Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Today...

I love my friends.
I love my friends for so many reasons!
One of the reasons why, is a day like today, and a conversation like the one we had today.

Ok, it was more of an argument....and we were loud.

So we were sitting there at my favourite coffee-shop and it started by my arguing that I think marketing (some marketing) is unethical. We were sat there, a law major, an economics major (yours truly), a political science major and two marketing majors.

Then it moved to something I am somehow passionate about, the evolution of the Egyptian political system, and the law major (Menna) was justifying Nasser and sort of standing up for him in a way, Wessam and I were more for King Farouk, the marketing majors chose to remain silent.

Then we moved on to the origins of a state!! As a political organisation that is...and Wessam and I were arguing that philosophers (Plato and Aristotle- and Rousseau) are in a way politicians, (we were then joined by another law major) and the law people argued that the state was formed by law. I say politics.
Now, I have to credit the marketeers! Who, as the argument reached it's climax, proposed that we form a team of lawyers and that of social scientists (if I may call us that!) and they should market our point of views! How creative is that?

As we were joined by even more law majors, we became louder and louder, and eventually the discussion took a nationalist course, and how the qualification match was turned into a nationalist cause and a marketing opportunity! (will post about that later) and how we think it is sad. Watch this: a touching embodiment of unity!

lawyers in the making

I am not showing my friends off really, but I am rather expressing my pride in the potential we have. The potential that we, as youth of a developing country, have but cannot really realise. Due to the fact that we are driven to believe we have not the means to realise the great potential in us!

my very own musician! he wasn't there though...

We are such a powerful driving force! We are revolutionary! And of that, I am proud :)

Even though we have to accept the fact that we are only human (that applies to everyone!) we should also realise that humans have such great power! We are superhuman in a way, only if we choose to be!

Rise up, and change your world. Promise.

PS We are fun people, not always geeky/nerdy/whatever you would like to call it!


Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

Yes, yes, yes!

And how I love to read a blog of someone a few years younger than I am who dares to write about something else than "heehee, this is how I looked today! don't my legs look great in this!"

(even though you feel the need to explain that you are not a geek ;)

Mohammed J. said...

yes we are! we are fun people! and yes we can! we can be superhuman! and yes i am! I am your very own musician and i love you :D

missy. said...

freaking fantastic. i love your posts in regards to your political aspects. and i love when you can discussions like with your friends. they sounds wonderful.

and i'm jealous you have a musician. i bet you love it.

love you darling. :)

Leaflet said...

and I love yours friends too :))

menna justifies naserism??
I presume thats that abdel mo3ty effect ??


am all for pre- revolution Egypt myself.. had a better chance of development and much more political freedoms back them !

loving ur change the world attitude here :)

Randi Lee said...

:-) I love it. Love the passion, don't ever let anything take that away from you!

Bambola said...

You're awesome Miss! The fact that you can debate and argue and see potential.
You can see differences, you can disagree and still be friends, still work towards a common outcome - it's amazing. I am so proud to know you. You SHOULD be proud of your friends, I hope you lot rule the country one day xxx

Tres Viva said...

I hope you keep having those conversations.

Sanchez said...

It's amazing when you realise that you have the potentional to change, and be changed by what surrounds you (espically your friends).

I hope you all achieve your goals.

You all seem to deserve it : )

Lilee said...

hahhaa love the fist pic~

Gracie said...

Wow! You really have passion and I admire that. I think you can change your world. You definitely are all on the right track for change.

Wessam said...

I actually enjoyed yesterday's debateS..a lot!

and of course we're superhuman!!

I'm Superman!

Spardha Malik said...

yeah.. so much potential!! i totally GET what your post is about. Infact, I kinda feel the same with my circle too.

Spardha Malik said...

PS. i love mohammed's comment!!

in company with sparkles said...

That's such a great kind of conversation! I love those passionate debates or discussions with my friends (or family). Or yelling at the radio. And the news. And articles on modernity and postmodernism and the socialization America. Fun!
And for next time - peppermint essential oil rubbed on the temples can help with a headache.


Farah said...

hahahah no you are not a nerd! as young adults we are socially responsible to be aware of our surroundings and its history. I think all of us have that kind of discussions from time to time. It's healthy development for the brain.

Did you check out my shout out to you? ;)

Elizabeth Marie said...

How cool! I want to be friends with ya'll! You should be proud, those are some amazing friends!!

Kristin said...

You guys are most def your country's future!

Shaista said...

Hi Sara, I am crossing over from Shokoofeh's blog - I really enjoyed your post there, and no surprise, am really enjoying your own blog. Yes, we are superwomen and men when we put our minds to it, and use our hearts well too :)
Good luck with your latest work projects, I'll be following you too...

ali said...

i gave you an award on my blog :)

Jodes said...

Coeur De Pirate IS amazing...she's Canadian and French, so I love that you listen to her in Egypt - the internet is kind of magical.

This post made me so happy. My best friends and I are the exact same way - most of us are intending to take the world by storm in less political ways, but when my smattering of friends convene and discuss women's issues, social justice, starting our own non-profit organization, distain for apathy, the need to create real community - it gives me chills. The raw hope, abitiion, frustration with the past, and passion give me great hope as to what we can achieve in the future.

Thanks for being a magnificent, inspiring blogger.


bananas. said...

political discussions over coffee??? well no wonder it started with an argument ;)

Some Girl said...

I wish we all could realize our potential in everything.

Nahl said...

Beautiful blog post!
Anything that gives hope for tomorrow is brilliant.