Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garlic Spread, and things that hurt

I bring to you my favorite spread, what I like to dip my (healthy) fries in and what I like on my sandwiches; tomeyya or garlic spread
From here :
Restaurant (white) garlic sauce:
For this one you need to use a food processor or a blender.
• ½ cup peeled garlic
• 1 Tbsp Mayonnaise (optional)
• ¼ - 1/3 cup Vegetable Oil
• Lemon juice to taste
• Salt
Process the garlic with the mayonnaise, if using (most restaurants use it but I do not like it too much) to a very fine paste. With the motor running slowly, add vegetable oil till you get the desired mayo-like consistency. Add Lemon juice and salt to taste.

I think the following recipe is the most accurate:
5 large garlic cloves
4 tablespoons olive oil
3 drops of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons starch
3/4 cup water.

Boil the water and starch till thick, remove from heat. Mash garlic and salt and in a kitchen machine, mix the garlic and starch and lemon juice. While mixing, add the olive oil one tablespoon at a time. Mix until fluffy, then it's ready to use. Please forgive my sorry translating skills. I translated that from Arabic.

And here you can find the Greek version.

Now to the actual post:
Yesterday as I was thinking of what to post (for the second post I had promised yesterday) I realized something..
This blog is turning into something I don't want it to be. Yes, I want it to be inspirational and beautiful..but I also want to show people aspects of my life that aren't present in theirs. I want to show people how Egyptian I am and how my perspective can be quite different at times, and very traditional at others. I want to express my views; artistic, economic, political, inspirational...all my views.

Why does it hurt when I say my "ex-best friend" my "once best friend".. I actually hate it that I have fallen apart from a lot of my best friends along the years. But I still hold them very dear to my heart. I still love them all the same.. But they're different now, everything is different now that I can't actually call them my best friends anymore. And it hurts to bad.
There was Joy, and Yasmine K, and Sherine and Yasmine M and Kanzy and Sally, there was also Sara and Sondos

It also hurts when I do something stupid that pisses my boyfriend off, for example forgetting my phone at home and finding 8 missed calls, and he worries...etc. Then trying to make it up for him to be rejected, or blocked...or turned down...I try to be extra nice or just apologize in my very unconventional ways..I admit, I am weird, but then it hurts! His excuse would be "I don't want you to make it up for me, I want you to stop pissing me off altogether.." Which kind of make sense to be honest. I have done the phone incident two days in a row!
I just love weird, awkward kissing positions!
Kind over matter have been ever so inspiring! I love that quote/poem especially these lines:
in the garden of simple
where all of us are nameless
you were never anything but beautiful to me

- Ani DiFranco
Check this link. Now.

That's all for now. Stay lovely and loved. And lovable!


Belle said...

Yummm the dip looks so nice.

I agree about the ex-friends.
But everybody grows up in different ways and what you may have needed each other for in the past, you might not need now. It doesn't mean they still do not pay an important role in your life, just life changes,

Have a lovely day, looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your Egyptian life x

Indie.Tea said...

Delicious...that dip sounds great. Thank you for sharing it.
I have a lot of ex-friends too. I agree with Belle, things change and so do friends.

Maria-Thérèse said...

Don't feel bad. These things happen. Seems like you worry a bit too much about your behaviour..? Do you judge your boyfriend in the same way? Just be the way you are. You forgot your phone, you weren't off kissing someone else or killing people.

I'd love to see more pics from your "real life"!!! The streets you walk, a view of the city...

Mika said...

The photo's are amazing. They have that sixtees feeling that I really love. Mika

Becca. said...

OH I love anything garlicy! Im going to save this! It's so sad about friends...when I moved away for university I lost my best friend of 8 years, it hurt a lot. My grandmother used to always say that when one door closes another door opens, I like to think that even though I'm 21 I'll find a friend that I can be that close to again :)

Rebeca Trautner said...

i just wanted to say thank you for dropping the link to Karma Cooler. i also echo what most of your commenters have said about friendship. i can say from personal experience that it's not easy getting adjusted to the changes in your personal relationships but we all just learn how to do it somehow. have a great day!