Sunday, May 24, 2009

This has turned into a hungry post!

My dad went back to Jeddah yesterday.

And thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend, who kept me occupied that it only hit me now that I miss my father.
He took me to the movies, we saw Angels and Demons, I think it's a good movie (you can tell I haven't read the book) but Mohammed has and he didn't like the movie that much (Exactly how I felt when I saw The DaVinci Code)
I haven't been going to the gym (to spend time with my family) so I think today will mark my grand return!

Right now:
I want to look hot and be at the beach. Only that.
Add to that a good book.
And maybe a haircut.

We also went to Fatimid Cairo (the exact place we visited)!! My very first time there..I loved it! He took me to Beit Al Seheimy (Seheimy's house) which is a 350 year old house, not the oldest you can find in Egypt but it's old relative to Islamic architecture in Cairo (link to google image search). Then, the perfect ending to my weekend; SUSHI. Lots and lots of sushi, I almost ate 12 peices of sushi. I love salmon, anything salmon; sashimi is my favorite, then comes a tie between maki and sushi. Oh, and salmon spider rolls. I love those (Mohammed introduced me to those). I also love meat teriyaki when it comes to Japanese cousine. Ok I am making myself hungry, so I'll shut up. (I don't mind having sushi again today by the way)



oh that mashrubbeyeh is so beautiful!
obviously you had a great time :)

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Oh ur a lovely rose...and this is truly a cute post.

and mohammed...he sounds like a clever tour guide...never been to those place before..not sure if I can. Where're they? clue me in plz =)

btw, I luv sushi too kaman...there're good places here where u can eat 'em?!! really?! excuse me as am still new in town.

Maria-Thérèse said...

Was the film really scary? I remember sitting on the balcony reading and I actually JUMPED when they saw that person standing in a hole in that church.........

Belle said...

Yummm I feel like sushi now! And I wish i resembled that beautiful beach body!!!

I hope your ok darling ♥ it was nice you got to spend some time with your father! And I know how you feel about missing him, (my mum came and visited me last year for 2 weeks and I was an absolute wreck when she left - it really is good to have the boyfriend their for comfort!!!)

Sending big cuddles your way! xxxx

Ania said...

haha I have a mission to get back in shape too! but I treat myself to something amazing on sundays, otherwise I'd go crazy ;)
haven't seen the movie yet, but I loved all of the dan brown's books and was extremely disappointed with 'the da vinci code'. casting tom hanks for that role was such a mistake! the only good thing about the da vinci code was paul bettany, albino or not - he's delicious ;D

Farah said...

well I read both the da vinci code and angels and demons so I totally understand how u guys felt!