Monday, September 29, 2008


  1. Greek Mythology: Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.
  2. A guiding spirit; a source of inspiration.
  3. A poet.
Allow me to "muse" on the first meaning for a while, since I find this pretty interesting, let alone inspiring! The nine muses are according to Greek mythology the daughters of Zeus, the king of the Gods and Mnemosyne the goddess of memory. The muses are: (in the picture; Apollo and the 9 muses)

  1. Calliope; the muse of epic poetry
  2. Clio; the muse of history
  3. Erato; muse of love poetry.
  4. Euterpe; muse of lyrical poetry
  5. Melpomene; muse of tragedy.
  6. Polyhymnia; the muse of sacred song and eloquence
  7. Terpsichore; the muse of choral song and dancing.
  8. Thalia; muse of comedy.
  9. Urania; the muse of astronomy.
Now, the second meaning, is what I would want to be my profession! I want to be a muse, is that too much to ask? I imagine it to be a job that would in less inspirational terms be called a "brainstorm-er" or "idea-generator" or something of that sort. But I choose to call it a muse! Remember that movie? Well, something of that sort, only a bit less opportunistic, ha ha. I find it really interesting that while talking to whoever it is about whatever it is, my mind drifts and I come up with all sorts of ideas, and I help them without taking any credit nor any compensation for the time wasted.
I don't mean that in a bad way, I do like helping people out, especially my friends, but know!
Tell me what you think!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have been dreaming up a home

Ramadan is coming to an end, and for most Muslims, this is a time to reflect.
I take this opportunity to reflect on a lot of things, to meditate as I pray, to think in retrospect and decide things for myself.

I still haven't found a job, yet another month unemployed.

I'm rather on a journey of self-exploration, setting goals and objectives, changing up my bullet-in board, etc.

I need inspiration.

I need to move out! It was ever since I've visted the only married couple I know, I have been craving it; a space of my own. And, I am trying to put it all together, how I want my place to be. Deciding on an aura and a color theme, and a theme in general, keeping in mind that it has to be minimalist.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Miss a Smile

I would rather keep this annonymous, but there's a smile I miss, a smile whose bearer is not absent, but rather distamt. Rather forgetting to smile.
No they're not frowning either, just not smiling.
Not smiling sincere enough.
Not smiling warm enough.

They had a smile that would make everything seem okay, no matter how bad of a day you're going through. A smile so bright, with eyes beaming with glee and a soul that glows. A smile that simply, and effortlessly makes you happy. Yes, at the sight of such a smile you can't help it! You're just instantaneously happy. (I promise!)

Because that's the person they are, originally; that's the person they used to be.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quarter Life Crisis?

A post by Gala at iCiNG today made me think things through. Is this what I am going through? Isn't it too early for me to actually go through a quarterlife crisis?
Is this why I am all depressed (and gaining weight because of it) and bored?

Maybe it is the waving-goodbye to all things familiar and the beginning of an entirely new phase of my life. As people in AIESEC call it: Taking responsibility! Instead of an income consumer I am now supposed to be an income generator, except that, for now, I am nothing but a financial burden- on my parents that is. (or that's what I like to call myself)
Instead of elementary, basic, educational learning, I am approaching a new type of learning...know-how.

But, no, I refuse to call any phase of my life a crisis, only then will I be self-forcing such a mindset: I am going through a crisis. In fact, life is a gift and you have no right whatsover label any phase "a crisis".
I love E.E.Cummings.
I especially like the last two lines.

Back to school

My BABY- uhm 7 year old- brother is a first grader as of next week. We're all excited buying him his school supplies..I bought him a Ben10 pencil case today and he's just as excited; asking me (being an experienced person when it comes to education..or so he thinks) which ruler will he need and the such.
It feels weird, not having any sort of school to go back to.
It's only sinking in now...I have graduated.
I am a graduate...err.. ok.

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I need to lose 10 kgs...wish me luck with that.
I have never had to lose this much weight. Never needed to, but things seem to have been getting out of hand.

Till tomorrow.
Enjoy your alone time before falling asleep at night.

Monday, September 15, 2008


A postcard was posted yesterday on postsecret, that I happen to relate to more than anything in the world.
I look like my mother. I get random bouts of screaming and overreacting like my mother. My body looks like my mother.
I hate it.
I will not be my mother.
I am waiting for a job

Monday, September 8, 2008

Egyptian Rockslide

Two days ago, our mechanic who had the car at his garage in Doweiqa, home of at least 500,000 people, called us, telling us he wouldn't be able to bring the car back home "because a stone has fallen off the Muqqatam blocking the way up(and down)"

He said that at least five hundred people were killed. And that the rockslide has destroyed at least 60 houses. Now this may be a simple and not very well educated person, but I honestly trust his words more than what they say on the news. Egyptian transparency is very turbid in itself.
I was shocked that even Al Jazira said that the "death toll stands at 31"  - if so then why are the people so scared of the spread of disease?
Why haven't they cleared the way for the very impoverished people of Doweiqa and Mansheyet Nasser, given that they live way beyond the poverty line and that those are slums to begin with AND has been declared an unsafe area in 1994, fourteen years ago.

