Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Magic

I love the fact that is finally the weekend!
I have had an adorable week, I have an amazing boyfriend and out-of-this world friends.

Let me explain.

On Wednesday, I went to work with my iPod full of pretty songs (Thank you for your suggestions, everyone!) and around midday, Mohammed had personally delivered flowers to the office (how cute is he?)
After work, I napped a little, then around sunset (time for iftar, first meal of the day when we're fasting) we went to this gorgeous outdoor restaurant (Makani Live) to find the best friends I have made along the years!!
It was such a great surprise! All the people special to me.

Amr, Yehia, Sondos, Sara, Sarah, Hussien...later came Tamamy, Aya, Menna, Serag, Nader, Messiry, Wessam and my brother, sisters and mother were there...

 My brother, sisters and I (would you have ever guessed I am the eldest?)

Well to me, this was beyond imagination, because my life is a series of phases, and I have different yet very special friends during each. And these are all the special people from each phase!! From school, university and post-uni. But they are the sort that will always be special and dear to me.

the three Sara(h)s
Tamamy killed me and stuck the knife in Mohammed's mouth

I wish I could post pictures of everyone! But these aren't even my pictures, they are Sara's (my friend..obviously) I have lots of Sara's in my life! I do!
So yes, this is my first weekend as a 22 year old, I am still not used to it and I know one thing, I- more than ever- want to go to Paris.

Oh and I believe in magic!

Have yourself a magical weekend everyone! Make it worthwhile, make it give you a reason to smile on your way to work/school on Sunday/Monday. Let me know how it went :)

(for those of you who don't live in Egypt, our week starts on Sunday, ends on Thursday)
PS Jen passed her exams and is attending sixth form!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jen has a temper...

Yet, she is a VERY nice person. I know she is, deep down. She kind of reminds me of how I used to be when I was 16. I had to get what I want. Always. Always MY way.

Jen's mum is my mum's cousin.Which, in turn, makes her my cousin. My cousin Jen is gorgeous, isn't she?
She is a very active person, she gives. She gives and gives and gives. To the community, to her friends...she also gives in to sugar!
And she loves pasta! And Caesar salad obviously, because that's all she would eat when she was in Egypt.

Give her a BN, or worse, a red bull and watch her. A show of her own! Seriously, and she also has such a silly laugh, you can't help but laugh along. This is making me miss her. Writing this.

Jen, I know this is not a long enough post but...
Remember the time in the balcony? You made me regain my confidence in myself, when I was on the verge of breaking down. And I am thankful.

Remember the boob walk. And the booty dance that night at the beach in Sharm! And Samson!
"Samson went back to bed, not much hair left on his head, he ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed"

And "The man with a thousand faces"!

I am so happy you are my cousin, I really am. And I can't wait for you to come back! Keep your fingers crossed for her, her GCSE results are out in an hour!

oh, and visit her world; NiJenia

(PS you get to meet Mohammed next!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twenty Two

Isn't this a great birthday gift? THIS!

I also got an award from Anna! (I will do that later x)

It is also Miss B's birthday today, and E's
And it's also Kenna's birthday :)

I am TWENTY TWO today
I don't know if I ever mentioned that, but when I was around 9...I would pray that I don't live to be 12, in fear of losing my grandparents. I lost my grand father at 15. And I lived to be 22.

I am very optimistic though, because I won't have a double-digit age in another 11 years and I will make a point of enjoying this year.


Dear Twenty-One,

Thank you for being a milestone, I have my own car, because of you. And I got my first job, with you by my side. I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed yours. We had our own problems, but then again, that's how it always is! We let go, and move on. Overall, you were a very good year. Thank you for that!

Now we go our separate ways to never meet again.


PS I was born on a Wednesday!

PPS Thank you for your musical suggestions, everyone!

Edit: Oh look what Jen has for me! I love you, cousin! (PEOPLE, wait for the special Jen post, soon!) and the boy :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I need you!!

I now have my first birthday gift, right now, as we speak!
My new, shiny iPod!

And, since my old iPod died on me, I am left with no music. And my mind has gone blank. I need your musical suggestions everyone! I have very eclectic taste so feel free to suggest anything!

Oh and how do you classify your playlists? I used to do it by artist, but that's just boring..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Awards and A tag! :)

The amazing Belle, gave me an award!

Cait gave me this really pretty award!!


I pass both awards on to anyone who comments, that's my birthday present to you :)

Anna tagged me! I think it's an amazing tag. I think I use the word "amazing" too much, any suggestions for alternatives?

