Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Missed me?
I am stuck here at the office... an hour after my 8 hours of work end, because Mohammed has my car...
I don't mind, though, it was a good day..it started out just right!
Even though I had agreed on going to the gym today with my cousin, right after work...meaning, I SHOULD be heading there now, it still is a good day.
Everyone has been asking me what I'll do for Valentine's and I still have no idea!

I wrote this for you made an amazing post today!weheartit via Don't Touch My Moleskine

I was thinking..how many of you people smoke? Please comment and let me know. Because for example, here in the office, 2 out of about 20 people smoke. Both married. Do you think it is, of any way, related? I honestly love pictures of girls smoking.

Maybe I should write a bit in my journal. I miss it. I need to finish it, so I could start a new one; a Moleskine this time...I want one of the new pastel colored ones..
But then, I don't think we get them here in Egypt...yet.

Gratitude-a-day: Coffee from "On the Run" oh and this post


Maria-Thérèse said...

All I can see when somebody smokes is "CANCER". Killing yourself. Stupid decisions. And bad smell and teeth and skin.

My uncle died of lung cancer. He hadn't smoked for over 15 years but the cancer was already there and growing.

mY-Refuge said...

well , smoking has such an influence , forget about the cancer stuff , eating junk food kills you more ,anyway , i guess it is not about smoking itself , neither the Nicotine effect, it is all about the inhalation , and the smoke u exhale out , the whole view itself, i dont know ,but it always helped me and i always fall in love with the image of any women smoking ...