Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Writing; here I come

I love this dress, it has such a princess-y feel to it; I think this is how every bride should feel like; a princess.

Yesterday I had started this post:
A lot of things are leaving me in an unhappy mood...
  1. The bombing in Al-Hussien district in Cairo last night. Not only will this have a gruesome effect on the Egyptian economy in a global atmosphere of recession...it is also making me feel insecure. I mean, economically speaking, the gains from the Suez Canal have fallen intensely, and not it's tourism..two of the main sources of Egyptian national income.
  2. Yesterday, my mother and I went to Alexandria to attend one of the SOS music festival concerts; My boyfriend's band were playing, and we missed it...we drove all the way back because of work today. I was so very sad...
  3. My mother's birthday is on the 25th and I don't know what to get/make for her. I am broke!
  4. I am also too broke to pay the gym subscription and I am seriously unhappy with my thighs.
But, today, I decided to have more of a positive outlook, because that's when everything takes a turn to the better. This post had writing prompts!
writing prompts | week 01.
the real you. you got a new notebook? very good. now introduce yourself. use any of these prompts in any mixed up fashion you'd like to get your juices going.

01. describe your daily routine from sun up to sun down. use only nouns.
02. list your obsessions. what do you think about, obsess over, what types of things, ideas, ideals, plans, dreams, and hopes consume your mind? what are you known for? wearing red lipstick? write about that.
03. pick a year from your life. past or future. describe who you were, what you wore, what your problems were, what your biggest concern was, who you spent time with, who you dreamt of becoming, what you watched on tv, what type of shoes you wore, what you ate for lunch. dig deep and rediscover who you were then and who you are now.

Have I mentioned my love for Keri Smith?
My to-do list includes getting an internet card so I can buy some of the very cute things I find on etsy and online in general...buying my best friend flowers, and make her a "happy 21st birthday" card. And my mummy.

I hope you're all having a great day! I am learning new things here at work and I am loving it. I wish everyone has better things to do than sit at the computer all day (please explore the world around you)

One gratitude a day: morning showers


Mika said...

I love that picture with the girl on the bed. Hope to see you around. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Tina said...

i'm not very good at writing but would love to get better, those rules really helps, thanks for sharing!

and that dress is fairytale like, so gorgeous!

ÐΣĻÞЋΐ-Қ said...
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ÐΣĻÞЋΐ-Қ said...

Hi ....
since you have decided to be positive today, allow me to contribute to the cause and suggest a couple of ideas that might solve some of the issues that are bothering you:

1. birthday's gift that costs almost nothing, and mean quiet a lot:
a. A simple birthday card, not one of those generic cards, one that you design and write down the content yourself - how's that for a writing exercise :)- that can be found in the morning by the person intended for -night stand, personal desk ... take your pick- you can use your computer, but hand write those words. A single rose -or a bunch if you like- placed with the card or underneath it can make an excellent addition.
b.Bake a cake -simple yet effective- with some nice wording on that frosting :).
Remember be creative and true about those :)
2.Some exercises can be done outside of the gym -with no equipment what so ever- and easily done in comforts of your home, specific muscle exercise routines are widely available and explained on the internet, a simple google et voilà. here's a couple of links of that type :
Link 1
Link 2
I would recommend a simple warm up - 20-30 minutes of walking, rope jumping.... - before starting those routines for maximum effectiveness.

Hope that helps ....
note : previous comment was published by mistake ....

tristan said...

Lovely and inspiring post! Please email me you won artist 11 for the bright side project and I haven't heard back form you and I am now taken to publicly search you out. I am so glas I did this was great!

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

hi sweetheart, thanks so much fpr your kind words. means the world to me. i was very moved by your words on your country and how worried you are, very touching and deep.

kerri x

Bambola said...

You are gorgeous.

It's always hard when life around you is so tough that you can't think of one good thing to write about - as much as you want to.

Good on you for making a conscious decision to stay positive - it does help.

Looking forward to your coming posts =) xx Bambola

makemoremistakes said...

I love this post. I love your blog, too. I wish I could come and visit Egypt, but I have no money at all...maybe when I am done with college. I hope you find something wonderful to make for your mum, I think handmade gifts are the most wonderful things to get.

Thank you for your comment ♥