The rules are, erase the answers already listed and fill in my own then pass it on to four bloggers of my choice. So here it is:

1. Who is the hottest Movie Star?

Johnny Depp!(here

2. Apart from your house and car, what is the most expensive item you have ever bought?
My canon dSLR, or my Sony Ericsson phone..

3. What is your most treasured memory?
Spending the night at my grandparent's during the weekend with my sister, and going out with my grand father, every memory of my grand father, basically, is a memory I treasure.

4. What was the best gift you ever received as a child?
A humongous "musical" keyboard, which I don't know how to use...

5. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?
I would say choosing talking to my then boyfriend online over spending the last couple of hours with my grandfather's life with him, not knowing he will die that day. Or giving up on my dream to be able to blame it on my parents.

6. 4 words to describe yourself?
Full of contradictions. Dreamer

7. What was your highlight or low light of 2008?
Low light would be..hmm falling out with one of the best friends I will ever have.

8. Favorite Film?
I have a lot of favorite films! The truman show, yes!man, wicker park, eternal sunshine on the spotless mind....etc? ICE AGE!

9. Tell me one thing I don’t know about you.
I have a fear of making decisions!

10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be?
haha Lucy from Peanuts!


The four bloggers I am tagging are: Jen  Bird 
 Nicole  Missy

Very Random Post

I love this photo!

Today has been such a tiring day, I am glad it is almost over. I finished reading "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" while in Alexandria and I loved it. I really did. I am now reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" which seems like such an amazing book.

Nicole posted this amazing song and I thought I should share such uplifting lyrics.

Does Tyler ever fail to inspire you?

I’m the luckiest
planet orbiting around
your every heart beat”  

Ok I am far from a pop music kind of person, but LADY GAGA!! I honestly think she's the next Madonna! (eh, eh)

Yes, this post basically proves how much of a random person I am. I hope everyone has had a great weekend. And I hope you haven't forgotten to check postsecret today.

Oh, my dad got me a new ipod for my birthday (WEDNESDAY!)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Ramadan is tomorrow (Saturday)

Yesterday, Mohammed was over and there was tension in the air, so he left. A few minutes later, the door bell rang, I open the door to find a fanoos and a note.

Isn't he sweet? He's done that last year as well!

I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will.

One of the things I have yet to appreciate about Ramadan is the working hours! Where I work now, during ramadan we have a 5 hour working day! from 10-3! So, I have a plan that I hope I stick to: wake up at 7:30, go to the gym at 8, leave to work at 9:30 and then go back after iftar.

Now, I am heading to Alex, be back tomorrow :)

Spread some love today? Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bullets- and Ramadan

Let me do this in bullets:
  • Pete aced his RAF test yesterday,I told you, he is superman!
  • Those kind of people, the sad but beautiful people(here)
  • This beautiful post. [here

  • my own little guest post on Loveology. I tried to keep it as loveology-like as I can...
On an entirely different level, the month of Ramadan starts tomorrow or Saturday (we're not yet sure, since it's a lunar month) 

Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast from dawn till sunset, basically, we don't eat, or drink, or smoke until sunset. But people always stress the fact that it is not just "physical fasting" but also spiritual.
If you are fasting you can't kiss, or have any "sexual" contact, before breaking your fast.

If you are fasting you make a point of being nice to everyone. You try as much as you can to control your temper (which, trust me, is very hard in the Cairo traffic, and heat!). Oh, you also try to help people. Especially the poor. It is an early Ramadan this year. And everyone knows it's going to be hard.

In Egypt, it is an amazing month. Everyone visits everyone else, you go out to lounges after breaking your fast "iftar" and have shisha! and sometimes you can even go out after Sohour (which is the night meal, very late at night, before the break of dawn)

And we have fawanees (singular: fanoos)

We also eat TONS of sweets!
Qatayef (here)

We have a prayer unique to Ramadan; taraweeh and masjids are insanely crowded that people pray on the streets!
There's a lot more to say, and more to show. Cairo is a wonderful city! I will take pictures of Cairo in Ramadan!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pictures from Alexandria

beautiful Alexandria

I have one less follower :(

Nine days until my birthday, and on my extraordinary list is: a new job, and today I got really good news, I had sen an article to this local magazine (that I had applied to work at as a junir editor and was rejected) and they contacted me telling me they will publish my piece in their October issue!!!

That's one thing I have always wanted to do!

Things are finally looking up and I am thankful. Thank you for being there for me, and for encouraging and reassuring me.

lol having our morning coffee at Starbucks

Tomorrow is our second anniversary, and I can't think of anything to make (but a card ofcourse, because that's one thing I always make) but I owe it to Mohammed, that I thank him for not leaving when everyone thought he should. And when I almost literally pushed him away.

