Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Veranda is a beautiful word

I have been a bad blogger but it was a long weekend and I had spent in in Alexandria with relatives and Mohammed.

We barbecued in the veranda overlooking the Mediterranean sea, I made my burgers(everyone's favorite!) and yesterday, we had fish...I had so much fun over the weekend. During weekends away, I make a point of not taking my laptop with me, so I would have as much fun as I can. And invest all my time away from the computer, so, forgive me.

here is a video of Mohammed singing :)

I have 30 followers! Oh what an amazing blogger surprise! And as mentioned by Sara here, we are cooking up a little something! it's a secret !

I am preparing a post about getting married in Egypt, more like how it is for young people; the pressures, the expectations and so on..I would like some input on what you guys would want to know about such a topic...and if that topic is even of interest to you (I somehow think it is since it's very different here than the Western Hemisphere)

I have at least 4 engagement parties coming up and I need to buy a dress or two, probably one... I like one at Mango, it's a peachy salmon color, very 80s inspired with a black ribbon at the waist. Sorry the picture is far from clear..


Belle said...

I cant wait for your post about marriages!! I love hearing about your life in egypt!!

(I adore the first picture!!)

Haha and I'll eventually make a video to show how he does the rubiks cube!! He amazes me! xxx

alissa said...

hey! glad you're back! I cant wait to hear more about marriage there. and lovely dress! i do like that about wedding season - you just MUST go get a cute dress hehe :)

also - im incredibly slow but i do still intend on sending my handmade goodie to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.. bliss!

Georgia B. said...

wowza! you ARE a busy girl.

did you see i quoted you on Jorjah-B?

it made for a fun post!

hope you are well.

(love the bubble gum image!)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

yay 32 followers thats great!!!
i always love your photos!
yay 22..its scary!!