Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am addicted to Farmville! It makes me want to have a real farm/garden so bad! Add me of Facebook if you have the same obsession? You can still add me if you don't! Just let me know you added me through the blog okay?

Speaking of obsessions, I have quite a few!
I am obsessed with Vera Wang's Princess. I am obsessed with my hair (despite it's almost permanent unruly state)I am obsessed with being right. And with knowledge, I have to know everything which gets quite tiresome at times. I am also obsessed with my family. I love my family to pieces!

Speaking of my family, being the eldest of four, and having an almost thirteen year old sister (who has a Jonas Brothers obsession which I consider a sin, a disgrace and a serious lack of musical taste) and an eight year old brother, my house is usually more of a circus. Noisy and messy and just...hectic! I blame them (and the traffic) for my close to zero tolerance to noise.

What's your favourite livejournal community? And fall/autumn song(s)? (Missy, I asked this with you in mind!)

Oh, and Nasser is not making my essay any easier...why did he have to be such a contreversial person? I mean, I never even liked him, because my grandfather didn't, basically, but now that I have to actually write a whole research essay about anything Nasser related, I hate him for giving me so much trouble!

I still love you Egypt!

at the stadium- Fifa U20

view from the Cairo Tower
Both photos taken by me!


Farah said...

eeek I know! I am obsessed with my hair too! by the way am so glad you are back to blogging babe! ;)

OMG my 33yr old brother loves the Jonas Bros as well! So gay right??!!! lol

Saskia said...

Just added you on facebook lady!! I'm obsessed with farmville (just check out Mr B's hijacking of my status last night)!!


Winnie said...

I've got two sisters and when we were younger, the house was a nightmare! I can completely understand!

Nitin said...

your last two pics reminded me of my old home back in the middle east. i spent so much of my child hood there.. football the stadiums. the creek. it all just came back the second i saw it. thanks.
Talking about facebook. i really have absolutely no clue on how to play any of the games there. mafia. and farmville are totally alien to me.. i did attempt to play mafia.. but then found the lack of rapid action soo annoying that i dumped it. so is farmville similar to mafia? i like the idea of farms and animals. :D.
and i wont hold anything against your poor lil sis.. she is only 13.. i agree on your views about the jonas brothers.. i think its only a matter of time she moves into something better.. musically.. your house sounds like one super lively place.. you should record how chaos sounds there and keep it on a player.. play it when you miss home.. :).. Nasser looks like a really awsome person.. i think you should have tons of material on him.. all the best though.. dont worry soo much..

Anna said...

i love vera wang princess!!! and your hair! lucky lady, such beautiful locks!! : )

also, you sould listen to ray lamontagne for sure for a fall favorite. oh and ben folds. ; )
especially his song "gracie" he wrote it for his daughter! i adore it!!

almost, ALMOST, as much as i adore you.
: )


Randi Lee said...

ohhh, I'm wearing Vera Wang Princess, as I type!! And wishing everyone was as obsessed with knowledge as you are! (I know, I know... everyone has their own strengths, but some times, it's difficult to remember that when I'm being invited to something called a "White trash bash" ... Ugh!)

Anonymous said...

haha my husband loves farmville! i always tease him about it but maybe ill have to check it out one of these days!

Anna said...

oh farmville. my best friend "made" me join and i have done nothing. my farm is rotting away. I avoid facebook so i don't have to face my 3478 farmville messages from people that i haven't talked to in 5 years.

That is my farmville story.

Jodes said...

That view of Cairo is so beautiful!
My family is so high on my obsession list too.
I love them so much and living so far away from them, and moving away further just kills me!
Love&Light babe!

lina said...

myy goodness! everyone is obsessed with farmville : ) hehe.
oh & yes vera wang princess!! ohhh i have the lotion & perfume. sooo good.

Refuge said...

well , had the same obsession about Farmville for a while , then managed to get rid of this addiction when i found my self obliged to go harvest my land before a certain number of hours , plus , i lost my Cow over there , i didn`t know you can lose it , well , me did anyway ..
and being the 2nd in raw of 5 sons , No sisters ,i guess i got a clue about how it could be messy and noisy , these were my most 2 peaceful atmospheres in the house :) not to mention the number of scars i have allover my body from the different experiments we had in our childhood :)
i added you over there on Facebook , you can give me a hand on my Farmville then :)

April said...

My favorite song right now is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnificent Zeros, though I'm not sure how Autumn-y it is?
My favorite LJ community is definitely ourbedrooms. I love it!

missy. said...

mmm seeing how i dont have a facebook it presents a problem. but i am so glad you love that!

as for vera wang princess.. have you smelled her rock princess? it is MY current obsession. loooove it.

as for fall songs.. let me think about it. i would say more mellow bands that are easy to just relax about kick back too. agree? if you give me a genre type i can give you more insight.

love you lady!!

Athena. said...

I would be so sad when my pumpkins withered..... but now, thankfully, I am over it, hahaha!
Facebook games are so terribly addictive!

p.s. I agree, I think that the answers to such questions are really all up on how you plan to live your life, it can change at any stage; if we expect more, life will be more, I think.

Spardha Malik said...

omg i am obsessed with farmville too!! all i thing about is my crops, gifts etc.. lol!

i'm adding u right away, also we cud be neigbours?!

Mohammed J. said...

I miss you <3

I hope i was of any help last night.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i am obsessed with my family too at the moment, movie nights, and board game nights are going on in our house!
hope you are well.

Selma said...

Welcome FarmVille friend! ;) I'm obsessed with harvesting my pineapples and all. It's just weird.
I think I just added you on facebook.

in company with sparkles said...

I put Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle on in the airport yesterday and it made me feel so elegant.

We're both the oldest of 4!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

everyone in my family is obsessed with Farmville!

bananas. said...

everyone i know is addicted to that farmville. i don't get it. but i do get vera wang princess...just finished my bottle. need to stock up soon!

Anonymous said...

that looks oddly like my photo of cairo???

tiger said...