Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is about what has been happening in Egypt this week (Politically speaking)
The Jerusalem Post
From an Israeli point of view

And for those of you who speak Arabic: Al masry Al youm.
In case you don't want to click those links...members of HezbAllah were arrested in Egypt accused of affiliation with a foriegn party and being involved in terroristic practices.

  • Hassan Nasrallah is the leader of Shiite HezbAllah  which is "God's Political Party" in English. Now, allow me to point out that all Arab Shiites are biased (naturally) to the Shiite Iran and that 99% of Egypt's Muslims are Sunni (90% of the Egyptian population are Muslim; if my calculations are right then Egypt has, roughly, 71,280,000 Sunni Muslims)
    Conclusion: Hassan Nasrallah, politically speaking, is not a friend of Egypt, but rather of Iran.
    • This is a map of the Lebanese political parties, Hezballah and the "Future Movement" are politically "not friends"..what does that mean? The Future Movement will now be an Egyptian friend, and guess what? They're Sunni.
    Conclusion: What Nasrallah has done/has been trying to do will cause both religious AND civil tension not only in Lebanon, but in the region! Why won't they just be peaceful...
    Conclusion: Giving rise to tension in Egypt!

    Ok, sorry if that was boring, it is bothering me...and let's not forget that blogs, are afterall, meant for documenting!

    I am in a pretty skirt today...as a cure to corporate boredom. I am reading Life is Elsewhere by Milan Kundera and I can't put it down. I love him, he's amazing!

    "and he told her that she had suddenly appeared to him out of a fog of fire and blood like the shy white body of love"
    Yes, I have no idea what I am doing...the forks were a coincidence!

    Yesterday we went to a new restaurant, my sister, my cousin and I...and it was so pretty! We were the epitome of Far East meets Middle East, ha ha Stuffed vine leaves and sushi!
    My sister eating stuffed vine/grape leaves (aka Ma7shi!) with chopsticks!

      I will ask for help sometime soon, but until then I think I'll have to force my pictures on here..sorry!


      Georgia B. said...

      my favorite part of this post—"i am wearing a pretty skirt today."

      that made me smile.

      sometimes wearing a pretty skirt can change your whole outlook on life!

      you've inspired me to do a post on skirts. and i'm going to quote you and link to your blog, if that's okay.

      have a lovely day!

      Anonymous said...

      I chuckled at the skirt too - The reminder of the gravity of politics lightened by a higher hem. You'd a doll.

      Indie.Tea said...

      Thank you for the links to the news articles, so much of what happens around the world is unknown to Americans - our news usually concentrates on US...

      Anonymous said...

      Stuffed vine leaves are all kinds of amazing! I have been so lax at keeping up with the news lately :( x

      Delilah + Jack said...

      It is so disappointing what is happening in the middle east in the present as well as the past. The fact Lebanon has FINALLY become somewhat stable after the civil war should be incentive enough. Some of the atrocities which occurred in that country were devastating. If you are interested in some of that history I would suggest a recent film called Waltz with Bashir, it is about the Lebanese Civil war from the perspective of an Israeli soldier. It does not delve so much into the politics (which is definitely a touchy subject) but just about the human perspective of war and the psychological consequences of that. It is very well done, but I have to warn you I cried at the end!

      I am curious as to your perspective on the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict... I feel is self-perpetuating. Violence is not the answer to deal with it but what other options to Palestinians have when they face so many external/ and internal problems that are not addressed? And then the Americans get involved and the whole situation explodes (no pun intended). I do not support either side because I do not support war, but I find it extremely interesting. There has been much controversy as of late here in Canada about the conflict, with many marches and political protests being held. It is definitely a difficult situation.

      Sorry about the huge political rambling!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog :) and keep the Egypt updates! I am so excited to visit your beautiful city!


      Delilah + Jack said...

      P.S I just want to add that so many problems many Middle Eastern countries face today are the product of decolonization and British/ French interference in the area... it seems the legacy of colonization has destroyed many countries and cultures...sorry to sound pessimistic :( I am studying Africa right now and it makes me depressed what the imperial powers inflicted upon so many people....