Isn't it a divine city?

The view from our place in Alexandria, it's beautiful! I would sit there and feel the wind on my face and read, have tea, and read, have coffee, and read!

You can also see part of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from our balcony!
I am trying to work on my almost non existant photography skills, so please let me know what you think? How is everyone's week so far? How was/is your Monday?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am back!!

And what do I find? an amazing surprise!


Thank you, seriously; thank you. I am very sincerely happy, and touched.

I will make a proper post tomorrow, I have just driven for around 4 hours.. I just thought I should let you know I am back, and that this was a very pleasant surprise. Also, tomorrow is my first day at my new job. Wish me luck!!

PS Boyfriend is in Bahrain taking part in a Sami Yusuf concert, and is coming back in two days. OUR SECOND ANNIVERSARY IS IN TWO DAYS!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've been playing around with my layout, obviously! And I decided to keep this: I picture I have taken of the Nile, on the 4th of August. The day my cousin got married. It means a lot to me. With all the Cairo lights.

I love Cairo.

I am leaving for about 3-4 days, to Alexandria, and I decided to not take my laptop with me, so I will read comments, and emails, but I don't think I'll be updating my blog.

I am taking books with me, Miss B, I bought The Elegance of the Hedgehog, with you in mind. I am going to read that, and I am currently reading The History of Love.
I would like to add this to my wishlist:
I would also like to remind everyone to go after what/who they want, don't wait, life won't wait for you...You wouldn't want to miss out now, would you? I wouldn't!
I will take pictures! Please miss me? And oh, stay safe. I love you. Oh my God, I feel so emotional...I've gotten to attached to my blog :(

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Countdown: 15

july 29., originally uploaded by Megan McIsaac..
I have 15 days of being 21 left. Only 15. Twenty-two, here I come. I figured this is enough time for the birthday fairy to get me my gifts/presents! Allow me to present you with my birthday list:
A trip to Paris, so I could see Shakespeare and co. and have coffee and escargots! Oh and macaroons! 

IMG_6933, 2. "Coffee and a Cigarette", 3. Sh&Co, rainy day, 4. Bickers Dinner: Escargot

  • An ipod since mine has died on me (120 GB, Black)
  • Cute earrings and headbands
More to come!

Bits and Pieces

Every woman deserves the following -

1. A friend who takes your side and has the guts to tell you when you’re wrong. -A lot of them :)
2. One item of clothing that instantly makes you feel twice as beautiful and half as nervous. -My lovely floral skirt
3. The occasional good cry, for no particular reason. - if that were an art, I master it.
4. A man who just cannot get enough of your body. err...
5. At least as much pay as the guy at the next desk who does the same job. Done!
6. A same-size friend with an incredible closet. -MY BEST FRIEND!
7. A really hot, really fast red car. Failing that, really hot red shoes you can run in. -Have the red shoes but not ones you can run in; heels. I have a red Kia Picanto, lol?
8. The expensive toilet paper. - Hahaha? seriously!
9. To sometimes lie back and take, take, take in bed. - LOOOOL!
10. A grandparent equivalent: wise, huggable, all ears. -Have this, rather found it.
11. A life in which you play the starring role. -haha I throw tantrums if I don't get that.

Bambola's Diary

Also posted today was this very pretty post. It's beautiful!

I have a lot of plans for posts. I am going to make a post similar to cousin Pete's (saying that reminds me of cousin It, for the Adam's Family!) one for my cousin Jen, and one for the boy.
 All the names link to their blogs, please show them some blog loving!

Diamond in the Rough has officially launched, and I cannot contain my excitement! This is HUGE!

Will make another post, later. I might be going to Alexandria to get some sea! (and to disconnect)

Monday, August 10, 2009

He's mean, sometimes, but...

Meet the funniest person alive: Pete

Funny! Pete and Jen (just before they left, at the airport)

He is also an amazing person. And my cousin. And lives miles and miles away. He is also insanely tall. And when he was here, I would always ask him "are you okay?". I think I annoyed him. Sometimes I annoy people. But that's okay, I do it because I care.

Ten years ago, I tried to teach him how to write his name in Arabic.


In his grandma's spare room. I clearly, very clearly remember that. And last month, he stayed up with me. To talk. And to study for my GRE. Maybe that's my thank you. Sort of.
And I wrote him letters. He wrote everyone else letters, but not me. But, he's my friend and I love him even with no letter to keep in my box of things. Yes, I have a box of things...