Our mechanic said that the boulder(s) is(are) as tall as our 13 story building and twice as wide, in news terminology: "The section of cliff that broke away is estimated at 60 metres wide by 15 metres long."
Geologists said that there is a threat of yet another rock slide, soon, and the authorities aren't doing much about the last one to begin with.They also said that this was no natural disaster, but rather the result of a faulty sewage system in the "stone area" of Muqqatam.

Rumor has it that a grant of 250,000 million dollars has been given to the Egyptian government (Bank of Abu Dhabi)  to build proper homes for the people of Doweiqa, and rumo also has it that some of the money has been used to build some veterinary hospital.

My heart goes out to Egypt. May we all find the security we deserve someday.


Sources: me, AlJazeera, Kefaya


Passion to desire is like a matchbox to fire.
It even rhymes.
Inspiration finds me at times when I have other things to do, but would rather do anything else-if that makes sense.
Passion to youth is like matches to a matchbox; they come together, there is no matchbox without its matches and no matches without their box.
And so, I choose to call youth the fountain of passion. It is natural that at our most youthful we are most passionate and only the passionate are capable of doing great things.
Only great things make you feel happy. Make you feel happy about yourself.

Link and Video time:
  • I don't think I am as creative as I should be, I look at this: Lace and Flora.
  • I found this site today: Site. and I think I am in love.
I am afraid that's it for today, I have a make-up exam on Tuesday and should be studying!
Until next time, please do show some love. And your thoughts on passion!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lame Post

I found this.
I am being good to myself today and I'm studying for a change.
I hate how at times, I lose the will to start something...or how I lose it midway- halfway through doing something I tend to lose the enthusiasm.
I start out intensely enthusiastic then, all disappears into thing air.
I have an exam in 4 days.

Yesterday Mohammed and I had iftar at this pretty pretty place; "El Set Husneyya", in Dokki out of all things I loved the ceiling and the menu and the chandeliers hanging elegantly from the already amazingly elegant ceiling.
Then we went to what to me is a very nostalgic place; Maadi, where most of the fun I had as a child took place.
I love Maadi.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day #2!!

It worked!
I haven't watched a lot of TV.
Mohammed and Sarah were over for iftar today and it just makes me happy. Also, my grandma came back from Alexandria!
Then we went to pray tarawih, then for a falouka ride; amazing.
The weather is just divine and it felt like we were literally floating by.
So tomorrow is day number two and I am going to give people stuff they need.
Please comment with what you'll be doing!


Somehow today did not work out as planned. But I did work a bit on my productivity, I studied a bit.
“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” - Albert Einstein
Excuse me, Mr Einstein, I don't think I entirely agree. Making those around you happy only starts with you, yourself being happy. You should be happy in order to make those around you happy and in turn, radiate such an emotion.
At other times, it is the act of helping others itself that creates the happiness within you. In search for happiness you should certainly read Eat Pray Love you should do yoga and meditate. You should dedicate time to yourself. I call it You Time!
So yeah, please do eat, do pray and most entirely love.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Thanks to Zen Habits
Since it's Ramadan, I thought that I(we) might as well be good to people and to ourselves. And so for the next 30 days I am going to randomly do kind things to people. Join me.
While giving out clothes and food, smile.
As you look yourself in the mirror, smile.
Starting up your car, smile.
Stuck in the crazy Cairo traffic, smile.

Randomly help out a stranger. An old lady crossing the street. A short person standing in line behind you...
Be kind. Randomly.
Here's a list (Also thanks to ZenHabits)

Make someone happy today!
  1. Smile.
  2. Help them carry something.
  3. Send a thank-you email.
  4. Call just to see how they’re doing.
  5. Pick them flowers.
  6. Cook them a nice meal.
  7. Tell a joke and laugh your butts off.
  8. Clean.
  9. Write a love letter to a loved one.
  10. Give them a cherished book.
  11. Bake cookies.
  12. Praise them publicly.
  13. Thank them for a job well done.
  14. Listen.
  15. Be there when they’re in need.
  16. Give a free hug.
  17. Spend time with them, having fun.
  18. Do errands or chores for them.
  19. Say I love you.
  20. Help them get ahead.
  21. Be proud of them.
  22. Babysit if they need it.
  23. House sit if they need it.
  24. Buy them movie tickets.
  25. Create a care package.
  26. Coffee. Mmmm.
  27. List the things you love about them.
  28. Secretly leave them thank you notes.
  29. Give a back rub when appropriate.
  30. Deliver a nice lunch to them when they’re having a rough day.
  31. Love them, completely.
  32. Be happy yourself.
Consider this a 30 day challenge. Because the world is always good. It's only where you're standing that affects how you view it.

Day #1: Try to minimize the use of curse words. Thank everyone.

Comment with ideas. and join me!