Sunday, April 5, 2009


Aw, that is seriously making me happy :)

I am currently in the moodswing phase due to the hormonal imbalances forced on me by the time of, I need things that make me happy! The weekend has been pretty busy( and intense!);
Friday went to the picnic-y thing I had mentioned,

then Saturday, Mohammed and I went there which is very very close to where I work.

It doesn't really show in the picture but they have a very pretty garden, we sat there and had our coffee, then headed to a part of Cairo/Giza I have never been to; Imbaba to visit this street restaurant( which we ended up not eating at...eventhough I was looking forward to doing so)
After that we proceeded to Zamalek, to make what would be my first ever visit to the Cairo Tower!
 the view, googled

Both pictures are from different sides, the tower is located on an island! Anyway, then we headed to Maadi, and made our first visit (Again) to a place called Mermaid, and they make delicious pizzas!
Maadi is a very calm and peaceful neighbourhoud (where I was born and where my dad has been born and riased) [ you can also found Imbaba on wikipedia, imbaba is, on the contrary, a poor suburb..more of a slum actually..this might be interesting]

So yeah, I had a great weekend and now I am going to list the ways!
  1. I bought two new books! Happy Birthday Kundera! In celebration of his birthday (on the 1st) I got Laughable Loves.
  2. The bookstore owner said I was a "great writer" ; she doesn't even know me (I know the librarian/cashier; from the boyfriend's band) and we haven't even properly met before...I am only, merely a member of the bookstore's group on facebook..It made me feel good, even if she didn't mean it.
  3. The amazing boyfriend!! No matter how many times I mention the fact that he is endlessly nice to me, or how gorgeous he is(and makes me feel), it wouldn't ever be enough..I am sincerely thankful he exists. [He took me to the tower, drove all around Cairo just because I couldn't decide where I wanted to go...and he just simply bares with me(yes, I am a pain most of the time)
  4. Discovering the ICCD (Salalem are performing there on Saturday!)
  5. The followers :)..Thank you!
Since its Easter time!
And this weeks postsecret is so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Wowee that's a lot of followers :) Your weekend sounds wonderful! I cant wait to paint some eggs this weekend, they make such sweet gifts.x

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What a full, full post! Thanks for stopping by the Bodhi Chicklet, I'm not sure how you found me but don't be a stranger! I found Pay it Forward through another blog but didn't know if there was some kind of a list of participants. And since you left a comment on that post of mine, does that mean you are participating or have you already done your paying/crafting it forward? So many questions, huh? What an amazing thing this technology is, that I get up on Sunday morning and have a message from someone in Egypt - terrific!

alice said...

I wish I can go to Cairo! Very nice sity! :)

alissa said...

looks like a great weekend - love exploring new places!
i get excited over followers too haha!

Maria-Thérèse said...

how cute!
and I want to see that view from the tower in real life, at night!

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

aww it looks like you had a great weekend! what a nice compliment from the book owner. and those easter eggs are adorable!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love those pretty eggs!!

Delilah + Jack said...

Hey stop by my blog and let me know some of your favorite hangouts! or any places of interest for the intrepid traveller! Jack and I are ending our trip in Egypt/ Jordan and I would love to hear from someone who was born there/ knows the area! We do not necessarily want to do the tacky tourist thing all the time (seeing pyramids on camel is sooo cliche heheheh...
I like the post, sweet boyfriends are the best :) and I get so excited whenever I get a new follower! Makes the day! Keep up the good work!


Daisy said...

What a pretty blog and such a lovely post.. !

Mika said...

Your weeekend sounds great. Lot to do in Cairo. Visit it a few years ago what a city. Have a great week girl. Mika (

Indie.Tea said...

What a beautiful city you live in! Your life sounds wonderful, full of love and beauty.
And the easter eggs are so cute.

Belle said...

Such a gorgeous city! Beautiful images, thank you for sharing htem darling!

And the easter eggs are so pretty ♥ I love the decorations at easter time all the beautiful pastel colours.

I'm so glad your boyfriend is so lovely to you, you definitely deserve it!!

constance said...

ha i love how you decorated your easter eggs, they're beautiful!
and i really wish i could travel to egypt!

Anonymous said...
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