Saturday, August 2, 2008

A tribute to: An Inspirational Home

I decided against blogging negatively and so, my last post as deleted.
I am not angry.
I am not angry.
I am not angry.
I found this site today and it sort of made me happy again: CUPCAKES!

Why I felt down:
  1. I am not going home tomorrow (still stuck in Jeddah for booking mess ups)
  2. I failed two subjects after having literally studied my eyes out of focus. One this term, and one last term.
How I got over it: 
  1. Thinking about all the happy times in retrospect.
  2. Collecting recipes.
  3. All my other grades are good! A+, A, A, B, and the ...ermm F...this term.
Now, I am in serious need of inspiration, and back home, Cairo, there are a number of places that leave me inspired, endlessly.
  1. Korba, Heliopolis. Just walking around Korba, down Baghdad street, with the sun shining. And when the weather is too hot stopping for raspberry and yogurt icecream, or Nutella icecream at Manderine Kwaidar. Also, Harris Cafe with their amazing pastas and salads. Great coffee! It's a tiny place with removable ceiling! Well, not literally, sometimes they open it and you can look directly at the sky. Then comes my most favored of all Cilantro Cafes;the Korba branch! For having welcomed me on weekday mornings and making my day for serving my "Cappuccino, tall, skimmed milk". What else is there to love about Korba? Starbucks! The sweetest of all Cairo's Starbucks branches! God, I miss Korba. And all the smiles, and laughs and tears this place has witnessed.
  2. Zamalek. As you can tell, I have a thing for walking. Walking around Zamalek! 26th of July street and stopping at Diwan Bookstore*( where I get my Moleskines) which has such an intriguing aroma about it, with the wooden floors and interiors (I also have a thing for wooden interiors) and then after buying some goodies, stopping at the only nonsmoking Cilantro branch which also has amazing wooden interiors. Now this could be the only place in the world smaller than Harris, Korba. THE PLACE IS TINY! It's split in half, vertically. Nothing could cheer me up more than a walk around Zamalek, and stopping at random stores with hidden treasures and watching the Nile. Memories, oh, memories. Not forgetting to mention that, Zamalek is home of the Sawy Culturewheel.
  3. Azhar Park (site) there is simply nothing more to say. This place is magical.
  4. Falouka rides, The Nile. You need to experience that to know what it feels like. A great feeling that could be yet again intensified in the presence of good company.
Now, there's one more place left, yet I won't include that in the list since it is not in Cairo.
"Mermaid of the Mediterranean", cruising down Alexandrian streets is like doing so a century ago, when pretty things mattered, when pretty things existed. And the view I get from our place there, too. A truly inspirational experience.

If you ever questioned why I love home so much, and why I am this home sick. Now that's why.
* their Heliopolis Branch is just as amazing, a lot bigger too.


Sara Abdel Azim said...

oooooh yes, how I miss Korba!! My most favorite place in Cairo ever!

Coconut said...

I've been looking for moleskines in cairo, I just couldn't find any bookstore that sells them..
Where is the diwan bookstore exactly?

Coconut said...

heey thanx alot!
i went to the diwan bookstore, such a lovely place.
i got my new moleskine..
i was kinda disappointed that they didnt have the sketch book.
i bought the plain notebook instead.
Luved their childrens area.. I'll be taking my baby sisters there another day :)