Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Tree

What do you call those who are your mother's cousin's children? Well not children, they are all grown men and women now... ladies and gents. Your great cousins?

You see, my great grandmother was Austrian (mother's side, her name was Marie) and my grandfather had one sister(Kathrine) who lives in England and one brother who lived in France (Tony). He also had one half brother, who lives in the US (Ahmed) and one half sister who lives here in Egypt.(Fathia)

My great-aunt, who lives in England has three children; two sons. One works in South Africa (Uncle Steve) and I get to see every now and then. And one has passed away(Uncle Douglas), and it saddens me to say that I have met him a few, counted times. And a daughter(Auntie Susan)

Uncle Douglas, had three children: One older son(Alex) and twins(Nikki and Peter) who are one year older than I am. I remember, when I was in the UK (probably 10 years ago) I used to color with Nikki and read with Pete, and teach them how to write their names in Arabic..I remember the ice cream truck. All very good, and very distant memories. If you could see the grown men and ladies they are now. You might understand how I am overwhelmed. Because, at one time, they were my favorite people to play with.

Auntie Susan has two children; Jen and Harry. Jen is five years younger and Harry is, I think, 13 now. Now, they have visited Egypt and we visited the Pharonic Village...This side of my family, I may not know very well but love so much because, they are related to my grandfather...and my grandfather, I love so much.

Uncle Steve is a development man. He has studies economics, and I kind of look up to him. I do. He has two children Matthew. And Aida, who I have yet to see, who is half Indian, 1/4 Egyptian 1/4 British and South African by nationality!

You ask me, why am I telling you this?

Because Facebook has reunited us! Alex and Peter have grown to be very hansome young men. Jennifer and Nicole have grown to be very beautiful young ladies. And, I, am still me...only a few curves added. (haha)


in company with sparkles said...

Family trees are fascinating - and it must be neat to see how your family and extended family grow and change over the years! Facebook really is good for things like that (but bad cause I waste time on it!).

georgia b. said...

i love facebook—it has reconnected me with family and friends that i would not otherwise get to see pictures of or talk to.

you speak so highly of your family and seem so fond to have reconnected with them. that is very nice.

i wish i knew more of my distant relatives. i wish somewhere in our family, someone loved to keep all those records updated and that someone else would love to have family reunions. i have never been to a single family reunion in my family. i think that's sad.

Mika said...

Facebook is the best, still not into it but now i'am on my way to arrange that. .....and great story.
Mika (

agnes said...

I understand the whole fuss there. My mother has a big family too, that's why i often get confused when I meet them.(someone new may just pop out all a sudden), and you know, the chinese thing can get a bit confusing, so I just follow whatever instructions that is from my mother instead. lol

that's the best thing about facebook too, I just get connect to a few old frds too. I suppose you had a great time ???

agnes xx

alissa said...

hey there - i got your craft gift back in the mail today! in a stamped 'egypt post' bag.
so i take it you didnt make it to the post office haha.


Forest Gump?! wow Sara! that's one of my very favorite movies ever!!!!
wow girl, you see? again! we have things in common! :)

oh and curves rock! ;)


cuileann said...

I believe they're your cousins once removed...

Farah said...

Facebook is convenient like that.I basically use it to keep in touch with all my old and new schoolmates who are scattered around the world. Goog to know that you have reconnected with them ;)

Belle said...

The wonders that is facebook!
You have a huge extended family!!!!
I am always confused as well as to what to call my dads cousins nephew/son etc.etc.
But you know what, all that family all over the world means free accommodation when you visit haha!
I am known to use my extended family in the uk for that exact purpose!!

Darling thank you for your lovely words, your such a sweetheart and you touch my heart all the time!
I will email you tomorrow!!
Lots of love darling xoxox

7upkels said...

Thank goodness for Facebook!! And thank you for reminding me how great it is to think about our heritage. Something I should do more often.

Anonymous said...

how lovely to have your family (widespread though it is) all around the world. you should plan a holiday going round to visit them all!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for family connections eventhough there spread over the whole world. I have the same thing.
Although I like stuff like facebook and msn I still wish I had enough money to visit everbody once in 2 years just to be close to them like really face 2 face.
Anyways im going to put a linking list om my site. If you want to be in it just let me know :)


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that's so great!! i'm not good with family history at all...

Jen said...

i love you :)