Sunday, July 29, 2012



I write a post, and half way through, I feel like I don't want to post it.

I have great news though: My sister's best friend is now in London, part of the Egyptian delegation to the Olympics. She's on the synchronised swimming team, I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of her. It has been her dream for so long, and she has gone through a lot to make it come true. 

Now all that she needs to do is bring a medal back with her.

I miss my best friend (who is in New York)

I am still suffering a serious case of wanderlust. 

I think I am beginning to write again, I love it. I haven't read what I have written so far, mind you, but I'd missed the feeling of having words come out, of having them flow...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

25 Before 25

I've been trying to compile lists and goals, I've been trying to think of things I want to do before I turn (the much dreaded) twenty-five.

But then I thought; why? Why am I trying to stress myself out over something I am already freaking out about? Why am I freaking out about a number that I am turning. An age-tag. Just a tag, and a tag should never define you. It should never tell you how to live your life and what to do with it.

Society has created those boundaries and limits for us to not think beyond, it had defined for us ways and routes that we need to take, and I am not going to be confined to that. I am not going to think that I am now at an age were you should be doing this and this and that. Because I am not.

There is no such thing as should. Also, there is definitely no such thing as "should have."

And this is all easier said, and thought than done. I am the perfect example, I am proof.

But I have decided one thing that I should do before I turn 25. I have decided to relax, to sit back and let things happen to me. Uncertainty is not such a bad thing after all. It's okay.

I am not going to prepare a list of things, my goal is actually to not prepare anything, I am going to not just want, I am going to do.

I've developed a habit of thinking about things, thinking and hoping and wishing for them to happen, so much that I have forgotten to do things that would make things happen.

I was all about thoughts and no action.

If there is one rule that I want to live by this year, it would be: Do more, think less.

PS I turn 25 in around 6 weeks.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

On Traveling

I think I have around ten drafts on here, all very incomplete thoughts. But oh well. Maybe I should aim for shorter posts and that would make it easier to write. I miss writing. I also miss reading. But I can't buy more books, I am trying to save some money, by some I mean a lot of money.

I need to travel. And I need to do it now. Well, not literally, but sooner rather than later. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have this growing fear of not being able to do it if I keep putting it off.

I shall travel while I am still young, I don't know how I reached that conclusion, but I know I did.

Doesn't this song make you want to pack your bags and get on the first flight out of here (regardless of where here is)

It makes me want to leave everything behind, especially on a bad day at work, and just find a new life in a new place where no one knows me, where I can just be myself with no boundaries. or restrictions. (You should also listen to Adam's other two songs and check his facebook page.)

I love how this post has turned into a post to promote a friend's music. So I am, of course, biased. But let me tell you that I have liked Adam's songs before I became friends with him, he was just someone I get to see around and I happened to really like his music.

Anyway, here's a list of places I really want to go to:

1. Paris, so I could go to Shakespeare and co.
2. Morocco, so I can go to a place where we both speak Arabic and I wouldn't get a single word they say.
3. London. I don't think anyone really needs a reason to want to go to London, really. I also really want to go to Bristol. And Bath.
4. New York for new year's, because I want to be in Times Square for the countdown.
6. Prague, so I can read Kafka and Kundera there.
7. Bruge, because it's so cute!
8. Tashkent, Uzbekistan (because of Shokoofeh's posts)
9. Iran (because of Shokoofeh mainly!)
10.  M├ílaga, PLEASE!
11. Any country where I can see the Northern Lights.
12. Sudan
13. South Africa
14. Turkey

The list goes on, really.