest person there could ever be, die.

Yesterday I helped people for the sake of helping them. Yesterday I had fun. I made one new friend.

Yesterday I wasn't selected to be among the CC team of MENAXLDS (AIESEC) and I'm taking it, not lightly, but as a mature person should. And I am proud of myself. I also should start coaching a team in my local committee sometime soon. And I am proud!

Today, I know is going to be a great day.
Today is just beginning, and it is my outlook that would define what kind of day it is going to be.
I wish you all a great day, I hope you all wish for it to be a great day!

Dream a nice day, you get a nice day..
I love everyone and everything today

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bulleted Wednesday #2

  • 13th of January, 2009
Today is one of my oldest friends, my first real boyfriend and one of the people I hold VERY dear's birthday.
Happy 22nd Birthday Amr...!
  • I am on my way to Alex! to see a new member of my extended family; my THIRD cousin got engaged and I am going to meet his fiancee. Not to mention the fact that I am going to see my boyfriend (because that goes without saying)
  • I am loving my new book...
  • I want to post this because I honestly want to show off how much of an amazing boyfriend I have. Last weekend when Mohammed came to see me, he bought me flowers, burgundy/ crimson carnations with a pink one in the middle. He asked if I knew what that meant/ signified and when I said no he said, "You are the light in the darkness". Isn't he gorgeous!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Happiness of Random

Maybe I got used to not posting?
I had a good weekend; Mohammed was here and we spent alot (but not enough) time together. He got me "How To Be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith!! I am so excited to finally own a copy!! And I am showing it around everywhere to make people happy; it's contagious!

People have been very random recently, or maybe I am the one who has been looking more inviting to conversation?

It started with a conversation in the bathroom with a couple of elderly American women who kept telling me how beautiful Cairo is and how lucky I am to be Egyptian! Then yesterday, this random guy came up to me and my cousin and asked us if it was okay for a 20 year old boy/man to marry a 22 year old girl/woman. It was so funny!
And again today, while I was waiting for two older foriegn men to get out of their car (for me to get into mine) and they appologized to have kept me waiting, they were being really nice and were joking about being old and fat, I wished them a nice day.
All three incidents have made me a lot happier, they, in fact, have made my day in one way or the other.
It just makes me happy to see others happy, to have someone smile at me!
Also, I saw one of my students today while I was picking my brother up from school; THAT TOO MADE ME HAPPY!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stuff from Jeddah Days(and news!)

I am finally back home. I am happy to be home. I am home!

Last night, Mohammed took me to Beit el Harawy, a house that was first built in 1731 and has been added to and renovated until 1921 when Harawy Bek had left it, to meet a couple of his friends, one of which I don't really know (in person) yet is a very amazing and well known perscussionist; Hany Bedair.

Now, to the stuff I wrote in Jeddah:
  • I was reading "The Unbearable Lightness of Being":
I am reading a book that is full of beauty, full of life and betrayal. I am reading a book that is full of new concepts and paradigms and words.
To me new words provide a new dimension to things, just like how a new paradigm gives you a new height, a new place from which to view the world.
I am thinking that maybe I should write all my entries here, in Jeddah as word documents and then post them in retrospect.
Retrospect this is on word I think is beautiful. Even if yearning and silly and is just an invitation to neurotic nostalgia; it still is a beautiful word. Under the influence of the unbearable lightness of being, the word thrusting comes to mind, Thrusting, with the sound that is associated with the word and the rhythm and the power! Thrusting! Thrusting, thrusting!

  • Then, I was just not in a good mood:
Once again, it is me against the world, once again I fear the reality of a hardcopy, the harshness of pen and paper in the absence of home.
My fingers are rough against my palm, the tension dense in the air. The tears are lining up, one after the other, along the corners of my eyes.
The days slipped away, and just like that, it is the end of the month- it’s the end of the year… A year I had spent with him, a year I wouldn’t be able to end with him. Now the tears fall, as the date grows: 27, 28, 29... Dave Matthews is crashing as I write, in the background, and in my heart, I crash…but not into anyone, I crash into a wall- who put that wall here?
Who gave you the right to scrutinize my life and put me under that microscope…I am no parasite. I am no micro-organism. I am a human being; complete, composed and my dreams colossal! My spirit is beyond what you would ever be able to see! And no, I wouldn’t allow you to look for yourself, you are going to listen to me, and whether you believe me or not remains your own choice, your own win/lose situation.
Everything is pointing me to that direction; directly or indirectly leading me to the conclusion of what I want to do, yet the decision doesn’t remain mine. It doesn’t. Sometimes, even for the shortest while, I feel weighed down and then I reconsider, I change my view…It is okay, there is no tying down, there is only a little distance that I would force on myself and so, should bear the consequences.

On another level, I got a job! At the Economic Research Forum! I am so happy...! The place is simply an old, pretty villa in Dokki, close to where I went to university. I love it.