Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nice Assignment [Thank you, self]

Dear Me,

I know you haven't been acting the way you would like lately, but I think it is okay. At least you have started working out again.
I will start by telling you the things you've done that I have hated, then I will go on about the good things, because this is, at the end, a thank you later.
  • I hate the fact that you treated Sondos(your soulmate) the way you have done at Yasser's farewell. I understand that you were way out of your comfort zone, but that is such a lame excuse! Yes, you have drifted apart, but you love her all the same...and thinking about bride's maids and maid of honour.. you can't but include her in your mental picture!
  • I hate the way you are not studying for the GRE exam.
  • I hate the way you won't force your mother to call your future (step)mother in law!
  • I hate how you haven't found a better job yet.
  • I hate how you haven't sent your craft-it-forwards yet
  • I hate how you haven't gone to take your package from the postal office yet.
  • I hate how you haven't been writing, nor have you been reading!
On a brighter note, self, I love the following about you:

  • That you have held on and haven't massacred your hair yet. Growing (yet you desperately need a trim)
  • Back to the gym!
  • The mini-reunion last week and working on your little project with S
  • Spending time with your daddy!
  • Your beautiful pearls, and the fact that it was Mohammed who has gotten them for you, yes.
  • The fact that your blog has gotten so many comments last week, way beyond what you would have ever expected!
  • Your fat-ha
  • all the mental plans; engagement party plans that is!
Dear self, thank you for being who you are, for having gone through every single thing, good and bad, that you have gone through so far. You make me proud. You make me proud to have held one and to have shaped into that very unique being you are, in that kind of way...the way that everyone is unique, special in their own way. Thank you for your love of words. Thank you for your never-ending passion, even in times of depression. Thank you for loving your sisters and brother and parents and grandmother that much. Thank your for believing. And for having an amazing boyfriend!

make sure you do that, it is very liberating and exponentially uplifting. I am sorry for not posting the remaining two posts, as promised, yet.
Be grateful for who you are!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog Sara....very different from all the rest here.Thanks for sharing.It is actually a good thing to write down what you yourself see as a fault or faults in yourself.Also the negative things.Helps you to reflect on them and improve for the better, and acknowledge your wrongs as well.Allah Hafiz!

alissa said...

I think this is beautiful! Great way to reflect.

Belle said...

I adore this! What a beautiful idea!!
I am so happy for you and your fat-ha!! It couldn't have happened to a better person, congratulations darling!

I am following you on twitter now too :)
and re the visa - nothing yet!! We are playing the waiting game. Hopefully we will get it this week (but I have thought that for the last 2 weeks!!) The minute I find out though I will be letting everyone know with a very large and happy post! I can't wait for that moment, a lot of stress will be of our shoulders then and we can buy tickets home ♥
Have a good day darling xx

Jodes said...

the last quote is incredible.
definately what i needed to hear today.
it's so much needed for people to be critical and graceful with themselves.


thank you Sara. it's so inspiring to me... :) that I want to go and write my own list of hates and loves! :)


Georgia B. said...

so great! loved your letter to yourself. we all need to do this more often. :)

i promise i will do your tag post this week! i can't wait!

Farah said...

That was a great post! very inspiring. i think everyone shpuld do that, a list of all the likes and dislikes about themselves. =)

Miss B said...

You have made me all stammer-y and mumble-y now. You're very kind, sugar. I just...live too much inside my head, I think, really, is all it is. It begins to seem absurd (and makes me mildly uncomfortable) to conduct a sort-of conversation in public (as it were) in tiny little bites. My email address is missb1369@hotmail.com -- send me yours; send me an email -- and we can have an actual conversation (well, "conversation", you know)some time.

Warm thoughts and a smile to you...

alissa said...

i dont think you're the only danny fan - but i cant say i am one. i just think adam is fabulous. and then chris is my close number two, hes just too darn cute.

Belle said...

Darling I have awarded you on my latest post xxx

in company with sparkles said...

Dear Sara,

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

That is actually an amazingly fantastic idea!!!!

Jessica Tingey said...

just stumbled upon your blog...but i just love this. thank you for writing. i don't know you, but thank you for being you. :)

Zee said...

I just read this now. Hesham Foda sent me a link to this post ages ago.. I didn't know it was yours because I didn't check it, and when I did.. well yeah... you know