Sunday, February 8, 2009

While waiting for Postsecret...

I choose to not blog over the weekend to compensate for my over-blogging during weekdays. Miss me?
Yesterday my counter hit 2222 and I saved a picture of that on my computer (would have included it but, I am at work)
I also got my hair all layered up last night, and the hairdresser almost convinced me that I should get high and low-lights. I am nearly convinced. Low-lights only. But anyway, I love my hair now; it is all pretty and manageable.
I found a New blog!
"the women came out of a mans ribs
not from his feet to be walked on,
nor his side to be equal
but under the arm to be
protected next to the heart,
to be love"
That is so true!I got it at the blog aforementioned.


Also, this video! Not excellent quality, was such a great performance!
Hope everyone's weekend is/was amazing.

Also over the weekend, we went to the beach for a day( Red Sea), it was a much needed change because it was unusually warm and sunny! (in contrast with a gloomy Cairo sky today). And the fact that we went with family made it even more fun (my family is hilarious). Mohammed and I also went for breakfast, yesterday and it was SO pretty! My favorite place in Heliopolis; Korba, AND the sun- felt like Spring!
But then mentioning all that and realizing that I don't have any proper documentation of it; i.e. Pictures, makes me a bit sad. I need a camera. I dare not carry my sister's around with me, she'd bite a finger or two off my hand for doing that.

Conclusion: I need to take more pictures. And I need a camera for that matter. Any recommendations?

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