Sunday, November 22, 2009

A festival gone bad

I don't know why I haven't been updating my blog, and I haven't been catching up on my reader either.

On Friday I went to this festival that I usually go to, but then stopped, because it has gone too commercial for an underground music festival.

I still believe so.

But one of my favourite bands was performing, a reunion performance, and it was...heavenly. It was seriously divine. (The band is Eftekasat) they play oriental jazz instrumental songs. LOVE! [myspace]

Another band I like, Bad Apple, a rock band, was singing a rather obscene original song, you know what they did? the organizers cut them off, we could only hear the music and the song is actually a good one!! [myspace] And that was that for me, I mean with the festival..

Yes, I do have a very eclectic taste in music.

I am hoping to get my economics grade today...wish me luck?

Oh and a huge thank you goes to everyone who prayed for my cousin, or sent him positivity, he had his operation six days later than I thought he'd have it but it was a success!!


Anonymous said...

good luck with the grades! i hate knowing that there's nothing now you can do to change it! & im glad your cousin is okay!

Maria-Thérèse said...

I wondered what happened to you and was going to see if you were on facebook today or something - and I didn't understand about the song when you mentioned it on there. Hmm. Will have to listen to it.

I listen a lot to Lily Allen at the moment; I think she's the best comtemporary lyricist & songwriter I've heard as far as pop music goes. Brilliant lyrics. But - in my studio I only have my computer so I listen via Spotify and SO many of her songs are censored!! There are these stupid noises instead like beeping sounds and horses going eeeeeeeeeeehaw and I think it's extremely rude to censor words like that. Carefully chosen, if explicit, words.

As if people can't manage to hear them? And she doesn't have the right to free speech? I find it far worse when negative messages are conveyed through lyrics - for instance, that a woman is so pretty it's her fault that she's caught the attention of the male and turned him crazy etc. When you start to really analyze lyrics like that they are far worse than if someone chooses the word "fuck" to best express something. And don't even get me started on MTV....

Shibby said...

Good luck :)
I hate when underground music festivals become too commercial it really ruins it. The whole atmosphere and the music that gets played changes and I never enjoy myself as much as I feel people are trying too hard to impress rather than doing it for them and because they want to and just pouring their emotions into their songs.
It's always good when you see a good few bands though =)

Selma said...

Glad to hear your cousin's ok. Good luck on the grades. And yes, I know what you mean by not updating often. I slowly feel the same way. Not sure why though. And my reader is jammed right now. :(
Have a great Sunday evening!

beautifulnemo said...

I'm so glad to read that your cousin is ok!
Good luck to you :)

And thanks for the music, I'll take a look (an ear? lol) at them.


Ju said...

Hi darling, I checked Bad Apple and like it a lot.
At the moment I'm playing almost on a loop this track:
You've Got The Love performed by Florence+The Machine; just sublime.

Ana from far away! said...

Good luck with your economics grade!

bananas. said...

i hope you get a fabulous grade for eco. you're a smart gal, i'm sure passed just fine :)

AJai said...

all the best for ur eco grade. :)

missy. said...

my blackberry didn't have the internet this past weekend so i couldn't keep up on my blogs.. i was too sad for my own good. huuge reality check on how much i love this world.

love your taste in music. glad you are sharing your bands!