Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Overload!

We all get our not so nice moments. I can be very mean, very, very mean sometimes...ask him!
I tend to lose my temper when under stress (don't we all?) and I get the worst mood swings, and ugly PMS.

I just thought I should let everyone know. I thought I owe everyone the fact, honestly. But then, there's beauty in the errors.

I miss my hair, I miss how it touched my shoulders, or how I used to check how long it has gotten while in the shower. Please, please grow out. I miss you hair!

Do you ever feel cold? Read this to warm your heart.Someone needs a friend.Friends are such a blessing. Such a great blessing. And family, too.
My cousin has gone in for an operation today and I need everyone to pray for him with me, they operated on his knee, but you see, football is his passion and he needs a perfect knee!

I finally sent the giveaway photos...FINALLY months later. I am sorry. I tend to get preoccupied. Right now, I am procrastinating. I should be writing my proposal and doing my readings. I wish citing and bibliographies were as easy as linking.

But I remember so many things when I am supposed to be doing even more things!

Afiori has a new line. And there's an ornament swap going on which I am part of even though I don't celebrate Christmas! I just thought it was a beautiful thing to do!

Oh, Paris, oh how I wish....


Maria-Thérèse said...

You lovely girl! Thank you for mentioning afiori and Koutchicoo illustrations :) :)

I understand about your hair but you do look smashing! Imagine you're in Topmodel and you had to do this in order to become a TOP model. You look FIERCE! Although long hair is nice... hmm... Mine has been long since I was 3. I think I'd feel cold if I cut it but my head would be lighter! Goodnighter!

Anna said...

hugs to you. pms is such a booger! i cried about anything & everything last week, so exhausting!

feel better & keep smiling and rocking your BEAUTIFUL hairstyle, do you know how many of us wish we could pull off such a look?!


Gracie said...

Don't worry I'm always terrible around PMS. I think a lot of girls are.
I hope your cousin's operation goes well! Prayers for you all.
I feel the same about my hair wishing it was so much longer like it used to be. Your hair is pretty anyway.

P.S. I left a little something on my blog for you.

bananas. said...

oh i can be meanest person ever. my words hurt more than anything else. i'll just say they cut deep...but anyway, paris! yes i wish too!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww honey! I'll be at your wedding and the party and the after party, hows that?!

And anytime you need to be heard, I'm your girl. XO

Erimentha said...

this post reminds me of a quote:

"im thinking about cutting my hair, look at it--standing up there.

you used to hide your face in it. where did you go with my forward motion?"

xxx pms stinks, but you don't!

Mohan said...

You have a great blog! as the title suggests, this post was certainly random!!! Keep blogging.. will be frequent here going forward :)

Caroline Cakewise said...

All my good thoughts going to your cousin's operation - really hope it goes OK! And oh, I wish for Paris, too! xx

kirstyb said...

loving that first pic - so girlie and pretty x

Saskia said...

Oh Sara, I LOVE your shorter hair... I think it looks so fabulous! And only a few people can rock short hair - you're one of them :)

I'm praying for your cousin & hopes he recovers quickly and fully


nicole addison said...

aw your short hair is gorgeous!! but i always buy biotin and it helps my hair grow faster:) ill have to go read liz's post i missed that one!! xx

Kym said...

you look gorgeous with your short hair! not a lotta girls could pull that off, seriously! :) and yes... the lovely pms... i can always tell when its almost the time of the month... and so can my bf. hahaha! ;P

in company with sparkles said...

I want to be in Paris too. And I can be mean too. And I understand about the mailing and look forward to the picture - it's funner having to wait. Thank you.
And. I have some very special news. About being warm. It will be on my blog within a few weeks, maybe ;)
with love,

Simply Mel said...

A long road, but the lessons learned along the way are priceless. Random thoughts often times present beautiful stories...this post is a case in point!

Lilee said...


Farah said...

Paris....I miss it too....*sigh*

Ju said...

I just love the random overload, it's like peeking inside your sister's diary.
BTW I now you miss your long hair but you do look gorgeous either way, make the most of short then mid length.

Jodes said...

Mmmmm Paris.
One can dream, right?
It happens to the best of us, you'll come out of your slump and be as sunny and productive as always.
I hope you and your boyfriend work things out, babe!

missy. said...

you are one of my favorites, did you know this? thank you for all you do.

and i am totally a witch when it comes to pms. my poor friends all take cover when that time comes around even though i do try my hardest to be friendly and not lash out. i just can't help it.

and i feel you on the hair. lately i've missed my loooong hair. but i am still loving my short hair. can't go wrong with a sassy cut.


Belle said...

Haha how funny, my manager and i today were talking about how horrible we are to our boyfriends when we have pms. I can be really horrible! And poor mat (usually) hasn't done anything wrong!!

Your hair is gorgeous darling! I love it the length it is!!!

Ohhh I know we have never met but I miss you haha! I miss that we were so close when I was in france and now we are so far away from each other! love you doll, have a wonderful weekend xxx

Z! said...

Perhaps "beauty in random Detours" rather than "beauty in errors" would B an enLighteNing Up Change in perspective that Would Do You Good?


BTW -spinksh (a random word verification)

Iva said...

your hair is beautiful!!! ...I am sure it will grow out fast! Have a great weekend! ;)

Miss Meg said...

PMS! Oh I'm so horrible aswell! I try and keep my mouth shut but it doesn't always work out like that.
I'm actually going to have my period this week and I'm already irritable and teary!
Well enough about that I hope your cousins operation is/has gone well.
My prayers are with him and your family.

beautifulnemo said...

They all said you are beautiful:)

How is your cousin Sara? Hope everything went well.

Hugz from Madrid

tiger said...