Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Day of August!

This is where I call home, not the pyramids, but the city; Greater Cairo.

I love this video... I wish I could go..

I had my hair cut- drastically.
Excuse the pose. Really.
I am taking my writing more seriously (Sondos is too!) and I actually intend on publishing something, someday. I hope "someday" is soon though. I wanted to post something about the men who raised me (my grandfather and my father) but I realized I have been posting A LOT about my family. I decided to give you a break (haha?)

Since it's August the first, I thought I would share what I usually do for the next 26 days. I was born on the 26th of August, 1987, meaning, this year, I turn TWENTY-TWO!! (it kind of scares me)

Everyday, I am to do one extraordinary thing, provided that extraordinary is quite relative. Today is very special, I woke up at 6 am to find this post. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Then boyfriend suggested that we go out for coffee, we cruised around the empty Cairo streets (unusual, but it was very early, and it's the weekend!), windows down, wind in my hair, coffee in hand = bliss?

Will you do this with me? Make August extraordinary?

PS The getting fit challenge also starts today!


Athena. said...

Aw, that sounds so fun!
I'm an August baby, too!
in 4 days I shall be fifteen, wow.
I shall try and make my august very extraordinary, :)

pinklotus said...

Advance Happy Birthday to you and to Athena!!!!


Maria-Thérèse said...

ooh, I have recently been thinking I should do something as well for X days - perhaps a collage or painting a day. Doing something extraordinary?!? Sounds exciting! But what should I do and what can I do in the weekend and it's August already and ---- any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

love the haircut. i wish i had the guts to cut it that short - i'm kind of sick of my hair right now. my birthday is on the 29th of the month. yay for august girls, eh!?

Shokoofeh said...

what do you say?! Energy generator?!
Yes that's exactly what this post does! :)
well... let me see!

1.Cairo is on my travel list.
2.Happy beautiful hair cut, my beautiful girl!
3.I don't think we get tired of hearing more personal things from you! :)
4.Twenty-two? ... my scaring age was 23. but when it comes, you laugh and say: just it?!
5.I am so ready to make the August an extraordinary month!



Kym said...

hey girl! in august, face at least ONE fear! :) thanks for dropping by, can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good what you have planned.I have no list for August just yet,lol.I lovee you hair Sara, the photo of you is gorgeous.Have a lovely new week ahead.My birthday is the 26th of November.

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Sarah...for sure...absolutely..I'd help you make August and any other month the best it can be...Anything...try :)

Am gonna be in Alex tomorrow...up untill won't be in Cairo almost all this week...

Mazen Tammam...that's me on me whenever...I'd be happy...

and OH MY...u look simply like a PRINCESS in that tender, clean, bright and LOVELY...absolutely luv it..

Arima said...

hahaha....smiling at a stranger in cairo could have some unexpected and perhaps unpleasant results...

Anna said...

your hair looks beautiful!!!! i wish i could pull off such a sweet look!!

& i will most definitely join you on making august particularly extraordinary! : )

Maria-Thérèse said...

you look like a model!
I like your plans...
I won't do one thing per day since day one is already over BUT I will think of a few things to make August better since I don't really like the sound of it - too close to autumn...

Maybe face a fear or do something out of the ordinary.

in company with sparkles said...

The first day of August is my birthday so it holds new things for me too! So excited for this month and year.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I don't get to check your page for like, two days, and there's a hundred new posts, lol!

Your hair looks great ...good move!

And I turned 22 in April and it's actually quite calming! I found turning 21 a bit stressful and quarter-life-crisis inducing, but 22 is very mellow and acceptance filled ....very zen!lol!

It's good to see you happier! :) And love the Adventurous August idea!

Miss B said...

How adorable and lovely is that haircut??? (answer: VERY!!!)

I like the month of extraordinariness, but August is really the wrong month for me to do it. Maybe I can do it in February for my half-birthday?

But we still need to take birthday twin photos. Involving balloons. Lots of balloons.

As for suggestions...I've always been fond of buying bunches of flowers and giving them to random strangers. You could also give a large sum of money (well, large-ish -- say $25 or so all at one go) to the first panhandler/street musician/&c who asks you or crosses your path. That can be fun too. I always have a dollar in my pocket to give to the first person of the day who asks me for change, but whenever I've just made an extravagant purchase or if I'm feeling particularly bad or stressed out, I will give $10 or so to the first person who asks, and it always makes me smile inside.

Big birthday-month kisses to you, darling!

HannahandSophie said...

you hair looks awesome!
I'm loving your August idea.
I think the best thing to do - everyday - is just smile. smile at absolutely everyone. :)

thanks for the comment!
(oh, and my boyfriend loved it too, haha. It made his day!)

much love xo!