Monday, August 17, 2009

Pictures from Alexandria

beautiful Alexandria

I have one less follower :(

Nine days until my birthday, and on my extraordinary list is: a new job, and today I got really good news, I had sen an article to this local magazine (that I had applied to work at as a junir editor and was rejected) and they contacted me telling me they will publish my piece in their October issue!!!

That's one thing I have always wanted to do!

Things are finally looking up and I am thankful. Thank you for being there for me, and for encouraging and reassuring me.

lol having our morning coffee at Starbucks

Tomorrow is our second anniversary, and I can't think of anything to make (but a card ofcourse, because that's one thing I always make) but I owe it to Mohammed, that I thank him for not leaving when everyone thought he should. And when I almost literally pushed him away.

Isn't it a divine city?

The view from our place in Alexandria, it's beautiful! I would sit there and feel the wind on my face and read, have tea, and read, have coffee, and read!

You can also see part of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from our balcony!
I am trying to work on my almost non existant photography skills, so please let me know what you think? How is everyone's week so far? How was/is your Monday?


yiqin; said...

Beautiful :)

Kym said...

wow, beautiful indeed! and congratulations on your piece being published! what an accomplishment!

missy. said...

how beautiful! i am jealous! and congrats on the piece being published. how fantastic.

Maria-Thérèse said...

I wanna go to Alexandria toooo! :D

One less follower? Hmpf! But 99 is a LOT of fans!

Maria-Thérèse said...

and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Will you post it later so we can read it?


Dear. I am so glad that things are finally in the way that you want.


congratulations for the article. remember to tell me more about it.

and about your photography. these are really good. I am so happy you are working on it!


p.s. You're beautiful!


Oh and about the decreasing followers! I don't know why but it always happens! :{


ali said...

It looks absolutely stunning, you are very lucky to have been able to relax in such beatiful surroundings.
Congratulations on your article, you will have to post it when you get it published.
And, congratulations on your anniversary.
No one knows your hearts more than yourselves; don't let other people's views affect yours and your bf's relationship, they don't know what you have!

alissa said...

congrats on the piece being published! what a cool accomplishment

Bambola said...

Alexandria looks amazing! I'll have to visit one day. And what a gorgeous view! I'm so jealous.

My Monday was wonderful. I went on my first date in years. We went to a movie, had dinner, all the usual things. It was really nice & a great way to start the week.

<3 Bambola xxx

DT said...

beautiful pictures... double congratulations :o)

Anna said...

such stunning pictures!! you are a natural photographer. : )

happy 2nd anniversary and happy day!! a magazine article?? hooray!!
{that rhymed! i didn't even try!}

hugs to you.

Indie.Tea said...

How beautiful Alexandria must be!
Your eyes are so lovely, incredible really.

Belle said...

It looks amazing there! And you are so beautiful!!
Happy anniversary darling!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMG OMG OMG!! You're going to be published?! That is awesome! SO proud of you!!!

Don't worry about the follower thing-I always think "they deleted their blog" hahaha!!

Happy Anniversary darling girl! XO

Miss B said...

Well, you seem to be back at 100. *quiet laughter* I don't quite _get_ the whole follower thing, myself. I guess because I don't go around following masses of people, mostly because I find it overwhelmingly noisy to see all of that showing up, shouting at me all the time. But there are dozens of websites I read regular as clockwork that I don't follow-with-my-name-on-a-list. I have 4 (this makes me laugh again) and I don't really know why I even have the 4. Poor things aren't getting much for their money, you know. I would feel stunned into silence if I had physical proof that huge lots of people were actually paying attention to anything I said; it might be enough to make me give the whole thing up entirely. Now, at least, I can pretend that it is all just a quiet conversation with myself and (with a few small exceptions -- like you, beautiful) not really anyone else.

(your hair is still absurdly adorable, you)


REread said...

your eyes look amazing in that photo

E said...

alexandria looks amazing! and congratulations for getting published :)

Ju said...

It does look like an amazing place. Would love to visit.
Hope your find a way to celebrate your second anniversary.
You two look cute!

ju :)

Anonymous said...

Hope the new job went well! And congratulations with your boyfriend ...I'm so so so happy for you!!!!
Also your pictures make me really jealous looks so lovely and peaceful!

sara said...

oh wow!that looks absolutely beautiful!you are making me so jealous!

Anonymous said...


one less follower? it keep happening to me too. i wonder why people change their minds like that! oh, well. it's their loss! hihihi :)

nicole addison said...

happy anniversary! hope you two have a great day :) your post is up and running..thanks again for being a part of it! xoxo

bananas. said...

i absolutely adore that starbucks picture. your face is too cute! gotta get your coffee girl :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Lovely! Haha don't worry my photography skills are VERY limited. I play around on picnik forever to make them look semi-decent.
and yay for you and your boyfrined =)

OOH! and congrats on the article!
(PS it looks like you have two new followers now!)

lavelle said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and your birthday and your article being published and 100 followers!

Phew! Good week for you isnt it?!!


Kristin said...

What an incredible view! And congrats on your achievement!