Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News and a Tag

Alissa from Grace's Birdcage Wedding has tagged me, I love making lists!
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. My dad coming (from Jeddah) on the 7th
2. Getting tomorrow 1/2 day off so I can finally work on my graft it forwards.
3. Weekend Sushi
4. Mine and Mohammed's second anniversary in August
5. Paying my gym subscription on Friday!
6. Learning how to take pretty pictures
7. Getting Engaged.
8. Taking my brother and my cousin's son out tomorrow :)
8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to a goodbye gathering (a college friend)
2. went to work
3. Did some catching up with my bestfriend
4. Bought new earrings and two new chunky necklaces (precious stones)
5. called up boyfriend to ask him "Would you grow old with me?"
6. braided my hair
7. changed bags
8. Listened to some very good Arabic music (Mohammed Mounir and Fayrouz)
8 Things I Wish I could do
1. Sing
2. Be a role model
3. eat healthiest
4. Ride a bicycle instead of drive a car
5. control my temper
6. get my masters degree NOW
7. Never grow UP
8. Make the world a better place
8 Shows I Watch
1.Greys Anatomy
2. American Idol (if my sister is watching)
3. An Egyptian talk show called "El beit Beitak"
4. MBC 4 is showing Dawson's Creek!!
5. AND Gilmore Girls on Dubai One!
6. ....
7. ....
8. I don't really watch TV..
and now tag 8 people...
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3.Sara; Ramblings of a Restless Mind
4.Georgia; Jorjah-B
5.Indea Tea; Darjeeling Dreams
6. Cait; In Company With Sparkles
7.Chloe; HeartShapedMorning
8.Agnes; Dream and Fantasy

On to the (bad) news..
On the 27th, there has ben a terrible, horrific accident (links to pictures of ruined cars)on the Cairo ring road, it was ugly. A huge truck (with faulty breaks) crashed into cars, taxi cabs, mini bus(es), a bus (or more) and another truck. At least 40 people were injured, and (at least) 8 people died. I am, again, not trying to promote the wrong image of my home country...This is an ode to everyone who had died, those injured and a "what were you thinking?" to those at fault. May your souls rest in peace. May we all find peace. And security. And harmony.


Belle said...

I love tags and this one is a gorgeous one with a great insight to you!!

The crash is so horrible!!!

Maria-Thérèse said...

I replied!

Ania said...

there's something comforting about making lists ;)
"never grow up" - oh yes...

setyourselfonfire said...

That was fun to read :)

Belle said...

You just made my wish! haha! of course I will do it darling! I will post it in tomorrows blog.
I loved yours so much and was thinking "ohh i hope i get tagged soon for this!" so thanks for asking :) xxx

alissa said...

yeah! thanks for participating! so fun :)
im with you on the riding a bicycle instead of a car! and weekend sushi yum yum yum

Thats so sad about the crash! It sounds terrible.

alice said...

Thank you dear :)
I'll do this in a few days! ;)

Innate_Inanenuss said...

Would u plz tag me kaman cuz i luv u?

do I consider myself tagged?

constance said...

lovely answers!

S.Elisabeth said...

You're getting engaged?! Congrats! Oh that sounds so romantic =)
And I love Grey's.
I hope everyone is okay in Cairo and no one else was injured. =(

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet.. I like the looking forward to's. *smile*

Jasmine said...

i wish i could control my temper more too. i can be pretty hotheaded sometimes.

that's awful about the accident. it's so sad the tragedies that people suffer through. my heart goes out to them all.

thank you so much for your SWEET comment on my blog today! it made me smile. :) for the record, my boyfriend gets all the credit for my hair. he's my stylist, and he's incredible. he's the one who had the foresight to chop at all off, and i'm so glad he did! :) annnyway, thank you again for reading and commenting! i really appreciate it. :)

Miss B said...

Thank you, doll, for your kind comment the other day -- very sweet, indeed.

Your words and thoughts about that ugly crash are...just so.

You are lovely.

(I love sushi, too, but don't tell my pet fishes that; they would be very sad to hear it.)

Be well...

in company with sparkles said...

I just did it!

I'm really sorry to hear about the accidents. That's terrible!

Georgia B. said...

thanks for the tag! can't wait to do it.

this was a fun way to get to know you a little more. :)

i, too, am looking forward to you learning to take pretty pictures. :) i can't wait to see them as you do.