Monday, October 15, 2012

Showing off: Egypt

I once wrote a post that was basically showing off Cairo. Beautiful, beautiful Cairo. Today, years and one revolution later, I would like to show more pictures of the city, but not only that - but pictures I took around Egypt. I have been visiting a few Delta governorates quite often lately, and some of them have absolutely breath-taking views!

Alexandria, Egypt

The Nile, Sharqiyah
Apart from the views, the Delta governorates have entire villages that work in the same economic activity pretty much; one village makes carpets, the other makes crates from palm leaf midribs, and so on.

Carpet making, Fowwa, Sharqiyah
And someone was getting married when I was visiting Menoufiya yesterday. I love how different weddings look in the countryside.

As much as I complain about my job, I love it, deep down. I am learning a lot! It's just that I miss my friends. And I miss this little man; if you have been reading my blog for a while, and if you still are, then you'll notice how much my little brother has grown, and it's a bit weird, but it doesn't make me love him any less!

PS the pictures here are no longer working, I think I might have accidentally deleted the album, a lot of photos are actually broken on my blog and I have no idea how to fix it. Speaking of Bikya, here's a photo of their beautiful wall(paper) (Maadi branch)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday Blanks on a Saturday

I had a very depressing post that I didn't want to put on here. So here are some blanks (from Lauren)

1.  My favorite flower is    Plumeria/Frangipanis, we call them "Indian Jasmines" in Egypt  .

2.  You should never talk about  Egypt negatively, if you are a foreigner who lives here..I know there is a lot to complain about, but please look at the positive things that are common in the country I call home, and pretty much absent from a lot of other "developed" countries (I know, I am just sick of it)  .

3.  My favorite discovery as of late is   this really cheap (and really good) salad from a local restaurant in Zamalek  .

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing     my hair with lots of split-ends, gray-blue kohl and colourful shoes (as usual) .

5. I wish I were  traveling.

6. My favorite TV show currently is   New Girl, of course  .

7.  This weekend I want to  make the weekend not end, somehow  .