Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend post

Yesterday was my sister's 20th birthday;
Being only a year and 5 months apart,we've been together every little part of our lives to separate in university and now, for me, work. Two days ago, we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, my cousins, sister and I.
I cried my eyes out.

And now my sister, has stepped, along with me, into the twenties. Welcome Salma!

Yesterday, I tried the bread recipe which (I think) I have mentioned here...I ended up needing alot more flour and I ended up leaving it for an hour or two to rise, the bread was DELICIOUS!
I also made brownies.
And I lost my temper... I need anger management techniques...I think it's inner frustration that leads me to lose my bring my anger out on those I love, hurting them when all I need is their support, really.
Anyway, I was with this acquaintence talking about books and politics...Egyptian politics (fyi we ahve had the same president for the past 25 years, I have known no other president but him) and he told me something I found very smart and very interesting.
He said that he uses reading as a way to feed his purpose; he reads his way to reaching a specific goal. Say, if you want to be a leader, read Nelson Mendella's biography, read Martin Luther King's and you will eventually, naturally be a leader.
If you want to write, read beautifully written books..
and so on..
How beautiful is that?
If you want to be happy, smile.


Maria-Thérèse said...

Happy birthday to your sister!!
I think it's okay and perfectly understandable to be really angry and upset sometimes. Difficult when people get hurt but you can't keep it all inside either, can you?

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Iole said...

Nice photo!
Just discovered your blog and stopped by to say Hi!!!!
Love it!
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Monika Dubska said...

wow love the photos!!!! happy bday for your sis :)
hope to hear from you, Monika ♥