Monday, May 18, 2009

A Typical Rant

Last week I got my Master's acceptance(YAY), provisional (I need an English proficiency test) and I missed the test's registration deadline. I have done English Language AS Level, and I think they are dumb for still asking me for an English Proficiency test!! I am so pissed. Seriously pissed, I have the choice of either finding another test to take, or delay my master's degree for yet another semester..
(Mohammed would be serously pissed if I choose the latter)

Sometimes it's just hard to smile. (Mohammed Jamal ELGohary is my soon to be(officially) fiance!)

Mohammed and I have been arguing because of Shabka issues. My mother wants a one carat diamond, I couldn't care less, as long as it is bigger than those I have on my ears. He thinks it's too much (I don't for all honesty) but then if we buy an 0.9 it is almost as big, and it's cheaper and no one will ever notice. Who are we trying to please anyway? I mean whose expectations are we trying to meet? I hate conformity. I hate how this society has turned into a bunch of show-offs.

I love my family, regardless of how annoying they might be(come)
I am rather emotionally attached to my blog, I don't know if it is the case with everyone else, but I love my blog. I really do. And it makes me proud, for communicating with people from everywhere, and for being able to express myself and write about things that happen to me. No shame involved.
Weird fact about me: When I was younger I used to blame all my mistakes and mess ups on her. She is the other me, while the "me" I associate with and am proud to be, never ever made mistakes. She made them, it was always her fault. That was all through my teenage years, then I met Mohammed and we sorted it out; my life. Now I instead, talk to myself. On the streets, in the car, at the the shower..almost anywhere I am alone.


Anonymous said...

I do agree with the Society turning into a "bunch of showoffs" in the states as well.Like ive told you I have 2 daughters the youngest is your age.I think it hits hard on the girls.I mean to say I think boys arent affected much with this issue its a woman thing, a girl thing.Actually about the test.I would take it.I wouldnt wait a year.You know how sometimes we put off and put off sometimes with that attitude we never do what we were intending to do.Im not saying that is you, but this is what I know personally,LOL.Best of Luck Sara,im sure you will find your way through these obstacles,Was that a good word for it?lol


Sara dear, are you fine?!...
it's normal. yes it's normal to be like this before wedding. specially for us with these cultural issues. YOU know what I mean! SHOW OFFS! but take it easy girl...

I love your blog. yes it's a good thing to be proud of it!
so. just keep blogging! and smile please! :)
look at me... ok? smile!


kathleen said...

Thank you, thank you for coming by to visit my blog. I can't wait to take a longer look at yours! :)

Sara said...

S babe!
About the proficiency test, I just took the IELTS, because it takes much less time to register and actually take the exam than the TOEFL. Had to take it for my master's application too. I'd recommend it! Just drop by at the British Council sometime! And check out

Don't worry too much about what your mom wants and what everybody else wants.. Just try your best to stay calm and what matters in the end is what you and Mohammed want! You're the ones spending the rest of your lives together.. w 0.7 men 0.9 men 1 karat doesn't really matter that much, he could always upgrade it for you later!

Miss B said...

You make me smile, too, lovely thing!

It's been a very strange and very beautiful few days here in London; tomorrow I leave for Geneva (and the promise of a solid afternoon of sleep on the train).

With a smile, neatly wrapped in brown paper and tied with bright ribbons -- for you to open and eat later...

REread said...

congrats on your masters ... and yeah who really cares ... it's your ring so it's up to you

Georgia B. said...

congrats on the masters acceptance!

i love the photo of the words on the wall. it is perfect for a post i was planning. i think i will have to use it!

i'm glad you love your blog, 'cause i do too! so glad i found it!

Shadow said...

I like your blog :), inspiring and fun.

Congrat on ur master and marriage and hope you settle on a nice shabka that you love :)

Jodes said...

i love tradition and ritual, but marriage and the trappings of it(especially the ring, i find) is so much more about the actual marriage than the wedding it seems. a lot of what people do is for show, at least in north america. no wonder why so many marriages are failing. you'll do awesome sorting everything out. that "in our house..." photo is truly great. warm fuzzies on the inside.

Lolla said...

I hope you can find something that will please both of you (the ones who really should be concerned about the matter). Don't let pressure coming from outside make you stressed. I wish you peace of mind and happiness. :)

p.s.: For some reason, the pictures on your blog aren't loading for me. :(

Mila said...

Very nice and interesting post, dear! :)
I totally agree with you on all those 'show-offs' these days.

have a great week,


alissa said...

i love your note about loving your blog - i feel the same way about mine, a very strange attachment. you should love yours - its fabulous :)

I cant stop thinking about your comment about the ring and the size. Its hard to give my opinion/thoughts since I know the cultures and traditions arent necessarily the same. I have no idea how big my ring is, my husband picked it out on his own...i guess i see the ring as a gift and not something i would have even discussed beforehand. But again, different traditions so I dont think I really understand.

So without complete understanding -I say get the smaller one. Its not worth an arguement with Mohammed, not worth worrying about what anyone else thinks.

At the end of the day you'll still be the same two people happily married and starting your lives together - the hardware wont make a difference :)