Oh, did I mention he gives the best hugs ever?
Cute, big, cousin Pete hugs.

And I cried, oh I cried so hard when he left. Because, I got attached to him. And part because I was scared I wouldn't see him for another 10 years? But the bond is there, and that's all I care about. He's the best. Honestly. Not because he's my cousin, but because he cares. He thinks too much, though. And I am afraid it keeps him up at night. Not good.

He has super powers, too! He can eat a whole pizza, and he can reach some (most) ceilings. And he has dreams! I wish I could see him play football. Because that's the one thing he loves. Oh, oh and he appreciates the little things. He can't smile when you take pictures of him. But I think I have mastered that art. He can smoke two shishas in one time. And a shisha + a cigarette!

My cousin Pete is superman!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Once Upon a July Night

Once upon a time, there was a moon.
That moon was full, and you could see it light the whole sea.

Once upon a time, there were millions of stars.
Enjoying the company of that glorious moon.

Once upon a time, there was I.
Feeling blessed to enjoy such a beautiful night.

Once upon a time, there was my mind.
Taking notes of how unforgettable this was.

And the sand was cold, on a July night.
And the sea was bright with light.

I wish everyone else was with me that night, I wish everyone could see it through my eyes, because it was gasp-inducing. I had company, but in my mind was solitude, I don't know if anyone has seen it the way I did. It was beautiful. And it was exactly one month ago. A full moon.

I am reading the history of love, opinions on the book?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Words are All I Have


There are a million realities I wish you had known. Even though, sometimes, my mind confuses realities, truths, and facts with illusions. And I can't see clearly, suddenly, everything becomes a blur.

And, so, I don't know if those realities I had wanted you to know are real.

But now I don't, now it's all gone, it's all buried in that dark little corner. That's what you do, really, as the days go by; some things you hold on to, and others you just throw onto that pile.

Humans are a very complicated species. And I am a very complicated human.


There are a thousand truths I want you to be blind to, and I smile. I smile because all is beautiful. Even my tears- even yours. Tears are fresh, very fresh, raw emotions, that's why they are wet. And a smile? A smile is do you describe a smile? There's a fake smile, and a real smile, a true smile and a sarcastic smile...there's a mischievous smile and a sincere smile...

and I smile.

Will you put up with me...and my incoherent, fragmented thoughts? The words that don't make sense and those that don't matter...but I wish you knew, I wish you could understand that words are all I have. And that my words are always true. And sincere. And that they flow directly from my heart. And yes, my heart has always been troublesome, I have a very bad heart. I don't know if that is entirely true,though, because sometimes I think it's my mind that causes all the trouble.

Maybe both.

All the blog loving :)

The Honest Scrap award was given to me by Mandy of My Paper Heart and by Farah of Ramblings of an Inane Mind :)

1) I REALLY appreciate and love my family; my endless family.
2)I love listening.To people, to the wind, to the sea, and the Nile.
3)I have secrets.
4) I still use the phrase "when I grow up.." I am almost 22.
5) My mind has a heart of its own. It works both ways.
6) When at my favourite bookstore(shop), I feel at home.
7) Home, to me, is not a place, but a feeling.
8) When I freak out, I disconnect. I just pull myself out of it all. I cocoon.
9) I love shoes!!
10) I miss my grandfather. Dearly. Everyday, I still think he is my best friend.

So i pass this on to:
Sara, Bambola, Anna, Jen, Lolla, Alissa

I was given the "Blog Lovin' Award" by Nicole of My Teacups in Peony! Thank you :)


I have 89 followers!!!

Check's amazing. I love I wrote this for you, I know I say that everyday..but it just keeps getting better! Actual post in the making :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tag, awards to come

Athena [Let's Fly Away Now] tagged me to do this:

The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video (from Skins).
Below, the bolded things are what you
include, as they are in Cassie's video.
Also, please link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire

  I tag:

  1. Darjeeling Dreams
  2. Anna
  3. Afiori
(+I've quoted the things Cassie says in her video, I thought it was nice.)
"Abracadabra, Wow!"
I like boys with a sense of humor.
and girls with beautiful minds.
I like being alone, but I dearly love people close to me.
I like the Red sea.
I like optimistic, dreamy people .
I like the sun setting into the sea.
I like riding a falouka with people I love.
I like being squeezed very tight, until I can't breathe..BIG HUGS!
I like books.
I like writing and making plans of publishing what I write.
I like wearing lots of colours and my very old favourite pair of shoes.
I like my Moleskine.
I like existential talks with people I love.
I love seeing beauty in everything.

