Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Books and Links x

You have to see this!! Thank you loveliest Iris! She has a beautiful blog, too! So this made my day today :)

All of you lovely people have been asking me what I am going to do next, after my professor told me I was/am in the wrong place...
I honestly don't know. I think I will go on with this, or maybe wait until this term's grades come out and see? What do you think?The thing is, if I want to do creative writing or any writing program, I will have to leave my dear country- I don't think my dad would let me. And I don't think I would be able to survive as long as it would take without my family.

Do you think having a career or a job in general changes you?

I got three books this week! Beer in the Snooker Club, Miramar, and Adrift on the Nile. And it is not by coincidence that they are all set after the 1952 coup d'etat in Egypt and tackle the social mobilization (or the lack of) that took place at that time as reflected on the different strata of the society.

I am not going to impose on myself a language I do not speak!

I will base my political science paper on literature!

Check this and this!


Gracie said...

That's a lovely interview with you. You have the prettiest smile.

That's a tough one figuring out what to do. Creative writing sounds fantastic but then leaving your country...That's hard.

I guess having a career or job can change you. I suppose it depends on whether it's a change for the better or worse.

Miss B said...

Really, if you want to write, then...write. Do you need organized educational structures in place in order to write creatively? I tend to doubt it, personally.

I have been absent; I owe you an email...

Cat* said...

However you decide it will be right!!! You have to listen to your feelings. I know this is hard sometimes...I hope you will find your way!!!
Have a great week :)

pinklotus said...

Hi sara!!!! wow! congratulations... You deserve to be a blogger of the moment.... or to be the blogger of the year!

I love you and your blog!

Anonymous said...

I dont envy your predicament. To do the course I loved at university I had to move away from my family to the other side of England. I loved my course and managed to stick it out for three years...I hated the place, the people, my lack of friends. In hindsight would I do it all again? Nope. Happiness is a far better reward than a degree and I could write anywhere!
Now I work for a luxury brand in the fashion industry...it prob has changed me, I've become totally immune to the drama and frivolity, but either way I've found my home and know I'm doing what I need to and want to!

Selma said...

Great interview!!!
I believe that whatever you do is going to change you - for better or for worse. Ya never know. For my own sake, I thought "home" would do me good but it changed me unfortunately not for the better. So I have to leave at some point which is again something I'm dreading... :(
Wait until you get your grades back and go from there. At least you'll get some sort of proof showing if you really are in the wrong place.

Happy Tuesday. :)

Athena. said...

Lovely Sara,
I'm not too sure if it would change me, much,
I think I'd hope to do something that I love - and that is working with children (I'd love to be either a paediatrician or a teacher).
This is a really hard decision, Sara, I wish I could help you more, but I am so inexperienced with such things all I can do is send you my love and pray for you :)

Saskia said...

I think it's really important to be happy, to do what you love. But if staying with your family in your home makes you happy then you can write anywhere!! You can't be with your family anywhere...


Intuition. said...

2aywa ba2ah =D =D
you do deserve the BEST Sara ;)

missy. said...

i totally think a job can change you but it depends on your attitude and how you let it affect you you know?

loove getting new books. hope those ones are fabulous.

annnd leaving my family is my biggest problem right now. hear you on that one..

good luck lady on deciding. i know it can be tough but YOU are tough. you can make it through anything. loves :)

Randi Lee said...

YES! Having a job absolutely changes you! Speaking from my own experience, the typical 9-5 has had a way of draining the life out of me! The routine of it all, the corporate atomosphere, sitting in front of a computer screen... it has changed me. I know now that climbing the latter is not for me. I can't do corporate for life. I always think that I can do things better than the people I work for. I have an entrepreneurial heart. I need to be free to be passionate!

Having said all that... some people are passionate about their jobs, and they love going to work every day. And there are different types of jobs, mine just happens to be one that is not condusive to the kind of life I want to lead.

All you can do, is try it out... and see if it's for you!

tiger said...