Tuesday, February 3, 2009

itc! and request

Good day? My google reader is bursting with new entries and I love it!
  • Get back to the gym!: not yet...I'll try to start tomorrow; if not then then weekend.
  • List at least one gratitude-a-day: How I took a short walk to the supermarket, and it was all sunny outside the office. Also, Madame Anais! I love her (the very nice lady sharing the office with me who is actually the Personnel and Procurement Associate)
  • Pray more; working on that! Progressed actually
  • Take my sisters and brother out; not yet
  • Sleep more( try 10 pm- 6 am); slept from 11:30 to 6:30 yesterday; almost!
  • Limit coffee to twice a day; only one coffee so far!
Please pray for my boyfriend, he's going through a rough time.

1 comment:

Georgia B. said...

i just discovered your blog because you started to follow mine. i'm so glad you did. i'm so glad i discovered yours.

i love your profile comments—and your reason for blogging. i do it for the same reasons.

i look forward to returning to see your thoughts and randomness. :)