Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Don't Celebrate Father's Day

so I decided I would celebrate my very own occasion: I resigned!!!!


You see, I figured this act, in iteself, is a luxury! It is one of my very first acts of independance too!

and Happy Summer!
This part of the post is dedicated to Shokoofeh, and the people of Iran;
Don't ever lose hope, it will be okay. Sooner than you realize.
Pray for them.


Farah said...

hey there dear, yeah leaving your job is definitely an act of independence. I've been there and done that and found that it's extremely liberating. So yeah, good for you!
btw I've finally linked you to my blog (yay for me). Hopefully you could link me up as well dear. Thanx! =)

georgia b. said...

good for you. i wish you the very best.

i love the first photo you chose. love love love it.

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Good move...I like it...

I am wishin u the very best Sara.

in company with sparkles said...

- happy happy graduation to your sister!

- a big *hug* to you.

- my prayers are with Shokoofeh and Iran.

- I love that first picture.

- congratulations on this big step and I hope you are doing better!

with love,

Anonymous said...

You don't celebrate Father's Day ...that's sad!

And three cheers for you! Well done!!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Bake yourself a resignation cake!!!

a mouse said...

*brave brave girl*

Miss B said...

Rex the Wonder Fish.

I'll send you pictures tomorrow, of Jenny my temporary hamster.

And I await your email, dollface.

With a handful of kisses...

Anonymous said...

i wish i had the guts to resign!!! wish you the best.


... Sara, thank you so much darling girl. you're becoming one great friend of mine!

love you.

Athena. said...

Hey love!
In response to your most recent comment; Of course you are my friend, you've supported me so much throughout my blog, and I cherish it all dearly!

You are so brave and strong,
All my love,

S.Elisabeth said...

Congrats on resigning! I hope that whatever you decided to do next is something you love!

Jodes said...

aw, i'm proud of you.
sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.
good luck, take care of yourself sweet girl!