Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marriage in Egypt (Part 2)

Rings (aka Shabka)!
After I finish writing this I will comment on my favorite posts from today :) Apart from the "Marriage in Egypt" thing, I am going to post a compilation of favorites; weekly on Thursdays! This Thursday's will include this week and last week.
I love you feedback! I am glad you like the idea :) and I shall not yet reveal the little secret (it's not that juicy but I am happy with that)

So, anyway, on to the rings!
Egyptians, like all other couples around the world get their wedding band, their engagement ring and their wedding ring. The only difference is that we get them all at the same time( we call it the shabka)! Since there is no decent, romantic propsal, you get your wedding band first; to show that your engaged. "Shabka" literally means what attaches you to the other person "attacher" but is percieved as your grooms gift to you, and maybe what shows the rest of the people that you are committed to someone.

Let me clarify this:
  1. The Wedding Band: During the engagement period, you wear your wedding band on your right hand ring finger. Some grooms, give their brides the wedding band in the 'fat-ha" visit. Some don't. When you get married, the wedding band moves to your left hand ring finger. Girls can choose to wear golden ones, (Muslim) men are confined to white gold, platinum or know anything that is...white.
  • The Engagement Ring: What might stereotypically be called an wedding ring in the west, is our engagement ring. Your get that as your engagement present from your groom. And, of course there are a ton of zaghareet as he puts the ring on your finger.
    • The Wedding Ring: Ah! The big stone! Be it a 3-stone or one-stone ring, it's what shines most on your finger, and what your mom's friends check out first thing. Like I mentioned, you mostly get all three rings at the same time.
    The band is what you wear everyday, naturally, and the other two rings on special occasions.

    The price ranges, but the average for someone belonging to my class is about 50,000 LE (I think?) which is about 8,865.80 USD, 6,698.30 EUR, 12,257.51 AUD, 89,132,747.60 IRR, 71,734.35 SEK (te-he). People with a different culture than mine prefer a gold "shabka" which basically consists of a nechlace, a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earings. But that's not what we do.
    Picking your shabka is a very important event; you, your parents (or just your mom, maybe your sister(s)), the groom's parents (or just his mom, maybe his sister(s)) and anyone else you want to be there (since this is an important thing to you) go to the jeweller's and look at each and every set they have, or at least that is what I imagine I will do since I am very picky and very hesitant!

    Pictures are from google ( I know I should've posted prettier ones)
    More reads: here and here.
    Coming Up: Mahr( "bride price" and it's replacement) This will probably be a short post!


    Indie.Tea said...

    Very interesting post. Most people that I know here in California only wear two rings, the engagement ring and the wedding band, I only know one person with three.

    menna said...

    Don't you think it is a little bit stereotypical of you to say that the fat-ha recital is on e of the step towards marriage. Most of the people don't do that. They get an engagement and the rings and schedule a wedding and that's it. I can't see the point of fat-ha anyway.
    Another thing, do u honestly believe that the mahr should be translated to "the price of the bride"?

    Georgia B. said...


    i want a ring very much like that second one to compliment my wedding and engagement bands.

    Mika said...

    Great post girl...and thanxs for your comment. It will be a girl!!!
    Wanna ask you if you see my whole post a few minutes ago? My computer is doing weird so do you wanna check again? Thanxs.
    Mika (

    Farah said...

    hey, that's a very interesting post. quite educational. where I come from, it's only the engagement ring and wedding ring that are presented to the girls.

    in company with sparkles said...

    How fascinating! I must say I love our western way of doing rings, but it really is so interesting - especially the switching hands part. The Irish claddagh is like that - it means different things on different hands...or even pointed in a different direction!


    Maria-Thérèse said...

    zaghareet! I finally know what that thing is called - I totally know what you mean!

    Sweet sweet Sara, glad you like my little gifts! And wow, your family saw them too?! I'm flattered. I like that something I made is with you in Egypt! :D

    alissa said...

    this is really interesting! i'm so glad you're doing this - its amazing to hear about another way things are done.
    three rings - very fun :)
    im looking forward to the next part!

    ps ive tagged you if you'd like to participate :)

    Anonymous said...

    Im a new follower Sara.Cant wait to see all the adventures in Egypt and also more of the wedding to come.Salam!

    THE PARIS HOUSE said...

    very interesting blog..thanks for checking out mine! have been to Bahrain, but not to Egypt yet, I can't wait to get there

    Lolla Moon said...

    Wow, that's a lot of jewelry! The wedding bands are my favorite, so pretty.
    In Brazil we only have one ring, a plain, gold one (no rock). It is exchanged when the couple gets engaged and worn on the right hand. At the wedding ceremony the same rings are given again to the couple, who then put them on the left hand. Very economical.

    rose said...

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    Akanksha said...

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