Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Time No Proper Post!

My dad is here from Saudi Arabia for a couple of weeks, and as much as I love spending time with him, my mother makes it seem like an obligation, when it is not. I look forward to weekends, in hopes of going out and spending some "me-time" and meeting friends. Now it's all about family. And I miss having time for myself.

I also miss spending time with Mohammed, and I hate all the stress coming from the whole parents issue. How they are not used to eachother yet (mine and his) and how I am supposed to go looking for rings.
Regarding that, I want a 1 karat stone.. I think, I am not sure about the setting though.

I have been meaning to post about a giveaway, but I feel the blog is turning into an obligation, so I am going to bring back the sponteniety for a while. Bring myself back!

I have so much on my mind, and I can't lie saying it's a good thing. I am preoccupied and burdened. But I try to make the best of it. I make lists and write notes. I try to lock myself into my mind. I look at pictures of bright cheerful yellow things.

I also got an award!
 I should give this award to 15 people. But since I would want everyone to feel better than I am at the moment, anyone who comments is awarded!
Please send good vibes my way, I hope my negativity isn't getting to you...


jules said...

Those pictures are so cute, I love the first one.

KLo said...

Here come good vibes ... hope they help : )

And congrats on your blog award ... that's always a nice feeling, isn't it : )?

Anonymous said...

Hey you, eat some good vibes for breakfast! They are better than wheaties!

Georgia B. said...

i'm sending them now—the good vibes. i also sent them via my tag post that i finally put up! it's on my photo blog—go see.

i hope you get some solitude and "me time" soon. it's so important. but also relish in the time you get with your dad. i would give ANYTHING to see my dad again. i miss him so much.

hang in there. your negativity did not get to me. just be there for me when i'm having a down day. :) i know you will!

LOVE the swing picture!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Pardon my asking, but do you really, really, truly want to get married - and if so, why? Do you feel genuine love and happiness and that you want to devote yourself to life with another person? Hopefully you say yes, yes, yes and are just feeling a bit stressed about it all :-)
You're right to question, well, everything and separate what you do for yourself and what you do to please others / what people are "supposed" to do.