Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama #Cairospeech

Obama has arrived. At my university. My boyfriend and I, we argued a lot about it. I have a huge amount of respect for Obama and what he's doing and what he has done and achieved. To become president, isn't that enough for him to deserve my respect?
5 The speech

Thank you, President Obama, for such an eloquent speech. Thank you for not using the word "terrorist". Thank you for quoting all three Holy books.

Did you watch it? Did you read it? What do you think?


Sara said...

I love it!! And totally respect him.. I can't help but feel that.
and no, cannot praise this speech enough!

Anonymous said...

I heard it as well Sara.I just hope that the people who he was signaling to with this message hear it more than anyone else.But you will see there wont be any good news from the ones we had hoped would listen.He felt he would be on common ground as he touched on the Quran and also spoke about the Jews and palestine.I curisou though what the palestians thought.

Anonymous said...

curious was that word lol.Im typing very fast.

Mika said...

Great post. Mika (

L said...

i just love your blog. i love the blogosphere because it introduces me to people like you--people who are "sunny". I like that.

Keep writing. I will keep reading.

with love from Pittsburgh...

alissa said...

i thought of you so many times today sara! i was driving for a few hours and i listened to coverage on the radio - i absolutely love that he quoted from all three books at the end. so cool.
one news report mentioned the 'facelift' that cairo has been through in the days leading up - totally thought of your post and how bewildered i am by that whole thing. its like i told my husband, when its an important occassion its ok to wear a nice shirt...but dont go buy a new wardrobe and shave your head - you still have to be yourself you know?

7upkels said...

What an excellent speaker; truly inspiring. I love it.

Farah said...

Always love your posts Sara. It always makes me smile =)

in company with sparkles said...

I'm sure it was a wonderful speech! I just don't like his policies and morals.

I'd love to give you the recipe but unfortunately it was a box! velvet cake mix. The frosting was just cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and butter.

Brittany said...

He really is an inspiring speaker. I've loved reading your perspective on his visit. Love your blog girl!

Miss B said...

In fact, as far as journals go, this is pretty much it. No, the italics were just a sort of extended parenthetical thought that attached itself to what I was in the middle of thinking about. (Also, that happened 2 days after what I was already in the middle of thinking about, so the time disconnect was an aspect, I suppose.)

I've just realized that you seem to have become sort of my groupie, or something, and that makes me laugh.

As for Obama's speech -- there is a lot I could say about that. Here is the main thing, though, which I find completely mind-shattering about the whole thing -- everyone keeps making such a big thing about how he didn't use the word "terrorist" or "terrorism"...and I think, frankly, that says much more about all of us, as a society, than it does about him. To me, it seems sort of like hearing someone give a talk about racial equality or something of the sort, and then spending a lot of time afterward being so pleasantly surprised that the speaker didn't drop the N-word. If you know what I mean.

(too many words for a comment!)

Georgia B. said...

i did not get to see it. but i have heard a lot of commentary about it.

how exciting it must have been for you to have him there. i'm from chicago, and i have not even seen him in person.

my sister was dating a guy from Kenya for a while, so she actually got to meet Obama twice—once at a luncheon that he attended for area Kenyans and once at a dinner party.

this was well before he was running, and there were not many people there. i thought was kind of cool for her.

Sunder said...

I watched the whole speech and I cried, it sounds stupid, but I cried because he was and is so rational, reasonable and fair. He see's and acknowledges all sides and isn't that what we should all do? I find his pragmatic nature so endearing, so reassuring, so, so, so NICE!

Jodes said...

I watched and read and was impressed and surprised. He worded things so eloquently - ah I just love him.
However, I thought he could have addressed issues more directly and brought forth some concrete solutions.