Friday, June 19, 2009

Silence, No More

I know I should've announced the giveaway winner on Tuesday...

I am not okay. Emotionally.

But! I am very happy for my sister!! My little sister! The one that has been there all my life. Or at least ever since I can remember (she's only 18 months younger) has graduated yesterday, with high honors. Because I love my sister. I think it's the love you get that makes you want to excel. Or maybe it's just me. She loves psychology so much. A lot.

My mind is thinking in fragments.

Work has been ugly, too.

My boyfriend and I have not been that great, as well.

I will make a proper post soon. One for my sister. And another for the giveaway (you can still comment and enter if you want). And another post, since I have been awarded.


alissa said...

i hope things even out for you :)

georgia b. said...

i'm sorry sweet girl.

i hope by the next post you are doing much better. hugs from this side of the world to you.


Bambola said...

Aw, sweets, sounds like an rollercoaster few days. Congratulations to your sister, on completing uni.

I hope things get sorted with your boyfriend soon. x

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister!
And poor you ...hope things are looking up by now! :)