Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nice Assignment (aka showing off the beautiful city I belong to)

So the assignment was to make a list of your favorite places. I love making lists, and i am very emotional when it comes to favorite places of mine!! It is in these places that I have known happiness, excitment, depression, caffiene and sugar rushes, love, friendship, belonging...music and beauty.
  • Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Here is a flickr set of old Korba, a hundred years ago. And here it is today, early morning, when it is still empty. Cairo, as you may all know, is an extremely crowded city. *takes mental note of taking pictures of her drive home*
Down that street, is my favorite cafe; Harris...where the interiors are wooden and the waiters friendly.Go here to watch all the faces of Korba; festivals and such.
  • Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
That is a picture of what you see when we take a Felucca down the Nile.. Zamalek is a very peaceful, serene neighbourhood that has this very laidback, yet confident, chic aura about it. I just love walking down its streets in silence. Another Zamalek picture.
  • Diwan bookstore; I think it is the wooden interiors that have the effect on me....that of ease and peace. That, of course, in addition to the sense of belonging I get when surrounded books. To the extent that, one day, when I get married, that's where I want my wedding photoshoot to be.
  • Parts of old Cairo that Mohammed takes me to. Seheimy house, Harawy House....etc. Aren't they just beautiful?
  • Ain ElSukhna, Egypt. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than the Red Sea reflecting the sun; whether rising or setting..with it's low tides.
  • As corny and cheesy as it may sound, the arms that make me feel at home; Mohammed's and my little brother's...I would never be able to put into words my love for them. They really do mean the world to me.
  • Our house when it's calm on a Friday morning, when my dad is here (he works in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
  • A relatively speeding car, during the afternoon, with the wind in my hair.
  • My best friend's very lived in living room!
Enough for now, right? It's just that I am extremely bored at work. Alone. Again. I thank thee for bearing with me!
Anyway, please make a list of your favorite places and show them to me! And if you have any writing prompts...or just creativity prompts, pass them on?


Maria-Thérèse said...

Pleeease take more pics of Egypt and show them on your blog!!

Oh, about the couscous, spicy! :)

I've been working super hard on my new site and store. Much more to come!! :D

As for writing prompts... Writing your future is always a good idea! Writing wishes, what your perfect life would be like in as much detail as possible, what a perfect day would be like - then watch it happen!

Or you could write a list of 20 things to do if you're bored at work :D

Favourite places - great idea! I will do that but not today - I didn't sleep until after 5 a.m. and only for 4 hours........


L said...

oh, my! so happy i stumbled on to your blog from Operation Nice! i really like it! and your NICE Assignment photos and descriptions are just beautiful. thank you so much for sharing them with all of us. i, too, made my list, and i've re-read it a few times and feel my heart swell with blessings and joy and peace with every pass.

i will definitely be visiting your blog regularly. it's just lovely.

with love from pittsburgh...

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i am glad you liked your award, and you are welcome. :D it makes me happy that i made you happy.
cute post.
i love your blog as always!!



Melissa said...

That is wonderful! Wow, I definitely want to go to Egypt now. It's gorgeous!! Thanks for making a list!

sara said...

wow, egypt looks gorgeous! someday i hope to visit there. i want to travel to so many places!

thank you thank you so much for the award you've given me! it made me smile and smile :)

take care

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

thank you so much for visiting my wee blog. i am so glad that you like my writing, that means the world to me.come back soon!


Anonymous said...

wow! i can't believe you live in egypt!!! do you like it! these photos are beautiful! i'd love to live their someday, but for now i'll travel vicariously through you :)

Anonymous said...

really nice post :)
I was happy to find that we have lots of favorite places in common. I can add to the list Wadi Degla and kotob khan in maadi