Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bullets- and Ramadan

Let me do this in bullets:
  • Pete aced his RAF test yesterday,I told you, he is superman!
  • Those kind of people, the sad but beautiful people(here)
  • This beautiful post. [here

  • my own little guest post on Loveology. I tried to keep it as loveology-like as I can...
On an entirely different level, the month of Ramadan starts tomorrow or Saturday (we're not yet sure, since it's a lunar month) 

Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast from dawn till sunset, basically, we don't eat, or drink, or smoke until sunset. But people always stress the fact that it is not just "physical fasting" but also spiritual.
If you are fasting you can't kiss, or have any "sexual" contact, before breaking your fast.

If you are fasting you make a point of being nice to everyone. You try as much as you can to control your temper (which, trust me, is very hard in the Cairo traffic, and heat!). Oh, you also try to help people. Especially the poor. It is an early Ramadan this year. And everyone knows it's going to be hard.

In Egypt, it is an amazing month. Everyone visits everyone else, you go out to lounges after breaking your fast "iftar" and have shisha! and sometimes you can even go out after Sohour (which is the night meal, very late at night, before the break of dawn)

And we have fawanees (singular: fanoos)

We also eat TONS of sweets!
Qatayef (here)

We have a prayer unique to Ramadan; taraweeh and masjids are insanely crowded that people pray on the streets!
There's a lot more to say, and more to show. Cairo is a wonderful city! I will take pictures of Cairo in Ramadan!


Kristin said...

I love seeing your pictures. That lantern is so gorgeous!t

missy. said...

girl that is fantastic! i love that you shared that with us and gave pictures. and that quote up top, fantastic.

Anonymous said...

we start on saturday. ramadan kareem to you!

Ju said...

Can I say enjoy Ramadan? Your city looks beautiful at night with the lights. And I'd love to try those sweets one day.

Sarah Alaoui said...

oh you Egyptians and your sweets, lol. can't wait for Ramadan!

Farah said...

We start Ramadhan on sat and it is crazy hot over here! lol. hopefully the weather will ease up abit on all of us and make it a easy breazy month! ;)

Aya said...

Have a fulfilling Ramadan, my beautiful.

alissa said...

wow - all of those people. you definitely have to tell us more about this, it sounds like a really interesting time in the city.

S.Elisabeth said...

This is so cool. I've never really learned much about Ramadan, just a Disney show with it in it, and I'm really very curious!

muchlove said...

It's really interesting reading and seeing photos about Ramadan in Cairo. That's a LOT of people praying on the streets! Ramadan always makes me homesick of Indonesia (I'm living in Australia) :(

Athena. said...

Eeek, I feel like I've missed out on so much from my one week absence!
I'm so happy for you :)
I read your post on Loveology
and loved it :)
- teacups are my weakness!

Anna said...

Have a lovely Ramadan, darling!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely occasion, but there is no way I could fast from food and 'other' and be nice to everyone! I find it hard to be nice even with a full stomach!lol!

Aya Smith said...

Lovely photographs! The food looks especially yummy... and I think I am hungry! >_<

Daisy said...

This was so very interesting ! Thanks for posting this !!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Ohmygod this post made me so homesick! Just moved away from Cairo and it's my first Ramadan without my family. I really miss Ramadan in Cairo. That pic of Sequoia really made me miss home.