Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pre-weekend Loveliness

I have 60 followers! Ah, that's so sweet!! This picture is also sweet!

And Belle gave me an award. Because she's sweet like that. Very sweet for that matter, she's getting a job please wish her luck!
Thank you!
I pass this on to:
Sara from Ramblings of a Restless Mind
Farah from Ramblings of an Inane Mind
A Chick Named Hermia
and finally, a blog I have just recently come across BouBou Teatime

I resemble a pack of Skittles today. Sky blue Keds, a denim knee length skirt, a very bright and colorful top, mainly in fuchsia and a print in all the candy colors you can picture. And it makes me feel so good!!

I have THE best boyfriend in the world, and I know a couple of people who might argue including Jasmine and the guitar heroine . I called him this morning to check up on him, he said he had a surprize for me. You see, he lives in Alexandria (a 3 hour drive) and he came down to Cairo. To surprize me. I love him.

It's the weekend. I am off to enjoy it and make lots of cupcakes and a chocolate cake for my brother and sisters. Be back on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Awh Sara you're such a sweetheart ...thanks so much!!! *hug*

And you're boyfriend is just wonderful! That was such a lovely surprise!

Boubou said...

Aww thank you so much sarah you're an angel :)) !!
and congrats for your 60 followers :) !!

i was so happy when i saw your comment :)

again : MERCI !!! :))


hey this is a very fresh post!
happy too see you like this!


Farah said...

thanx Sara for the award! really appreciate it. its my first one! and of course congrats on the 60 followers. yay! =) oooh,,,and mail me a cupcake as well will ya? =p

Hisham said...

Thanks for spreading love links, I like those blogs!

Gabby said...

I love this cheery post! Congrats to you!

Sara said...

Awwww.. thanks a lot S babe! ^^ *huggiiiiiies*

jasmine said...

hahaha! levi will happily share the best boyfriend ever title with your boyfriend! :)

that was sooooo sweet of your boyfriend to surprise you with a visit! i'll bet you were thrilled! that must be really tough to live three hours apart and to have such limited time together. that will all change very soon once you're married...of course, i don't know how long the whole process takes with all those parties to plan along the way, but i'm sure it will come sooner than later. :)

Anonymous said...

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Confessionelle said...

That's so cute!! It's all about the little things!!

Eda said...


Emz said...

Congratulations! You sound like such a colorful person today!

Light and Writing said...

So sweet! Have fun with cupcakes! I am making muffins.

Mika said...

Enjoy the weekend. Mika (

Miss B said...

I only like pancakes sometimes -- it's a strange and occasional craving. There is one place near my apartment that has the best pancakes I've ever had, period. The downside is it completely lacks any atmosphere or charm at all (but at all!) -- but the pancakes? Irreproachable.

Tossing a handful of kisses in your general direction. Catch some.

in company with sparkles said...

Have a fun weekend with those cupcakes girl!


oh yes Sara! they smell like heaven!!!
and I think they are really great for some wedding stuff! cake or even bride's hair would be so darling with some beautiful frangipanis! agree!? :D LOL