Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspirational Bulleted Wednesday!

I have a confession to make: the two Taylor Swift songs I have heard on NileFM, I am in love with.
White Horse
Love Story

Check the coolest thing that has ever happened to me in all my blogging life. I am winner number 11. Thank you, very sincere and very heartfelt, thank you. This is what I have won!

I've been font hunting at work and it is so frustrating! Everything looks almost the same, except for a question mark here or there..
same source
I think this is intensely beautiful!

This is the same bridge today; Kas El Nil Bridge.

how beautiful is this?
Apart from the fact that her outfit is perfect, and her hair...and the whole is sort of heartbreaking....war is. War is the heartbreak of the world. To think that human beings have invented war is such a dissapointment!
So it's mostly pictures today...and maybe some bullets (Since it's Wednesday). My weekend starts tomorrow!!
  • my mom turns 44 today, so I am making a card, cooking lunch and buying 44 flowers :) thank you all for your suggestions!
  • I forgot my cellphone at home, second day in a row, and I have never felt so liberated (try it!)
  • I have a dress on today, it instantly sends feel-good vibes to my brain.
  • I'll start my green Moleskine Volant VERY SOON!
I have an endless amount of love within me, and I wish you could all sense it, I wish I could spread it and pass it on to you all.

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cuileann said...

Love the old black and white, and the photo with the Disney quote.