Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tag, awards to come

Athena [Let's Fly Away Now] tagged me to do this:

The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video (from Skins).
Below, the bolded things are what you
include, as they are in Cassie's video.
Also, please link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire

  I tag:

  1. Darjeeling Dreams
  2. Anna
  3. Afiori
(+I've quoted the things Cassie says in her video, I thought it was nice.)
"Abracadabra, Wow!"
I like boys with a sense of humor.
and girls with beautiful minds.
I like being alone, but I dearly love people close to me.
I like the Red sea.
I like optimistic, dreamy people .
I like the sun setting into the sea.
I like riding a falouka with people I love.
I like being squeezed very tight, until I can't breathe..BIG HUGS!
I like books.
I like writing and making plans of publishing what I write.
I like wearing lots of colours and my very old favourite pair of shoes.
I like my Moleskine.
I like existential talks with people I love.
I love seeing beauty in everything.

Today I am going back to the gym.

"In some ways, I love everything.
Its less,
its less of a thing to like,
its less distinct,
its less particular.

I like things that I like
but I love everything.
There’s more choice in like,
'cos even the worst things
have things you love in them.

&; I don’t know what you mean
about things I hate."

I hate grey, cloudy winter days.
I hate sugar in my coffee.
I hate what ifs.
I hate uncertainty.
I hate could have beens.
I hate it when someone reads my journal without me asking them to.
I hate lies
I hate pessimism.

"I hate this, wow. . .


Indie.Tea said...

O those are beautiful choices (things you like)...thank you for the tag!

ali said...

I like all your likes as well.

S.Elisabeth said...

aw I love this, and yay Skins! Cassie was my favorite in Series 1.

Kym said...

nice list, boys with a sense of humour? soooooo important! ahha! and yes, i hate "could've beens" as well... >:|

Belle said...

I love your answers darling girl!! xxx

Sophia said...

Wow, that's like poetry. I'm with ya--optimistic, dreamy people are the best!

Anonymous said...

Wow, love the little post you did...we have a lot in common!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest blog post on the English Muse, too!


alissa said...

how can you hate sugar in your coffee? :) its the only way to have it in my book

Erimentha said...

:) thanks so much for doing my blogger tag!

thank you i liked all your likes too! ^^
and i love this hate of yours...
'i hate when people read your diary without asking!' SO TRUE haha

Athena. said...

Ahh, what wonderful answers :)
I agree with most, if not all of these!
I hope you're well,
all my love,

Anna said...

thank you my dear friend. thank you so much.

p.s. i am starting to feel a wee bit better. a little bit everday. this strep throat business is no fun!!