Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belated post

The French woman is like Alain Delon**. The French woman doesn’t take any resolutions. The French woman is. The present is her sole religion. In fact, Joanna, the mystery behind the French woman is that she has confidence in herself, despite all the nonsense she says.
There’s the secret to her indestructible Frenchitude.

I want to bake these, maybe by Friday..
There was an assignment on the Nice blog (check it, link on the right) that involved leaving notes. I will leave notes to my coworkers tomorrow. Wishing them a happy Valentine's day, since it's going to be during the weekend. Isn't that such a blessing?
Valentine wallpapers!

I went to that Arabic rock concert today, it was amazing! Seriously...I think Arabic is such a beautiful language, even though our Egyptian Arabic barely classifies as Arabic, our slang is so weird.

Need to go sleep!
Till tomorrow, believe in the extraordinary person you are!

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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hey, i hope you are well! :)
i have given you an award on my blog! :)