Monday, May 25, 2009

Torn Between Pity and Envy (I am)

There is a new face around.
And suddenly you can't look away. (it's rude to stare)
And suddenly you can't stop talking.
And suddenly you can't keep your hands off of them.
Suddenly. It's perfect. Too perfect. Too much energy. Atomic bomb-like. Anti-matter-like.

The years have past. So fast. They light bolted away. Slipping through your fingers.
Six, maybe seven, of them.
And the physical distance has grown.
Countries and continents away.

Your eyes meet.
And suddenly you're 16 again.
Suddenly you cannot verbalize a no.
Suddenly, it is all too perfect again. Suddenly the world slows down. (if it doesn't stop, can't really tell)

Suddenly it is over again.
Suddenly your gaze is broken(your eyes no longer in sight)
Suddenly your heart breaks (not completely, you're used to it)
And suddenly you (all of you) are out of sight.

This about a friend, a couple of friends actually. But one of them really is special to me. He is. Very. This is about their bond, how the other person is there in spirit, but not body, always. Always. But they can never be together. The energy and chemistry is too much for anyone to take. Trust me, it's dangerous.


Sometimes, I scare myself. With my need and desire to break away, to break just have no strngs attached and no responsibilities. There is that free spirit caged within me. Confined to the boundaries of my life.
It yearns to fly. 


Belle said...

I love this darling!! You have such talent ♥

Maria-Thérèse said...

Beautifully written. You need to follow that free spirit, I think!

~ ennui ~ said...

oh i agree! follow that free spirit and fly! fly! fly!
wonderful writing......

Georgia B. said...

terrific writing. you should write here more often—i mean, i know you always write here, but you should write this type of thing more. i love it!

Jodes said...

so so beautiful and true.
we all will always have some degree of the calling to be wild and free.
don't put it on the shelf for too long, otherwise it'll free itself.
lovely post.

Soné said...




PS: I like your blog!

7upkels said...

I envy writers like you!! I loved it!!! Phenomenal writing!!

Miss B said...

A dear friend of mine has a theory -- that everything in life is a question of effort vs. comfort. Meaning that people will always seek to have the greatest amount of comfort possible at the expense of the least amount of effort. If things are balanced, or if there is more comfort than effort, then people will always stay where they are, and be...if not happy, then content enough. But the _instant_ that effort exceeds comfort...we will seek change. The exact moment.

It is something to think about.

Much love to you, dearest...

Nicole Marie said...

so beautifully written!

Belle said...

I said I would eat but i still haven't yet haha! Im busy reading blogs! Getting quite hungry now too xxx

Farah said...

very beautifully written. sometimes eventhough there is great chemistry between two people, they just can't be together. life is weird like that I guess. and dont worry, I think that deep down everyone just wants to be free, even me!

setyourselfonfire said...

that picture is awesome!

Soné said...

yah it scary to just get away sometimes i agree!

love the photo! just amazing!!!! it goes so well with your post! :)

Liv Lundelius said...

I love your blog! So interesting to get this view into a different culture...
I linked your "weddings in egypt" posts to my blog,(hope thats ok?) cause they fitted perfectly into my world wedding tradition topic.
keep your great work up!

Mika said...

Great written. Mika (

Indie.Tea said...

What a beautiful and meaningful poem. I feel the same way as you do, that yearning to break away...

sarah said...

i can identify completely, love it