Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meet Mohammed

Or the boyfriend. Or the boy. Or the "almost" fiancé.

he's the one in the middle :)

The best friend I could ask for. The older brother I never had. The man with a beautiful voice. And a big, big heart.
He may not be James Marsden (YUMMMMMMMMM!) but hey, he loves me!

I won't begin to tell you how we met, or how we are such a weird couple (we could write volumes and volumes of books about our lives and arguments and jokes). Because we are. We are weird in that quirky way...in a way that might make people laugh really...but it's fun and we love it. Because that's how we are. He tells me jokes no one else would laugh about and they crack me up!

That no matter what happens, it's always him. He even got me a promise ring (for my birthday)! And wrote me a song! (two actually!) and we are finally making it work out. That's how you do it, right? You work on your relationship!

You can't not like him, because...well he's funny and sincere and he just cares. And he is such a good friend! Even though it might be true that he leaves a not so good first impression.. He's a perfect older brother (we're both the eldest of four!) my little brother loves him (yes, that's important to me) OH, and he makes a mouthwatering tuna cake!
He has a really nice family; great parents, a sister 13 days older than I am, who I can call my very own (I miss you Sarah)

Sometimes he has temper problems, and when he does, he drives like a madman. He's also loud when discussing something serious (which is when he needs to be quiet the most, I guess)
Oh he parks perfectly, too! He was kind enough to teach me and that is why I don't park like a woman! I surprise myself sometimes!
Have I mentioned that he's just...amazing?

PS I have temper problems to, and he's just this nice- to absorb that. We compliment each other, you see

He has a blog  and this is his band's fanpage!


Shibby said...

This is amazing =) I'm so happy for you that you've found someone you can be yourself around and you love so much. I hope I find this it's beautiful to see two people care so much for one another. Thanks for sharing :)

Janice said...

aww this is so sweet
i'm so happy for you!

Rhianne said...

Great post Sara, you sound so happy :) I love that he makes you laugh! x

Saskia said...

I loved getting to know your guy a little more Sara!


pinklotus said...

ayee!!!! Love is in the air! This is so sweet... I'm happy for you sara!


Adele said...

aww! I love how in love you two are (: xo

in company with sparkles said...

I love this. Am so very happy for you. He really seems, from following your blog all this time, to be a real worthy man of integrity. And you are wonderful, so it's perfect ;)

Have you ever thought about correspondence courses, for creative writing while still in Egypt?


Mohammed J. said...


Shokoofeh said...

Hi Mohammed! So nice to meet you amazing man! :)
Please always remember you have one fabulous girl. Take care of her.

We are proud of you guys.

nifer said...

That is absolutely wonderful, and I'm glad you are working on your relationship, because he does seem like the perfect man for you. And, strangely, he looks like my ex-boyfriend in that profile shot! Too funny!

P.S. I love that quote about home. Beautiful and so true!

Good luck with your relationship!

~ Jen

missy. said...

it's about time you did a post about your man. glad to hear things are going well lady!! he seems like a sincere lovely guy.

and i LOVE to park. it comes naturally to me and i will often be asked to park for my friends in a sticky situation. haha ya ya it's cool ;)

Farah said...

Sara such a great post darling! You are making me miss my man now! LOL

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for you! this was so sweet. i think that quirky couple are the best. i think when you find that person you can be crazy around, it is a good sign :)

VerLuisant said...

this is so Sweet. I like your posts , all! I follw you :) I read the interview on Iris' blog and I found you georgeous, really!

boots said...

awww so shweet. i am so happy for you! yay love!

Randi Lee said...

We love our men with all their inperfections... because they love us with all of ours. :-)

Kym said...

seeing a love like yours makes me smile! :) and yes, a relationship is something you WORK at! so true... i've had to learn that myself in my current relationship! it's not one like i had in my teen years where if it didn't work out, well - cyah! i've learned that communication, patience, and compromise are important! thanks for introducing us to your love! :)

bananas. said...

for some reason i can't see the pictures. boo :(

you sound like a fun couple. one that truly knows each other well if you can be both weird and comfortable around each other. that's what i love about relationships...finding your perfect compliment.

ali said...

I can tell you are so in love. :)
This was a very nice, warm and fuzzy post.

Wessam said...

You know, that is a great post. And in a way, I'm proud of you..and the conclusions you've made.

Jimmy is a great guy, and you're a great gal.

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

Well I think he is cuter than that Marsden character! I can totally picture the two of you being quirky and weird-in-a-good-way together :) :)

Btw is he a full-time musician?

Elizabeth Marie said...

awwww yay! So cute! I hope it only gets better and better!

Micaela said...

sara, this is my favorite post ever. because it was so cute, and honest in that loving way! it makes me want to do my own about my boyfriend :)

so glad to meet him! I will have to check out his blog.


Belle said...

♥ you deserve all the love in the world my darling and I am so glad you have found it with your "almost fiance"

Caroline Cakewise said...

Ah, James Marsden...! But your musician seems lovely too. And tuna cake?! Don't let that one go!! I'm so happy for you! xx

Kristin said...

I can see true love all over this lovely post. It's wonderful to be with your true counterpart isn't it?

Sanchez said...

It seems so lovely. and wonderful.

and I bet it is too.

I'm so happy for you Sara.


sara said...

this is very sweet and romantic :)

مى said...

Habibti enti (:

*biggest humanly possible hug*

Iva said...

awww that is so sweet! It's very nice to meet him!! Hope you are having a great day Sara!! ;)

Gracie said...

Aww he sounds great! And you both sound like such a great couple. I think working on a relationship is definitely important.