Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Magic

I love the fact that is finally the weekend!
I have had an adorable week, I have an amazing boyfriend and out-of-this world friends.

Let me explain.

On Wednesday, I went to work with my iPod full of pretty songs (Thank you for your suggestions, everyone!) and around midday, Mohammed had personally delivered flowers to the office (how cute is he?)
After work, I napped a little, then around sunset (time for iftar, first meal of the day when we're fasting) we went to this gorgeous outdoor restaurant (Makani Live) to find the best friends I have made along the years!!
It was such a great surprise! All the people special to me.

Amr, Yehia, Sondos, Sara, Sarah, Hussien...later came Tamamy, Aya, Menna, Serag, Nader, Messiry, Wessam and my brother, sisters and mother were there...

 My brother, sisters and I (would you have ever guessed I am the eldest?)

Well to me, this was beyond imagination, because my life is a series of phases, and I have different yet very special friends during each. And these are all the special people from each phase!! From school, university and post-uni. But they are the sort that will always be special and dear to me.

the three Sara(h)s
Tamamy killed me and stuck the knife in Mohammed's mouth

I wish I could post pictures of everyone! But these aren't even my pictures, they are Sara's (my friend..obviously) I have lots of Sara's in my life! I do!
So yes, this is my first weekend as a 22 year old, I am still not used to it and I know one thing, I- more than ever- want to go to Paris.

Oh and I believe in magic!

Have yourself a magical weekend everyone! Make it worthwhile, make it give you a reason to smile on your way to work/school on Sunday/Monday. Let me know how it went :)

(for those of you who don't live in Egypt, our week starts on Sunday, ends on Thursday)
PS Jen passed her exams and is attending sixth form!


Sophia said...

you all look absolutely beautiful! and your boyfriend sounds so sweet.

Jeanne-ming said...

Anyone who loves Johnny Depp is my kind of girl.
Happy Birthday! You are adorable.

Adele said...

that's an awesome cake! (: xx

Spardha Malik said...

heyy happy birthday!! such a nice blog u got here ;)

in company with sparkles said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday! And I love your blouse. Pink is so great on anyone!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Awww, your boyfriend sounds so sweet! Sounds like you had an amazing time =)

Ju said...

How lovely to have family and friends together for your birthday: you all seem like a picture of happiness.
We're having a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and it's sunny and it's carnival time too, so lots of happy faces around.


These pictures are sweet, Sara!
as usual, your blog really cheers me up!


Maria-Thérèse said...

What a spectacular cake!! Too bad about Mohammed though :D

You look absolutely stunning! That has to be the best shade of lipstick on anyone, through all time.

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

haha at the last pic.
Happy Birthday sara =) that was a lovely cake.

Nath said...

adorable cake! i wish you all the best things on your 22! :) and what a nice company you had! :)

love, nath

S.Elisabeth said...

Love this, and yay!!! It's so weird, but it makes me so happy to see you happy again!!! =) Happy Birthday

PS your haircut=lovee!

مى said...

Eh dah! Happy Birthday :)

defining amy said...

"my life is in phases." i can totally relate. thank you for your sweet comment. i'm so happy to have found your blog. i hope you had the happiest of birthdays.

yiqin; said...

Ah the cake's so lovely :)

مى said...

Yalla trip to paris?? It's beautiful and i know tons of people who can host! :)

Natalie said...

hahah it looks like a really yummy cake! :)


Gracie said...

Eee! Happy birthday! That sounds like such a wonderful day! The cake looks good and your so lovely =)

scarlet pimpernel said...

hi beautiful

gr8 post and a gr8 blog

Kristin said...

I hope your weekend was as magical as you hoped!

Atenea said...

Happy birthday :) I like so much your face, is very racial. kisses from spain!

Iva said...

awww fabulous! Happy Birthday!!

Athena. said...

Awh Sara!
You're family is beautiful, as are you!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday and an amazing week!
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting and commenting too much. I'm still around; schoolwork and such is simply stealing all my time ):
I miss you, too.
But it makes me unbelievably happy to hear what a great time you're having :)

juliette said...

i love weeks like this, they are so special :)
happy belated birthday!