Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday was so many things in one.

Yesterday marked six years since I saw my grandfather pass away. I saw my grandfather, the greatest person there could ever be, die.

Yesterday I helped people for the sake of helping them. Yesterday I had fun. I made one new friend.

Yesterday I wasn't selected to be among the CC team of MENAXLDS (AIESEC) and I'm taking it, not lightly, but as a mature person should. And I am proud of myself. I also should start coaching a team in my local committee sometime soon. And I am proud!

Today, I know is going to be a great day.
Today is just beginning, and it is my outlook that would define what kind of day it is going to be.
I wish you all a great day, I hope you all wish for it to be a great day!

Dream a nice day, you get a nice day..
I love everyone and everything today

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afiori said...

Dream a nice day...
Yes, exactly!!