Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holly Golightly

I have been reading Breakfast at Tiffany's and researching fashion for this article I had to write for an AIESEC magazine, so I have been a bit inspired; fashion-wise.
No, I haven't yet reached the point where I'm going to walk down the street sporting a tiara!But here's what I have put together:
First three pictures are courtesy of Pink Mascara, 4th is of Google. I know this is not a complete outfit, missing a bag and a string of pearls maybe. But! The amazing shade of nail polish brings this edge to the classic-ness of the dress.
It was only today that I realized that I could do anything, anything in the whole world, upon knowing someone I care for believes in me. Maybe knowing that someone does, I could change the world. I could, at least, change a single person's world. And that has been my all-time dream.
I think I miss Moleskines.
Give your face some exercise today; smile!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Homesickness is not cute

I can't think of a proper title for this entry. I can't say that I am in my best of moods, only then will I be lying. Well, lie to me and tell me the news I heard yesterday wasn't true. Tell me it wasn't true. Tell me hard work really does pay off. Tell me that you are rewarded in accordance with the level of effort you exert. Tell me this world is still perfect. Tell me that if you think positive, you get nothing but positive. Tell me I am not a drama queen.
On another note, I wrote this earlier:

I want to be a mermaid,
Tanning by the Mediterranean sea.
I want to be the pebbles,
playing with the Red sea waves.
I want to be the sun shining,
on Egyptian early mornings.
I want to be the moon watching,
over their late busy nights.
I sit here stranded,
on a land that is not mine.
A hundred planes have landed,
time hasn't come yet for mine.
I miss home,
and how she smiles at me.
I miss the sudden urges to get out of the house,
spending all the money I have,
with nothing to worry about.
I am sick of wonder.
Trying to picture how their days are spent,
when mine just creep by.
Sneaky and slow.
I am thirsty for Egyptian water (and WiFi)
Uncensored magazines and non-filtered websites
I am homesick. 
Please note that this wasn't in any way meant to be a poem, so no judging on schemes and such things, it is not a poem, just a series of broken sentences, because this seems to be how I tend to think. In fragments.
Oh, and check PostSecret
If anyone drops by, please leave a comment  ♥ (sorry about the heart I just had to)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hippie Thoughts

I always get those random thoughts; I'll go hippie on my hair and grow i out. Which, I am currently doing.
I'll take up yoga, and I'm in the process of transferring myself into a humble yogi (ni).

Then the other day, on Thursday before we headed off to Medinah, it hit me:

Love is Light. White light.
Yes, love is light. White light desiccates into the seven colors of the rainbow. Love broken down, is a mix of all those complex emotions. Those of care, jealousy, tenderness, brother/sisterhood, belonging...etc. Think about it.
You do those so many things in the name of love, in the face of love. And when you come to think of it, whoever it is you love is so many things in one.

Medinah is a very spiritual place in itself, everything is so...white! And when you're inside al Masjid al Nabawi, when they open the rooftop, you can look into an incredibly clear sky. You can meditate, you can listen to this very silent sound beyond the crying babies, beyond the random women reciting the Quran. You become suddenly spiritual. Entirely.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I have one more twentieth of the month, one more while I am still twenty.
On the twenty-sixth of next month, I am turning twenty-one!
So, from the 21st of September, I am going to celebrate every 21st of each month in some special way. Life is too short to not celebrate.
Yesterday, I went book shopping and I bought five more titles to grace my book collection:
  1. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Truman Capote
  2. Long Walk to Freedom; Nelson Mandela's autobiography.
  3. Love in the Present Times, Catherine Ryan Hyde (who also wrote Pay it Forward!)
  4. Om Yoga Today, Cyndi Lee
  5. Pilates Body Training
Well, I am currently away from home as you might know (that is if anyone reads this to begin with) so, even though I had planned on taking up yoga and Tai Chi this summer, I am, so far, unable to do that at a professional place i.e. the Dojo or somewhere similar.
Currently, the only sports I do are crunches and a little bit of stretches, also shopping and browsing the WWW! So, I am obviously planning on doing more.

Now, I have always been a fan of cooking, yet I won't claim myself a culinary master...I cooked today though, made some fried rice and I am still trying to figure out how to make Filipino Purple Cake. Here's how to make mixed fried rice!
  • Prepare rice and cook: wash 1 cup of rice, and cook with an equal measure of water on LOW, VERY LOW HEAT.
  • Fry an egg, set aside
  • in a frying pan (a large one) cook spring onions and garlic in oil, then add carrots (I personally add frozen mixed vegetables),then lemon grass then add shrimps, squids and cubes of chicken breast and a cube of stock and the fried egg. cover. Until everything is cooked.
  • Add rice to the fried mix and mix, mix mix.
  • Voila!
Ok, so here's the deal, you can ignore adding the lemon grass, or use onions instead of spring onions, or use only shrimps, or only chicken... you can use canned chicken instead of chicken breasts... you know, be creative!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For old time's sake

Have I mentioned my hate towards this country? Or at least how much I hate the time wasted in vain here- just sitting there because there is entirely nothing to do?
Yes, I hate wasting time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
I should be back home working in the laid back atmosphere of one of Egypt's most successful youth based magazines.
I should be enjoying the joyful Egyptian July sun.
I should have celebrated my boyfriend's 23rd birthday with him.
Instead, I am here.
So, in efforts to make my current reality a bit more...appealing, or a little less mortifying for that matter, I have:
  1. Read "Girls of Riyadh", "Eat pray love" and "pay it forward" which all are great books and are highly recommended reads for that matter.
  2. Watching a bit of TV for a change.
  3. Missing Campus magazine and G mag like crazy.
  4. Text messaging my fingers off.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


The past two months have been, in a way hectic; exams, graduation research...etc.
My graduation research was about how banks could use risk management techniques to ensure profitable and successful provision of microfinance. i.e finance for the poor.
And *drum roll*
we got an A+
I'm so proud of us, we worked so hard, and it was certainly worth it. I finally made my parents proud, I finally proved it to myself, and to them that I haven't lost my brains. I still am smart. I still am intellectual. Yay!
Saudi Arabia, specifically Jeddah, is as usual eating out my summer, but this year we're more laid back, more relaxed. It's not stressful as always.
I miss Mohammed so much though...a huge part of me feels like I would and should rather be spending the summer with him, in Egypt. Yet, there's that other part of me that wants to be there for my dad and with my dad, he's going through a hard time, and I am being the good daughter.
Not that my dad is the venting type, which I have learned to be (venting saves you from hypertension) but he likes having his kids around.
Time is flying and I am undeniably approaching my officially adulthood. My 21st birthday is on the 26th of August. That in addition to the contemplative, retrospective mood KSA puts me in, I am thinking, I am thinking my life through.
And oh of what huge help has Zenhabits been.