Saturday, June 6, 2009

And as you travel the long road...

Since everyone is doing it, I thought I might do it too! My very own giveaway. And since I am blessed with talented friends, the oldest of which being Mohamed Hayek! I sought his help :)


Now, Hayek and I got to know each other on the bus to school when I was a freshman (he was a senior and very nice to me) That was exactly eight years ago, he was and still is very into diving. Two years later (6 years ago) he started taking his childhood photography curiosity seriously. In his own words: " I love shooting people in action because they give the most priceless facial expressions when they're not focusing on the camera in front of them" Hayek also likes shooting old/historic places around Cairo and capturing lively and moving colors. Not to mention that he loves the sun (I think it's a Virgo thing!! Did I mention he is a fellow Virgo?) and you can see that in his pictures. Speaking of motion, he is always more than willing to cover events, concerts and sports games! Take a look at his work here.
Oh and you know what? He's just had his fat-ha a couple of weeks ago!! + wedding ring so I think that makes him engaged :) I am sincerely happy for him!
  1. So what I need from you is to tell me your perception of Egypt, if you have one and which picture you like the most.
  2. Also, you could describe your favorite sound, something to touch, scent...anything that involves a sense of your five(or six) senses.
  3. Or both!
Hayek and I will pick our favorite answer(s) or do it through a random number generator (I still haven't decided yet, honestly..and the winner gets to pick their favorite picture and send me their address so I can mail a high resolution print of it! I am very excited :) Please include your email in your comment.


in company with sparkles said...

Oh, his photos are so beautiful! I love it when people capture movement well, particularly when it involves bright flashes of colour.

My perception of Egypt I must say comes largely from the stories you tell and traditions you share. What I know apart from through your eyes is that it is still very conservative. What I like best is the community that you speak of, and the way people seem to see things brightly toward the future.
My favourite scent is incense from Oman, because it brings back memories of when I nannied there earlier this year. Also roses and my dad's cologne!
My favourite photo of Hayek's is the one on his facebook called 'St. George Coptic Cairo.' The light is so beautiful! But I also like 'Inside one of the Halls in Beet El-Saheimy in Cairo' and my favourite in this post is the little boy running. I can't pick a favourite! He's good =)

with love,

Soné said...

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!


Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

i love the colors in the very first picture!


i've always been fascinated by egypt. at a young age i learned about it through the passover story in sunday school, later i learned about ancient egypt and just this year i spent lots of time studying ancient egyptian art in art history. i think the culture is very interesting although i know hardly anything about modern egypt.

judy said...

I've always felt an affinity with Egypt (as does my autistic grandson aged 11yrs old) we often sit and chat about all sorts of things to do with Egypt. Whether ancient history or videogames concepts with Egyptian themes to modern day ideas,people and life in such a wonderful place. I've always wanted to visit butsince I had a couple of strokes, I'm not allowed to fly or travel so far, so it will always be a dream. Luckily Mohamed Hayek pictures bring my dream to life in my living room )Where my PC is) I can look at the pictures and at times I swear I can smell the heat and street smells, they are sooo good.
My favourite aroma's are< Obsession perfume, it makes mee feel so gorgeous. Hyacinths remind me Spring is here as roses tell me Summer has arrived. The smell of woody smoke is Autumns calling card, and Winters arrival is sometimes heralded by the crisp cold smell of snow. My Dads baking which is no more as he died 1993. I only have to touch a daffodil to see my Mother (Died 1987) But the best smell, touch, sight, and sound is the delicious feel of a newborn baby !!!! It takes me back to the births of all my family.
The best picture is the eagle flying through the sunset sky,or the moonlit Pyramid, but I love all of them......

Indie.Tea said...

His work is just lovely...he is very talented. :)

menna said...

I think the "tanoura" picture fits perfectly in my new room.
I need to win that please.
It's so alive, it attracts things towards it.

Georgia B. said...

fun! yay for give-aways.

i love the second photo best. it sort of captures what i've always sensed about egypt—exotic views and rich colors and shapes in architecture and textile and beauty in general.

his work is wonderful. great give-away!

Anonymous said...

Wow - What a neat giveaway! I perceive Egypt (from the little I saw when I was there)as a mystical place full of magic and captivating people and history.
The photo I like the most is the second one - the sunset with the beutiful cupulas and a bird in flight - incredible!
I love the sound of waves crushing, to touch leaves, the sight of my daughter, the smell of fresh baked bread, the taste of cool water on a hot day and love it when my sixth sense tells me there is danger and I listen!
I hope I am not too late to participate, thank you for your generosity!

Maria-Thérèse said...

I love the one with the sunset, the sunny one,
and the last one - makes me fantasize about being in a magical place!

When I think of Egypt I think about Valley of the Queens, about Nefertiti and the mythological characters like Hathor, Isis, Osiris... I also remember all the treasures I've seen in the British Museum and the little cat mummies and how torn it made me feel to see the treasures of another culture in London. Recently I've started to think of Egypt as a place of contrast and that it must be frustrating sometimes to be a young woman there (guess who made me think about these things)? Like maybe you are ahead of your time. Then again, I have yet to see Egypt for myself.

I love the sound of xylophones because it is so pure.
I love the sound of roaring waves.
I love the scent of my loved ones, their perfumes and that little extra something that is never there when you try someone else's perfume.