Today I am going back to the gym.

"In some ways, I love everything.
Its less,
its less of a thing to like,
its less distinct,
its less particular.

I like things that I like
but I love everything.
There’s more choice in like,
'cos even the worst things
have things you love in them.

&; I don’t know what you mean
about things I hate."

I hate grey, cloudy winter days.
I hate sugar in my coffee.
I hate what ifs.
I hate uncertainty.
I hate could have beens.
I hate it when someone reads my journal without me asking them to.
I hate lies
I hate pessimism.

"I hate this, wow. . .

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday was my cousin's wedding- well not really a wedding, it was her Katb Ketab (basically the Muslim wedding contract) and the rehearsal dinner. My cousin did not get engaged, it was her fat-ha, then two weeks later, her qiran. It was sudden, but I guess that's how it is when everything feels right. I am so happy for her!!! I still need to ask if I can post pictures, though. The one I have posted is candid, of them on the yacht which we got on after dinner.

According to here; "In Islam, marriage is considered both a social agreement and a legal contract. Negotiating and signing the contract is a requirement of marriage under Islamic law, and certain conditions must be upheld in order for it to be binding and recognized."

Extraordinary Recap:

So that was my one extraordinary thing for the 4th of August.

Before that was an amethyst necklace given to me by an AMAZING person; Galida...or how it's pronounced; Khalida, my mom's cousin's wife. She truly is an amazing person. And she gave it to me to cure my headache, it's also been giving me clarity, I swear.

And then there was my new job.

How has it been going with you? Gala Darling posted this today; amazing ideas!

I wrote this for you post that I can heartbreaking-ly relate to.. and has anyone ever felt that way?

Sometimes, I wish a certain person would be with me, knowing that they would appreciate a certain view. And at other times, I wish people would see things the way I see them.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

News and recap

I got the job!

That's where I am going to work. I am so excited. It is also an NGO (my previous job was also at an NGO) and it's an organization of dreamers. I think.

I think I'll fit in.

And I love all the comments I got on my last post! Please keep them coming. Oh and Athena, I love you!!

I posted my Extrordinary August post on Facebook last night and some of the suggestions included:
I found this on weheart it and the link didn't work...

  • "Pictures, take of pictures of everything beautiful you lay your eyes on." BIRD
  • "Do something you never thought you would EVER do!" Loveology!
  • Sing, and listen to new music.
  • Play chess. Visit museums. Make some new friends.
  • Watch Liverpool v Atletic Madrid on 8 August! (obviously a football fan!)
  • collect all the stuff you don't need, and get rid of them, sell them if you can, if not just give them to the bawab (or someone in need). refresh your belongings in that sense.
  • take photos of a day in your life, whatever it is, take photos of it from the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Extraordinary August


Any ideas on how to make August extraordinary?

Mine so far are:
  1. Smiling at a stranger.
  2. Writing notes for strangers and leaving them on their windsheild.
  3. Check ABC Adventures for inspiration.
  4. Get a haircut.
  5. Go for a walk, indulge.
  6. Stargaze.
  7. Watch- no, experience a sunset.
  9. Make at least one child happy.
  10. Write letters for people you care for.
  11. Let go of a grudge.
  12. Cook a meal from scratch.
  13. Learn something new.
  14. Challenge yourself.
  15. Inspired by High Fidelity; make top five lists.
  16. Go watch an underground band perform!
Please email me ideas or comment on the post below? I love you!


First Day of August!

This is where I call home, not the pyramids, but the city; Greater Cairo.

I love this video... I wish I could go..

I had my hair cut- drastically.
Excuse the pose. Really.
I am taking my writing more seriously (Sondos is too!) and I actually intend on publishing something, someday. I hope "someday" is soon though. I wanted to post something about the men who raised me (my grandfather and my father) but I realized I have been posting A LOT about my family. I decided to give you a break (haha?)

Since it's August the first, I thought I would share what I usually do for the next 26 days. I was born on the 26th of August, 1987, meaning, this year, I turn TWENTY-TWO!! (it kind of scares me)

Everyday, I am to do one extraordinary thing, provided that extraordinary is quite relative. Today is very special, I woke up at 6 am to find this post. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Then boyfriend suggested that we go out for coffee, we cruised around the empty Cairo streets (unusual, but it was very early, and it's the weekend!), windows down, wind in my hair, coffee in hand = bliss?

Will you do this with me? Make August extraordinary?

PS The getting fit challenge also starts today!