Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whine Baby

Dear Boyfriend,
Thank you for coping with my constant whining lately. And thank you for tenderly pointing it out to me yesterday- subtly, gently and eloquently. You are the best.

Yes, dear blogosphere, I have been unbearable. Reflecting on my life as per the last 2-3 weeks, I have been such a whiner!!!

Allow me to explain (my sources of complains):
  1. My job: as you may all know, I hate my job. And I am not doing anything about it. Nothing! There is a conference coming up (in November) and a couple of workshops and if I decide to quit afterwards, it would look good on my CV.
  2. My body: I love working out, I really do (or at least I am doing a good job at making myself think so!) but I haven't been going to the gym because I am in a cocoon-like state and I just don't want to interact with people/trainers. See? How silly can I get, really? I need to get over myself and act like the almost 22 year old that I am.
  3. My Beauty Routine: Where do I start? My hair needs a layer touch-up, I haven't had a manicure in SO long and I haven't had my eyebrows threaded in maybe even longer. I am ashamed to say I haven't been to the hairdresser's in MONTHS. Dreadful, if you ask me! I need a facial. Right now my hair is up in a bun, what used to be bangs, is braided and not a single drop of make up applied. 
  4. My darling new Camera: I don't even know where it is.
  5. My boyfriend: I haven't been to any of his concerts in SO long. And I feel like such a bad girlfriend. I haven't been paying attention to him and his needs, and I am not pampering him now that he has exams coming up. Bad girl, Sara.
  6. My life: Has lost it's dimensions. Sort of. I haven't been reading as much. Even that! How could I let this happen to me (Oh my God, I am whining again...)
I'll post pictures of my favorite color. Blue! But then, I don't want the rest of the colors to feel left out. I love all colors. I do. Yellow and greaan and orange and pink and red. Blue is just so versatile and diverse. It's so tranquil!

I interrupt the flow of this post to make an announcement!!
Dr. Khalid Sekkat, the research director at the ERF (where I work) has just asked me to go to his office (I just got back) to "get to know eachother personally and not just professionally" we talked about research and my economic background and so on. I told him I came here to do research (which I am not) and he said he believed I am not being optimally utilized (how more economic can his vocabulary get) He's such a lovely person. He is. And I am so happy right now. I came from his office to my desk LITERALLY SKIPPING!
I love you all.
I do.


Belle said...

I think everyone needs a good whine once in a while darling!! I think its just one of those days for me when I am thinking too much about things then getting frustrated!

What a coincidence that you were just speaking about your job when your boss called you in! I am glad he noticed you are not being properly "utilized" (sounds like he is talking about a machine or something haha)

As for exercising... I AM IN AGONY RIGHT NOW!!! I ran too much and now i can barely walk haha. But I am definitely like you and prefer to stay in my cocoon (I also trick myself into believing that i enjoy working out!)

As for the sea of sharks - it definitely is nerve racking for both people when meeting the parents so I can completely understand that you backed off! It can be intimidating!! Its not really my family I am worried about though, its my friends!! They are a protective bunch and also very.. how do I say it nicely... enthusiastic. So I dont want Mat to be basically the "meal" in the middle of everyone surrounding him. I want it to be easy for him, aghhh i hate this pressure!!! xxxx

Belle said...

Haha you make me laugh!! Your so sweet! I thought that last night when I had a cold shower that this probably isn't doing me any good! if anything it tightens your muscles even more so then don't relax!!
(I promise I will exercise later :p)

Bambola said...

Aw, sweetheart, times like this are awful, but you're so lucky to have an understanding boyfriend.

Eventually, you'll get to get your hair done, your fringe cut, your make up will be done & work will get better. Too late, it already did =P I had to, it was there =)

Anonymous said...

Awh wow's like you just typed my life ....I feel like a terrible person recently but I'm in this awful slump I can't seem to get out of!
It's all very soul destroying....

But thanks for posting this ....makes me feel a little more understood! *hug*

Confessionelle said...

I think so people just like to whine sometimes, it's a good thing. I usually find myself doing it when I know I don't really have anything to logically whine about!! Good luck with the job thing, I myself am on a quest, but I need to find what I wanna do first.

Eda said...

I'm sure thing will get better! Stay optimist!

agnes said...

I am sad to hear all these from you. Somehow life sucks in different sort of ways, it just loves to play these little games with us. It's hard, of course. Just hold your breath tight, stay strong and tough, you will get them all over and champion them :)

Best wishes,

Ania said...

oh honey, know one thing - the bad times will pass and for every day that sucked you'll be rewarded with a day of perfect happiness in the future! that's just the way it works ;) it's like a rainbow coming out after the storm, or whatever :D
just tackle one thing at a time and it'll make all the difference


in company with sparkles said...

Aw Sara! I was so excited for you when I got to the end of your post. I was starting to feel so sorry and then yay, what sweet news about the talk with your boss! Are you feeling a little better about the job now?
What a blessing to have a boyfriend who can gently show you where you're wrong. We need those people!


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

lady, i am so glad you are going to start being 'utilised'. you are allowed to whine every now and then, especially when you are smart and pretty! xxxx

Gabby said...

Sometimes a good whine is needed. I hope you're feeling better!

Georgia B. said...

awesome! good for you. {about that last part at work}

as for your complaints, it's good to rant from time to time. how nice that you have a blog to do it on, so that your boyfriend does not have to bear it all! :)

we'll listen any time. hope things ease up soon. i just started working out again. it feels great. i hope i do not lose the fire that is lit under me to go.

Emz said...

Glad you're feeling better? I think it's better that you let it all out than keep it in. I mean, ranting is healthier than taking pills ANY day! And go beautify and treat yourself dear, it sounds like you deserve it!

Iva said...

oh my gosh that was sooo funny!!! Im glad you had good talk and returned skipping to your desk!!! FABULOUS!

Belle said...

Darling I have just awarded you on my latest post xxx

Anonymous said...

You are adorable! I wouldn't worry, whinging is what blogs are for my dear :) Well, it's certainly what I use mine for anyway!