Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speaking of Figures

I know why I am not losing any weight [remember pre-weight-loss Nicole Richie?]:
  1. I am too broke to pay the gym subscription fees, so, I am not working out.
  2. I sit at a desk from 9-5
  3. My eating patterns have been far from healthy lately.
i.e. I am not making any effort!! And since today is the 15th (has the significance of being halfway through the month) I am going to make a resolution of eating healthy. I have a huge err..bottom (not me)and I am very aware of that, but it's no harm looking like that, is it? I appreciate my curves, so no Nicole Richie for me, plus I am also heavy in that..upper department.

I have a 50-something year old co-worker, this morning, she was telling me about how her mother and her friends would go to the beach(during the summer) in their puffy skirts and dresses and stockings. And how they used to measure their waists and the one with the tiniest would be boastful. Waists and not thighs! I would have been hot by their standards back then; smallish waist, huge thighs and breasts. Also, no one was ever overweight. The streets were safe to walk and everyone almost walked everywhere. I refuse to go by today's beauty standards, I would rather embrace my curves a la Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe (this links to an amazing article)

Speaking of women, I was watching Oprah the other day and it was the YFZ Ranch episode..I love their hair(does that make me weird?) and the girls were so innocent it made me feel like a witch.. sort of. I loved Olive.

Any thoughts?


Georgia B. said...

i did not see that Oprah episode.

i weigh the most i have ever weighed. i think the stress of losing my job made me gain. i'm not overweight by any means. but i can no longer fit into most of my pants. it's not that their too tight. i can't even get them all the way up, and if i do, i can't zip them or button them.

time to start walking/running!

too skinny is not a good look! i am sure you look FABULOUS!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Now what's this crazy talk? I don't think you're a witch, I think a witch has come and bewitched you and taken away your common sense to make you think you're fat! Unless all of those photos of you on Facebook are in fact of a gorgeous and slim model?! Hmm....

alissa said...

love their curves! its a frustrating struggle, im with you...

Meg said...

On another note, I wish I could get curves...I eat a high calorie diet every day and protein shakes while I sit at my office, still my metabolism is high and it makes me not able to gain weight. So while others are trying to lose theirs, I am trying to put some on. It is a neverending cycle isn't it, women and their bodies.

I think Nicole looks awesome with more weight and she seems petite irl, so am sure she feels much better with some flesh on her again, and it gives me hope that Kate Moss is finally getting some shape and breasts at 35...maybe there is hope for me yet.

I guess my point here is we are all built differently and have individual body types, and all continue to search for our own comfort level. The press and glossies don't do much to help with that, but hopefully strong women will continue to fight the good fight for positive body image & healthy, balanced, living.

Bless ya Lady, and continue to write and inspire me :) Lovely blogging as always xo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Now there are some normal looking women! (Not the first photo you posted.) I remember when...although when I was very young, Twiggy was pretty hot (google her if you've never heard of her). The emaciated look is horrible. My niece suffered from anorexia, spent far too much time in ICU with feeding tubes. But I've digressed - you should see my chocolate stash! Even my son doesn't know where I hide it all!

Anonymous said...

hey honey. don't be so hard on yourself!
but here's something that helps me: every day i do sit-ups and push-ups while i watch tv. spoil yourself by watching something fun and then it's easy to exercise while you're doing it.
and if you accept your body, you will feel sexy no matter what. cheesy but true!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the hair - and so was most of NY fashion these past few seasons! Crazy hey? They were citing ranch influences at Vogue, Elle.. bonkers. But, delicious at the same time..

agnes said...

just take everything slowly dear.. Change your daily habit little by little, and soon, you will find a new you. :)

Cuileann said...

:I refuse to go by today's beauty standards, I would rather embrace my curves a la Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe (this links to an amazing article):

You go! That bit made me happy. I'm with you.

Belle said...

I hope your ok darling!
You said in your comment to me you were feeling a little depressed.
I am thinking of you and sending you positive energy!!
Have a lovely day xoxo

Belle said...

Ps. I am trying to shape up for summer too but it is so dififcult!
I dont have the money to go to the gym so I try and invent my own exercises, nothing is working yet but my fingers are crossed for a little bit of change!!


oh girl! it was so cute! I like the way you talk about your body.
and can I say who doesn't have weight issues these days!
but I think it's really important to recognize the beauties and be thankful for them...