Monday, June 8, 2009

My Real Imaginary Friend; An Introduction.

Yesterday I took part in this; the World Food Programme's "Walk the World" event in Egypt, at the Salah El-Din Citadel in Cairo. The very few steps I took, meant something, despite being (seeming) so insignificant.
And it was a glimpse, a very quick and sparkling glimpse, of what I want to do with my life: make a change. Or a difference, or both.
And this brings me to what- or rather who- this post is about.
You see, I listen to Nile FM, religiously so, when I am on my way home. I started doing so because, it sometimes takes me well over an hour to get home, but it has turned into more than a habit. At 4 pm, there's a show with an amazing host; The Big Drive Home.

He cracks me up. He makes me smile. He makes me think. Wait a minute, it's just not me! He cracks ALL Cairo up, he makes everyone smile, and think, and enjoy their tedious drive home! I like to think of him as my real imaginary friend. Imaginary because we're not really friends and real because, well, he is a (great) person and he exists.

His name is Mohamed Safi. And he is so cool (Did I just sound like a 13 year old airhead?), he can do this:

He plays FreeRice with the listeners. Because, I guess, he cares. You should play to! It's fun. I promise (I provided the link so no excuses!)

And yesterday, at the event, he wrote what I think was an incredibly good and touching speech. I went up to him and asked if I could have it and post it on here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Honoraries, Dignitaries, Walkers,
On behalf of Nile Radio Production's Nile FM and Nugoom FM, please allow me to express what a pleasure it is for us to be part of this prestigious event, an event that has grown to become the biggest annual fundraising endeavor in the world.
Over 250,000 people walked the world in 2008 to express their adamant support to the essential cause, this year with our joint and continued efforts, that number will hopefully become significantly higher, with the ultimate beneficiaries, being the children we are gathered for here today.

Fighting hunger is no easy task, but we strongly believe in the theory that states the significance of the insignificant. With each grain of rice we donate, with each dollar or pound we give up, we are making a change. Just as the waves of the sea are all interconnected, so are we as human beings. If a wave changes direction or gains momentum, it indirectly affects each and every single wave in the ocean. And even if this change is considered minute, negligible or deemed insignificant, it is a change nonetheless. Let us all make waves of change to the positive, and that is why we walk today.

We wouldl ike to extend out thanks and gratitude to all entities that helped put Egypt on the map today. The UN WFP, and all commercial and non commercial entities walking together for the benefit of children's nutritional needs worldwide.

With every step people take this day all over the world, more and more children are guaranteed the basic nutritional rights they deserve, and at Nile &Nugoom FM, we promise to be with you all, and with the children...every step of the way.

The part where he mentions the waves, reminds me of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" so much! Also, I took the pictures! Am I getting any better? more here



This is interesting and yes I do fine my friend! I always feel good!

and happy to have great friends like you.


alissa said...

what a cool event! i like the part of his speech about the waves, very poetic. the photo of the building at night is really cool - i want to see more of it!